Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial Using One Eyeshadow + Eyeliner Pencil | How To Apply Eyeshadow


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    I want dat liner... Wr can i find dat? I plzzz let me know

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    I love how easy your tutorials are to follow. I sincerely appreciate it!

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    Perfect for work

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    I think she used black eye shadow at end....

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    You are a best makup artist

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    I sub cause Im moving to Irland next year...


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    Please make a vid for your eyebrows

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    let me be honest,, so im the one who loves to put on makeup whenever im gng out but the time i step out of my door u dont really see a single gram of make up except a sunscreen on my face...coz the makeover i do is never satisfactory..when i saw ur vedio i realized it s not just about filling colors..its an art to do..and today im so thankful to u gurl 1st time i just loved wht i did,,following uh..i saw many tutorials ntg really worked for me... so wht im telling if a girl like me can do it so that u can too..i cant thank you enough gurl lots of love and energy from me luv uhh:) but on one request i wish u do the whole face makeover tutorials soon,,, ik its lengthy msg but its worth conveying coz u just made my day more beauuuutiful i luv u soo much

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    The Voice

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    I lv eyebrows

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    Your voice is so calming. And you're a very good teacher! 😊💯

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    Oh my word this looked turned out BEAUTIFUL 😍😍

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    What colour was this eyeshadow and pencil please?.. also what brand. It's a gorgeous colour and one of my faves at the moment. Thank you ❤

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    I Love it..........😍😍😚😚

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    I'm ur new subscriber..Loved this so much..So quick & so easy..👍😍


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    My favorite video


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    Jo like nahi kara yo to pagal ha


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    Very simple! Very pretty! Thank you for the tip abolitionist the two ways to blend! I would maybe just add something about what to do if you have hooded eyes.

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    Wow nice and very simple

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    Simple, doable, unintimidating and polished. Thak you for your easy, clear instructions. You show that a person can look good with just the basics. Thanks!👀

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    Brilliant tutorial! Really quick question, is your book out of print now? I can't seem to find it online anywhere and I was planning on buying it for a friend's daughter as she's really into make up x

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    More eyeshadow techniques like this sinead would be awesome...thank this look

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    So simple and beautiful ...Thanks 😍😘

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    I have this eye pencil and I never use it! I will tomorrow!

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    lovely and simple

  32. Dianne Camille Gerona

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    Can you also do a tutorial for different eye shape? Like hooded eyes etc?

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    00971507184692 plz contact me what's aap dubai

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    Beginners cut crease and halo eye please all the videos that feature use a million products and seem complex

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    Hey i really admire u . Coz u actually teach how to apply makeup . Other makeup artists just share their look u share the technique . Ur follower from Pakistan 🤩

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    Muhammad Husnain that’s true that’s why I am starting to do make up videos to show others how I do my eyeshadows so others can learn because it’s not easy at first when your a beginner

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    Reakky appreciate your tutorials which demonstrate achievable and lovely looks! Specially for those of us who are not interested in more complicated techniques but still like to look polished.

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    Thanks so much!!! I love this eye color, I will try it. Have a wonderful day :)

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    Your voice in it a little inconvenience, please try to improve it

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    I love your channel too. You explain things very well. Your the best! :)

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    So much better than using lots of eyeshadow and ending up having a mess on your eyes! Love you sineady for teaching us this marvelous look! ♥️

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    Very nice video thank you so much

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    Please do a video on colorful eyeshadow looks & palettes for different skin tone

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    Más videos haci, me en tu contenido, pero no hablo inglés, con estos videos puedo tan gráficos puedo entender perfectamente lo que estas hablando, SALUDOS DESDE COSTA RICA ❤️🇨🇷😍

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    I really like this. Fast, simple, & beautiful! I am starting to get into the double end brushes myself

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    Okay this but with drugstore products. Like what are goood drugstore colored eyeliners?

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    Beautiful. I really like how you explain blending techniques.

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    I love these tutorials, short and to the point! I really appreciate when you add the arrows etc while you demonstrate, it's so very helpful, thank you!

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    Wow! What a pretty look!! It just proves that you don't have to use multiple shadows to create a nice look. To be honest, I'm intimidated by eyeliner but the Urban Decay one looks amazing. I will definitely be checking them out. You're awesome for bringing us these easy to understand videos. Thank you so much! Have a wonderful week. 💜

  55. Fin B

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    That looks like something I may be able to pull off. Could you do that in several colors in one tutorial. Maybe a less orange color like a light warm brown and maybe in grey and purplish too! And suggest which products might pair well together! I'm sure I have stuff in my arsenal I can already use but maybe one set of exact products including brushes will get me started!

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    Fantastic! So simple, but looks like it took so long to do! Thank you for the great teaching😊

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    This is definitely my type of eye makeup..dont really like heavy so this is just nice n wearable during day or night. Love every tips n tricks from u 🧡

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    Great lesson! I always seem to get crazy in my crease and bring it up too high 😬

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    YES- hit me with different techniques 🙌💕 ... I love All that ! This is a Must try for me! Think I will try a more pinky/red or like you a bit orange (I like that my blue/grayish eyes looks almost green the more red I go..) A great video again 🙆 Thank you sweetie 😘

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    I really love there short educational tutorials that you post on your channel. I've learned so much from them - and I'm still learning new stuff now and then. There short videos proves that makeup doesn't have to be complicated and that you don't have to invest lots of money on all kind of products - that's so appealing to of 😉

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    Whenever I apply eyeshadow, it's more like "blend and pray it looks decent enough"