Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial Using One Matte and One Metallic | How To Apply Eyeshadow


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  2. Reef

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    i have uneven eyes one bigger than the other do you think eye shadows work for me >

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    Lovely wow😮 😘

  4. Toni Bryant

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    Hello I was hoping you could do a video with different blue shades with a Smokey eye if you have already could you repost it or them thank you love your work

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    I liveee for yourrr beginner videos

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    This is so helpful! Thank you ☺️

  9. Aiman Qureshi

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    Thank you for teaching the basics. Reminds me of old IDreporter

  10. Jackie Harrison

    Jackie HarrisonBulan Yang lalu

    Beautiful love the two shade you chose. Will like to see a natural everyday look that it take less time thanks doll.

  11. fadia k

    fadia kBulan Yang lalu

    Hi... what are the two eyeshadows that you are using?

  12. MiLora Tur

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    I love your videos! You are so detailed and straight to the point. Thank you! I learned so much from your videos!

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    Linda maquiagem amei,beijos do Brasil 🇧🇷😘

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  15. Susan Smith

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    Hi I really love your videos they are easy to follow and the way you explain what to do is fantastic I am really learning how to do my makeup the right way thank you very much

  16. Michelle Nar

    Michelle NarBulan Yang lalu

    Awesome example and great explanation, I especial appreciated the black drawing over the area you were describing to concentrate on (when you said outer third and inner crease)

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    Hey show full make over I like ur style

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    I am Indian and you

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    I love every video you put out! Thank you!!!!

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    You have a very soothing voice.

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    Your voice is so soothing 💗

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    My eyes makeup never look this vibrant, even with high end eyeshadow to primer. It just look dull 🤦🏼‍♀️🤔🤨😤😭

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    I just found you and I love your voice so relaxing.

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    Really nice

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    Very nice

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    Hii dear I have just loved ur tutorial I also want to know product details so it could be easier for me to buy

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    Omg I haven’t watched your videos in years! I don’t know what happened, I have missed them! You were one of the first IDreporterrs (specifically makeup) who I remember watching. So glad you’re still here.

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    Grace aww thank you so much Grace, how have you been?? Xxx

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    I loove the look & the tips ❤ these 2 colors are so pretty💗

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    Haven't seen a eyeshadow video that I'd actually do in about 5 years, but I'm not big on eyeshadow, I will try this tho. Was a good video

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    Very Pretty👍👌😊

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    Love your videos. Especially how short and sweet they are

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    Thank you for giving out such gteat tips.ive done make up since 12 im now 53 An i love how you teach an show mew things .an how your teaching without all the talking on other things.your camera work is on point as well.your voice is mesmerizing as well as i could listen all day long..Thank you for your lessons as i learn new things from you youmger group to keep me in the now...thanks again...cant wait for your new video's

  34. H H

    H HBulan Yang lalu

    Quick question: did u set the primer with any powder or did you go straight in with the eyeshadow?

  35. H H

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    I love how different she is from other beauty gurus.

  36. Angi

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    Ciao Sinead !! Lo faccio tutte le mattine!! Non professionale come il tuo ma ci provo!! Grazie mille dei tuoi tips 😉😉😉😘😘😘

  37. Pam Collins

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    Thank you ☺️ you’re amazing how you guide people thru the application! I’m sure all who watch and listen to your clear instructions benefit greatly 🥰

  38. Kathy Jones Parry

    Kathy Jones ParryBulan Yang lalu

    Thank you SO much for doing such a detailed video showing how to blend and the angle of the brush etc After spending a FORTUNE on different make up and brushes I’ve basically given up with eyeshadow because I can never seem to blend shades or colour properly. It always ends up looking like a combination of ALL the colours mushed together ALL over my eyelid instead of one colour that blends into another. If I use purples or mauve I look like I’ve got a black eye and if I use pinks my eyes just look sore 🤣 But after watching your video I think I’ve been using a blending brush that’s too big that’s blending too big of an area at once and also I’ve been applying the initial shadow amount in too big an area before starting to blend. Instead of putting colour on the 1st third and blending it out to the other 2 thirds I’ve been applying colour on the first 2 thirds then only had a 3rd of my lid space left to blend!! I think I’ve had a aha! 💡 moment!! Thank you!! Xx

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    I wish you would read a book series...i love you calming.... Audiable needs you forsure 😁😍😘 love ur videos!!!!!

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    Good techniques

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    Great video!💖💖💖

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    Wow I learned so much bc I wear everything bedsides eyeshadow

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    What lashes did you used?

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    amazing combo

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    Good video

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    You are so gorgeous 💕

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    Where can get those single eyeshadow

  52. Krithika Shelvarajen

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    Please do a video on colorful eyeshadow looks & palettes for different skin tone

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    Very nice video and i can't use the eyelashes please tell me

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    Loved this can't wait to recreate tomorrow!

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    So glad you like it, Let me know how it goes 💖

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    Good 😁

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    So glad you like it 💖

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    You are the best. Really blessed to have such a talented makeup artist.I am from India.

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    Really love your videos...thank you for really teaching and explaining how to do makeup..any videos for really hooded mature eyes

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    Love this! 😍 It is so easy... I can definitely try this! Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤

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    I finely got UD Eden on Sale, been wanting it for ever cuz of u lol I like Mac Paint pot and Makeup revaluotion has a dupe for it , but wanted to try Eden cuz I like the original one but prefer a tinted eye primer never new about Eden till I started watching u , your the only YT I see using it but

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    Love your videos! It would be awesome if you'd check out my new MAKEUP video💖