bad guy (with Justin Bieber)


  1. Angel Angela

    Angel Angela2 hari yang lalu

    No one cares, duh 🙄

  2. Deportes Fanáticos

    Deportes Fanáticos10 hari yang lalu

    good duo

  3. Sarahy Ramirez

    Sarahy Ramirez14 hari yang lalu


  4. Musiс

    Musiс17 hari yang lalu

    that situation when a fan surpassed an idol

  5. •Milka•ÙwÚ

    •Milka•ÙwÚ18 hari yang lalu

    Не знаю одна я из России или нет, но песни Билли мне очень нравятся. И то в 10 лет

  6. Mr. Myself

    Mr. Myself19 hari yang lalu


  7. zoya usmani

    zoya usmaniBulan Yang lalu

    I actually love justin's part

  8. Gherta-Lexi

    Gherta-LexiBulan Yang lalu

    I hate Biber!!!

  9. LINC Gold

    LINC GoldBulan Yang lalu


  10. I love Billie Eilish

    I love Billie EilishBulan Yang lalu

    I love Billie Eilish I love Billie Eilish I love Billie Eilish

  11. Maria Júlia

    Maria JúliaBulan Yang lalu

    Bad Guy 🎶🎤🎧📱❤❤ 🇧🇷

  12. breebo

    breeboBulan Yang lalu

    Im the bad guy woooOOOaaAAAaaaHH

  13. Sandra Aidee Rodriguez

    Sandra Aidee RodriguezBulan Yang lalu


  14. Alan Jhony

    Alan JhonyBulan Yang lalu


  15. Katherine Curley

    Katherine CurleyBulan Yang lalu

    Bike Eilish is well on her way to being an icon...if shes not already ...shes beautiful bare faced. Talented, funny and from what I've seen shes real asf. For a 17 year old she's KILLING IT!!! Shes a bad bish.🖤

  16. Upendra Trivedi

    Upendra TrivediBulan Yang lalu

    no one is better than justin he was everthink in 2009 and we love him so much

  17. MJ TV

    MJ TVBulan Yang lalu

    justin: like billie:comment who's better voice?

  18. bobby riani wu

    bobby riani wuBulan Yang lalu

    First time I see Billie ellish Wearing bootifull Dress

  19. jiashaina

    jiashainaBulan Yang lalu

    Billie why would you do that to me, to us, to yourself 1:15 - 2:00

  20. GIRIKchamp GC

    GIRIKchamp GCBulan Yang lalu


  21. Gabby

    GabbyBulan Yang lalu

    justin is more of a bad guy just saying

  22. Cristal Lion

    Cristal LionBulan Yang lalu

    Billie: i'm a bad Guy JB: i'M a bAaADdd goy

  23. Andrea Saucedo

    Andrea SaucedoBulan Yang lalu

    Like a bit

  24. Sofia Carmona

    Sofia CarmonaBulan Yang lalu

    mientras billie canta la canción, justin la gime, jajaja




  26. David Sigman

    David SigmanBulan Yang lalu

    Billie: I don’t need auto tune, auto tune needs me Justin: we’ll see about that

  27. oddivarrx7

    oddivarrx7Bulan Yang lalu

    Justin sounds like Donald Trump in this vid..

  28. Ashlee Veneman

    Ashlee VenemanBulan Yang lalu


  29. Ashlee Veneman

    Ashlee VenemanBulan Yang lalu


  30. Donald Trump

    Donald TrumpBulan Yang lalu

    Im the bald guy

  31. Joshua Efrain Cabana Balboa

    Joshua Efrain Cabana BalboaBulan Yang lalu

    Justin lo caga todo 😃

  32. Mia Cowley 2.0

    Mia Cowley 2.0Bulan Yang lalu

    Wrf justin like why would you ruin such a beautiful song

  33. Sophia Pryor

    Sophia PryorBulan Yang lalu

    First Justin beiber is a bitch second of all he's raciest ok bitches that all like him

  34. ii-dxisy-iix

    ii-dxisy-iixBulan Yang lalu

    Justin is like the teenager boy that's trying to fit in the song ..

