Best Football Skills 2018 - Skill Mix | HD


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    More than 4.5 Million Views on this series throughout the year This is the last one for the 2017/18 season so I decided to make something special like last year See you guys next season with more Skills

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    bro where do you get highlights for the vid

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    All Football super

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    It's not a highlight reel without XS23 Shaqiri

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    0:51 cengize bak sen vay bee

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    I need the music at 12:00 the description isnt the right one at least i acnt find it in spotify plz help!

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    12:05 musik

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    Where do you find these vids to edit?

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    Thanks for help me to motivate me

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    hey i am from india , i love football and want to open my youtube channel on that but how i will get video without copywrite? any one help me regarding this, reply must be appreaciated

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    I love you

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    Acho massa nesse canal é que ele deixa os nomes das música pra nos baixamos..

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    This video is sick

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    Amazing vidèo ❤


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    What the soundtrack music in 00.23

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    Nice skills


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    Free fire

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    Best skills and goals -

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    dumm all football

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    Lol its cool

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    Cual es la tercera canción ??

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    Miss take i Love this music❤❤

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    That is a so good Video

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    Second song?

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    Song minute five? Pleasse

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    Super player

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    music 7:00

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    Kingsley Coman just threw the guy off..Amazing

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    From IRAQ Like(⊙o⊙)☻😳

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    hey what is nam song

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    Nice music and skills

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    Innovation earnings mountain whether wonder evolution behavioral travel about.

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    Great video!