Babe Official Trailer #1 - Miriam Margolyes Movie (1995)


  1. Sheldon Cooper

    Sheldon Cooper11 hari yang lalu

    As a kid I grew up with Charlotte's Web. When I first saw Babe and Pig in the City as a kid, it was difficult for me to follow what was going on the whole time. This is probably because my brain was more adjusted to full blown animation at the time.

  2. Brother Termite

    Brother TermiteBulan Yang lalu

    My mom never let me watch this as a kid. I think because the animal voices annoyed her or something?

  3. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanatorBulan Yang lalu

    oscar nod deserved

  4. Brooke507

    Brooke507Bulan Yang lalu

    My childhood movie.

  5. Edbert

    EdbertBulan Yang lalu

    I come here 2:00 for the cute song♡♡

  6. SuperUmizoomiFanAlt

    SuperUmizoomiFanAlt3 bulan yang lalu

    I love Babe!!! 😊😊😊😊

  7. the hydronator

    the hydronator3 bulan yang lalu

    for the love of music pleeeease someone tell me the name of the classical piano music tune that's used at the start of the trailer it has eluded me for years

  8. jim klein

    jim klein4 bulan yang lalu

    B. Be. B. B. B.

  9. bineozy

    bineozy4 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you masters ✍🙏🎵💜💜💜💜💟💟💓🕎🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🍻🥁💅🎶🎶🎶🥂😊😊🛴🎻🍪🍪🧛‍♀️🛶🕯👁🤳

  10. NS Steampunk

    NS Steampunk4 bulan yang lalu

    RIP Russi Taylor 1944-2019


    SNOWISTA5 bulan yang lalu

    Brat Lee sent me here!

  12. mark yansen

    mark yansen6 bulan yang lalu

    I saw this film 24 years ago and haven't eaten meat since, every time I thought of my favourite egg and bacon sandwich I would think of Babe's cute little face and I couldn't do it. Everyone should watch this (lol).

  13. Jack Butler Jazzy king

    Jack Butler Jazzy king6 bulan yang lalu

    Oof the memories are flooding

  14. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanator7 bulan yang lalu

    Jordan Rios brought me here in part

  15. Invalid Name. Please, Try Again.

    Invalid Name. Please, Try Again.8 bulan yang lalu

    Omg I remember this movie. Used to watch it during "auditorium" period in elementary school.

  16. Marie Shupe

    Marie Shupe9 bulan yang lalu

    HI FAKE BABE!!!!!

  17. Brianaforlife XD

    Brianaforlife XD9 bulan yang lalu

    Morții mă ti de prost să vă fută mă ta în gură de puști Y u M nu mai omorâți porcii sălbaticilor ce

  18. Jackson G

    Jackson G9 bulan yang lalu

    Great movie. All of these animals are dead.

  19. Nigel Crumpets

    Nigel Crumpets10 bulan yang lalu

    babe? more like bore ragnarock

  20. Isaiah Wilson

    Isaiah Wilson11 bulan yang lalu

    Here 2019. This film definitely part of my childhood

  21. Gose One

    Gose One7 bulan yang lalu

    Isaiah Wilson yep me too!

  22. The Predelite

    The Predelite11 bulan yang lalu

    Everybody at my school disliked this movie when we saw this today

  23. Elite Snowman king

    Elite Snowman king7 bulan yang lalu

    People who dislike movies like babe should try writing a masterpiece themselves and see that it's not as easy as one might think it requires a great deal of thought,creativity and imagination ask them what didn't they like about it what didn't it have that they were expecting because they watch babe and expect action scenes then their in the wrong movie babe displays family friendly fun through thoughtful emotional story telling

  24. Jamie Valentine

    Jamie ValentineTahun Yang lalu

    Charlotte web my favourite

  25. Mint

    MintTahun Yang lalu

    Imagine this won the Oscars over Apollo 13 lol

  26. Patrick Langan

    Patrick LanganTahun Yang lalu

    The only thing I liked in this movie was Babe saying “get out of here you, you, BIG BUTTHEADS!”

  27. 书中自有黄金屋

    书中自有黄金屋Tahun Yang lalu

    You're a wanker!

