Bebe Rexha - You Can't Stop The Girl (Official Music Video)


  1. Bebe Rexha

    Bebe RexhaBulan Yang lalu

    #YouCantStopTheGirl video is out now! You are capable of anything and everything! Thank you to these amazing girls for running with me and supporting me 🖤

  2. Matheus Marcelino

    Matheus Marcelino11 hari yang lalu

    linda como sempre

  3. for you

    for you17 hari yang lalu

    Ur fat for a beautiful girl

  4. La_ ral

    La_ ral19 hari yang lalu


  5. La_ ral

    La_ ral19 hari yang lalu

    Loveee u❤️😍💕😘

  6. charles otto puth

    charles otto puth23 hari yang lalu

    I love you bebe

  7. Damia Irdina

    Damia IrdinaJam Yang lalu

    Who is fan bebe rexha ? Like

  8. GDgamer 73

    GDgamer 73Jam Yang lalu

    Best voice I've ever heard. It transports me to heaven, thank you for your songs. Sincerely, Iván

  9. Noahide

    Noahide2 jam yang lalu

    This is solid work Bebe. ( My Website )

  10. Noahide

    Noahide2 jam yang lalu

    Rita Ora - New Look. Song to check out.

  11. Stay Puft

    Stay Puft2 jam yang lalu

    Now write the rest if the song :).

  12. Tsunami Joskoba

    Tsunami Joskoba6 jam yang lalu

    It sounds like Tsunami maica's overdose

  13. Ina D

    Ina D7 jam yang lalu

    Go SHQIPE . Albania 🇦🇱 Loves You . Make us proud . 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  14. SARa H squad Rose rose

    SARa H squad Rose rose8 jam yang lalu

    The song that car you can’t stop the girl is amazing

  15. SARa H squad Rose rose

    SARa H squad Rose rose8 jam yang lalu

    I have subscribe hit the notification bell

  16. SARa H squad Rose rose

    SARa H squad Rose rose8 jam yang lalu

    I subscribe and hit the

  17. Sohailsonja Ahmed

    Sohailsonja Ahmed8 jam yang lalu

    highly impressive, brilliant, one of a kind masterpiece, the message is simple to love & care for each other and we have the power to turn our planet into heaven, one race on our planet the human race, thanks highly for making this beautiful song and indeed the truth will set you free for sure

  18. Fatina AL-KHAROUF

    Fatina AL-KHAROUF10 jam yang lalu

    *Fun fact* Bebe joined three days before my birthday

  19. I'm Xperson

    I'm Xperson11 jam yang lalu

    Greetings from Albania, your country and mine in our language "Përshëndetje".💕💕💕 You're the best, we look forward to your new video clip.😘😘😘😘

  20. Team Bensettikonomova

    Team Bensettikonomova12 jam yang lalu

    So proud of her, she's a real queen and she deserves so much more

  21. Naim Daçi

    Naim Daçi16 jam yang lalu

    jes bebe rexha

  22. Naim Daçi

    Naim Daçi16 jam yang lalu

    i love you 😚😚

  23. AliaMan224 Diallo

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  24. Elena Gabi

    Elena GabiHari Yang lalu

    Super Melodies*!Supeer Rexcsha !*💖💖💖✳🌛✳EVA Zana

  25. Onyxxo Marketing

    Onyxxo MarketingHari Yang lalu

    I hope they don't stop you but you know how it ended for other people trying to expose or fight against them right... Good luck and be careful

  26. Tatiana Villa

    Tatiana VillaHari Yang lalu

    Run bebe run

  27. Mimi Anwar

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  28. Benvindo Emanuel Estevao

    Benvindo Emanuel EstevaoHari Yang lalu

    Que linda voz ❤️

  29. Libbie Baynham

    Libbie BaynhamHari Yang lalu

    who else is getting maleficent mistress of evil vibes???????

  30. Infitite HyperPanda

    Infitite HyperPandaHari Yang lalu

    Maleficenttttttt :^^D best film i ever seen :< mistress of evil 2 and one are i cant they are too good :

  31. Noëlani Bernardus

    Noëlani BernardusHari Yang lalu

    I love the movie malifsint 2 🎤you cant stop the girl🎤

  32. Robert Fields

    Robert FieldsHari Yang lalu


  33. Motivation Empires

    Motivation EmpiresHari Yang lalu

    Lovely video, women empowering other women ❣

  34. هيمو البرغثي

    هيمو البرغثيHari Yang lalu

    نعليا منك يا عسل❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🥰🥰🥰🥰💗💗💞💕💍


    ROAD CHALLANGEHari Yang lalu

    lum si ti që ke takuar ANGELINA JOLIE aktorja ime e preferuar Mund ta kem pare filmin MALEFICENT 1 ME SHUME SE 7 herë nqs Mundesh të lutem BLETA pershendete ate nga ana ime quhem diamela te pergezoj qe po nderton dy shtepi ketu ne shqiperi jam nga shkodra

  36. Amprenta Hh

    Amprenta HhHari Yang lalu

    România ❤️💛💙

  37. Merlin Juks

    Merlin JuksHari Yang lalu

    Love it ! ❤️

  38. Maxie Tolentino

    Maxie TolentinoHari Yang lalu

    Bebe Rexha is still pretty!

  39. Mana Mana

    Mana Mana2 hari yang lalu

    Love love bebe! From Tahiti in french polynesia 👍👍😘😘❤❤🌺🌺👄👄🥰🥰

  40. Anara Sims

    Anara Sims2 hari yang lalu

    Bro all y'all out there who don't respect the music I don't know why y'all are alive Bebe rexha is my and the queen so f*ck y'all out there who don't like this music. Yo I need 10000 like for me and y'all will get a big shout out and more music from Bebe rexha. Thank y'all for watching see ps "simskid3 is watching y'all"**me**

  41. Anara Sims

    Anara Sims2 hari yang lalu

    Plus listen to more of her what are y'all doing with yalls time jeez bro

  42. PKMN

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  43. Pokémon fan

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  44. яєиєє ѕєω

    яєиєє ѕєω2 hari yang lalu

    This song reminds me of me and my dad have all the good times

  45. Amarsin K

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  46. Alma Cerri

    Alma Cerri2 hari yang lalu

    I donatori speak English well

  47. Alma Cerri

    Alma Cerri2 hari yang lalu

    Dear Bebe Rexha immagini a kid Thatcher Wiener you camere to Bize banda genti web made some pictures❤❤❤💋💋💋

  48. Igor Kiriliuk

    Igor Kiriliuk2 hari yang lalu

    краща співачка...в ній є все....