  35. Da meme

    Da memeBulan Yang lalu

    How much autotune do you want? Billie:No!! JB:Yes! SKrrtT

  36. Enya Taylor

    Enya TaylorBulan Yang lalu

    Sorry but personally I think he ruined it. 😅❤️😣. Please don't attack me 🙏

  37. Molly Deane

    Molly DeaneBulan Yang lalu

    Producer: outo tune? Billie:just a little b_ Justin:SSSKKKRRRTTT!!!

  38. { c ü p ç a k ē }

    { c ü p ç a k ē }Bulan Yang lalu

    Wow bills looks so different in a dress and blond hair Ofc a good different tho

  39. Catton Eclipse

    Catton EclipseBulan Yang lalu

    There is a rap rhythm in this song. The devil is the bad guy who loves it when people are mad.

  40. Catton Eclipse

    Catton EclipseBulan Yang lalu

    This song is in minor tone.

  41. Catton Eclipse

    Catton EclipseBulan Yang lalu

    This song reminds me of The Girl From Ipanema.

  42. no please stop

    no please stopBulan Yang lalu

    Her songs don't go Despacito. Amirite?

  43. Серёга Ковалёв

    Серёга КовалёвBulan Yang lalu

    Тут люди из рашы есть?🤣🔮

  44. Pastel Power Studios2

    Pastel Power Studios2Bulan Yang lalu

    Hehe Most comments are: LikE foR BiLlIe and cOmmeNt FoR JbbBb

  45. Veiws Studio

    Veiws StudioBulan Yang lalu

    Who Else Thought This Was Fan Made?

  46. HBOKidsFanatic

    HBOKidsFanaticBulan Yang lalu

    The Name Of The Song Is What Justin Bieber Is

  47. Simply Stranger

    Simply StrangerBulan Yang lalu

    1:28 Justin: sKrT Vsco girls: skskskskskskrt

  48. Trinity Fisher

    Trinity FisherBulan Yang lalu

    That is not Justin bieber

  49. christ ophe

    christ opheBulan Yang lalu


  50. Creamy UWU

    Creamy UWUBulan Yang lalu

    This is my opinion: I feel Justin does a duet with Billie so he can get more likes or views He also ruined despacito

  51. K and J

    K and JBulan Yang lalu

    silky voices, sounds like magic!

  52. Alfie Greenham

    Alfie GreenhamBulan Yang lalu

    this was... bad

  53. Linda Kapteyn

    Linda KapteynBulan Yang lalu

    Mijn lievelings muziekkk ahhhhh $$$

  54. Elizabete Rubule

    Elizabete RubuleBulan Yang lalu

    Who's better singer? Subscribe- Michael jackson Like- Billie Eillish Coment- Justin Bieber

  55. it's just me Wrin

    it's just me WrinBulan Yang lalu

    Personally I think that JB in this song singing it like that ruins it at that time I just like it with Billie Elish because his voice with this song sounds weird so I don't like it with Justin Bieber. Also the way he says BaD GuY OooOh! I don't like it sorry people who do

  56. Misty Covington

    Misty CovingtonBulan Yang lalu

    wow billie eilish and justin beber can sing very well together

  57. Qwerty Xyz

    Qwerty XyzBulan Yang lalu

    All the people criticizing this remix... Do get it.. ITS JUST A remix... If u don't like it ..don't listen it..stick with the original one... Simple

  58. Momof2 :/

    Momof2 :/Bulan Yang lalu

    Justin just sounds like pure autotune😂

  59. ابو موسى

    ابو موسىBulan Yang lalu


  60. Mona Hachem

    Mona HachemBulan Yang lalu

    Bille eilish:singing at concert. Me:eating watching Billie eilish..

  61. Madelin Boj

    Madelin BojBulan Yang lalu

    The best song