Babies See Scary CURSED IMAGES for the First Time


  1. Gloom

    GloomBulan Yang lalu

    Baby Lauren has balls of steel

  2. Karla Menjivar

    Karla MenjivarHari Yang lalu

    My name is Carla and can you give me a shout-out please I really like your videos😔

  3. ツDekiru

    ツDekiruBulan Yang lalu


  4. Cathy Danskin

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  5. caT

    caTBulan Yang lalu

    Wait Lauren isn't a girl?

  6. LaLaLlama_YT

    LaLaLlama_YTBulan Yang lalu

    kassie XD you were dead inside

  7. Gab Collie

    Gab CollieJam Yang lalu

    It was hilarious when she said I am evil

  8. ASMR queen

    ASMR queen2 jam yang lalu

    Cursed images aren’t cursed there just hard to unsee

  9. Thunder Strike

    Thunder Strike4 jam yang lalu

    First image made me say so Mickey likes head what has society become

  10. Mindy Li

    Mindy Li5 jam yang lalu

    I gonna hol my eyes for long time im sooo really 1sec later *blinks* OOPIES HEHE..... NUUU

  11. Mindy Li

    Mindy Li5 jam yang lalu

    Lol THEREs babys LOL

  12. Wednesday Calies

    Wednesday Calies5 jam yang lalu

    Baby Lauren and Baby Gloom are my fav. I love it. Terry and Bobby make beautiful women.

  13. Andrea Blair

    Andrea Blair7 jam yang lalu

    I have a uncle Jerry and he went to the bar last night

  14. Butterfly Scratch

    Butterfly Scratch7 jam yang lalu

    WHY DOES THE MOM HAVE A BEARD 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

  15. Stacy Wilson

    Stacy Wilson7 jam yang lalu

    wut is dat

  16. Ditto Bros

    Ditto Bros7 jam yang lalu

    I didn’t now this was a meme review The Kirby is a meme

  17. Pauli Harju

    Pauli Harju8 jam yang lalu

    I want My tubby custard

  18. Shiba- Inu!

    Shiba- Inu!8 jam yang lalu


  19. KrazyKatWaffle11 Guzman

    KrazyKatWaffle11 Guzman8 jam yang lalu

    11:41 both: *THOSE* *ARE* *ALIENS!!!!!!*

  20. Canda Hungary

    Canda Hungary9 jam yang lalu

    Make the aliens to birds whit this button / \ l v

  21. Stefan James

    Stefan James10 jam yang lalu

    Love your video s.😻😹😸😺

  22. Hector Ramirez

    Hector Ramirez10 jam yang lalu

    you dumb glrl and you are noob

  23. Erika Epona

    Erika Epona10 jam yang lalu

    How did Bobby sound so Britishhhh ^w^

  24. Nick Jenkins

    Nick Jenkins10 jam yang lalu

    Justin beaver sucks

  25. Nick Jenkins

    Nick Jenkins10 jam yang lalu

    I’m a Tom boy!!!!!

  26. Nick Jenkins

    Nick Jenkins10 jam yang lalu

    Boys r not gross that is soooo afensef to Tom boys

  27. Nick Jenkins

    Nick Jenkins10 jam yang lalu


  28. patricia coleman

    patricia coleman10 jam yang lalu

    The aliens moved their heads!!!!!!!!!!!!😖

  29. Margoth Ceccarelli

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  30. AllyThe WolfCat

    AllyThe WolfCat11 jam yang lalu

    Oml Lauren said if u see these pics u get cursed so everyone that looks at these pics get cursed •0• oh crap

  31. Day Day

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  32. foxdeer 13

    foxdeer 1311 jam yang lalu

    I like the moms

  33. Dat Gacha_Luna/Starcloud

    Dat Gacha_Luna/Starcloud11 jam yang lalu

    I ain't scared yet

  34. Mary Derr

    Mary Derr12 jam yang lalu

    Are both wrong casting Lauren those are scps

  35. Able Abshier

    Able Abshier12 jam yang lalu

    Those pandas are crocodiles

  36. Able Abshier

    Able Abshier12 jam yang lalu

    How dare you not like unseasoned chicken nuggets

  37. Fluffy Sparks

    Fluffy Sparks16 jam yang lalu


  38. Dian Torhel Gaming

    Dian Torhel Gaming20 jam yang lalu

    I like how this video is going. *The pretend moms talk for the next few minutes* *Cough cough* Please. Let them continue. Edit : How do you know which is a gumball and which is a bouncing ball? Taste it!!!!

  39. I-loveslimeSophie* Kitty

    I-loveslimeSophie* Kitty20 jam yang lalu

    Smarten up Smarten up

  40. ItsJust Us

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  41. Greek Freek

    Greek Freek22 jam yang lalu

    Can you get cursed for real I'm only 10

  42. Greek Freek

    Greek Freek22 jam yang lalu

    The birds were freaking scary

  43. Joseph0Smith YT

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  44. phoenix feather16

    phoenix feather16Hari Yang lalu

    peer pressure 100

  45. GamerGirl Luna

    GamerGirl LunaHari Yang lalu

    Am I stupid or is anyone else wondering what those things are..??

  46. Jacob Hagen

    Jacob HagenHari Yang lalu

    11:06 when you dislike the Kirb song

  47. Katelyn Freeman

    Katelyn FreemanHari Yang lalu

    10:19 I was just laughing at the little girls face lol

  48. Rhyan W

    Rhyan WHari Yang lalu

    Cassie;“ I can smother you with a pillow?!”

  49. Aron_Ninja 1234

    Aron_Ninja 1234Hari Yang lalu

    The 3rd picture of a Japanese lady is fake she actually smiling on the camera

  50. Payton Shields

    Payton ShieldsHari Yang lalu

    Mom Terry: This is dangerous to be looking at Also Mom Terry: Stop crying dammit it's just a picture

  51. snow the night devil :D3D

    snow the night devil :D3DHari Yang lalu

    You know gloom 😱

  52. Karla Menjivar

    Karla MenjivarHari Yang lalu

    Hi I really like your videos and can you give me a shout out please pretty please😟😔😟

  53. Its Just Kia

    Its Just KiaHari Yang lalu

    ... 😳 wow Ok

  54. Layah PlayzzROBLOX

    Layah PlayzzROBLOXHari Yang lalu

    gloom: i think its his drunk uncle Jerry Lauren: do you have a drunk uncle Jerry? gloom: Yah! thats where i got the name from

  55. Mrs Credit

    Mrs CreditHari Yang lalu

    Drunk uncle jarry lol 😂

  56. Mrs Credit

    Mrs CreditHari Yang lalu

    Um it’s together