  28. Kathryn Hill

    Kathryn HillTahun Yang lalu

    Still love this movie!

  29. Kyle Dumers

    Kyle Dumers2 tahun yang lalu

    If there is one thing that the people who made this movie did wrong, it's putting in a scene which makes a reference to that of domestic violence shown from the male Border Collie sheepdog Rex.

  30. Christian Sánchez Plasencia

    Christian Sánchez PlasenciaTahun Yang lalu

    Se llama crítica social

  31. linkLoverAG

    linkLoverAGTahun Yang lalu

    I think that it was neccessary because in the end it helped Rex become a better character.

  32. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanator2 tahun yang lalu

    3 years since Christine cavanugh's death

  33. Matthew Soucy

    Matthew Soucy2 tahun yang lalu

    No one should ban this

  34. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanator2 tahun yang lalu

    Dale Oliphant and ABC sent me here

  35. El Oso -xXx-

    El Oso -xXx-2 tahun yang lalu

    does babe the pig still alive? -_____-

  36. Noah Brummett

    Noah Brummett2 tahun yang lalu

    come pig

  37. Carlota Arteaga

    Carlota Arteaga2 tahun yang lalu

    No ánfora yBrummett unt5v62dx y la élites de 779

  38. Cata-what?

    Cata-what?3 tahun yang lalu

    Same director than Mad Max Trilogy & Fury Road

  39. extreme77

    extreme778 bulan yang lalu

    No it is not. The sequel was the one directed by George Miller. This one he was Producer.

  40. Jackie Gonzalez

    Jackie GonzalezTahun Yang lalu

    Cata-what? And happy feet!

  41. natali dep

    natali dep3 tahun yang lalu

    OMG, That's crazy

  42. M D

    M D3 tahun yang lalu

    0:35 I am not very sensitive, but this scene made me almost tear up. Another thing that made me almost tear up, is this is actually one of the first movies I have seen in theatres. And last Sunday, while watching Sully, there was an announcement on the pre show saying that that theatre will close down later in the month. 😪

  43. AnimeWolf56

    AnimeWolf563 tahun yang lalu

    oh, the nostalgia

  44. M D

    M D3 tahun yang lalu

    That theatre re-opened a few weeks later. I do wish I can time travel.

  45. hugh mongus

    hugh mongus3 tahun yang lalu

    "Fuck, I wanted to see the movie again but the theater is closed now... :'("

  46. M D

    M D3 tahun yang lalu

    This is one of the first movies I have seen in theatres. I just heard this Sunday, when watching Sully, that that theatre is closing down later in the month. I am sad. 😞

  47. Justin Blystone

    Justin Blystone3 tahun yang lalu

    1:37 That'll do Pig, that'll do.

  48. karma kush

    karma kush3 tahun yang lalu

    If I had words to make a day for you... I'd sing you a morning golden & true. I would make this day last for all time... then fill the night deep in moonshine 💕

  49. Rocío Palacio

    Rocío Palacio3 tahun yang lalu

    this movie is the reason why i dont eat meat

  50. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanator10 hari yang lalu

    i still do but i feel guilty

  51. Jacob Chernack

    Jacob Chernack3 tahun yang lalu

    Best movie EVER!!!!

  52. GreenFlashAtSunsetッ

    GreenFlashAtSunsetッ3 tahun yang lalu

    These types of movies could turn you vegetarian.

  53. Bobo Boy

    Bobo Boy4 bulan yang lalu

    @Andrew Tuckerfor Muslim and Jews, we were told to treat our meat as respectful similar to native american, only christian doesn't threat them as highly manners thus why majority of vegan is christian or atheist

  54. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanator10 bulan yang lalu

    @Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot no kiddin

  55. Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

    Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot10 bulan yang lalu

    GreenFlashAtSunset James Cromwell actually did

  56. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanator11 bulan yang lalu

    @Michael David this is true

  57. Michael David

    Michael David11 bulan yang lalu

    Well at least Babe avoided the slaughterhouse.

  58. ThisIslnteresting

    ThisIslnteresting4 tahun yang lalu

    LA LA LA LA laaaaaa