Austrian Food - WIENER SCHNITZEL and Best Beer Garden in Salzburg, Austria!


  1. Mark Wiens

    Mark Wiens2 tahun yang lalu

    Thank you for watching. We had an amazing time visiting Germany and this Austria day trip. Japanese food videos start Wednesday!

  2. Silvano Eduardo

    Silvano Eduardo11 hari yang lalu

    i can't wait to see you in Romania

  3. john iwaszewicz

    john iwaszewicz25 hari yang lalu

    Mark Wiens I wood love to see you in San Francisco Sunday

  4. Janice Hughes

    Janice Hughes2 bulan yang lalu

    I was in Salzburg, Austria in 1981 . I enjoyed my visit and the food was interesting.

  5. KER

    KER4 bulan yang lalu

    Mark Wiens where did you get the schnitzel? Which restaurant?

  6. Abid Kiani

    Abid Kiani6 bulan yang lalu


  7. Erik Cotterli Heather

    Erik Cotterli HeatherHari Yang lalu

    The fish is blue trout.

  8. Tanya Hernandez

    Tanya HernandezHari Yang lalu

    Love how you carry your child ♥️♥️♥️

  9. Filip Bekus

    Filip Bekus6 hari yang lalu

    You have to come to Slovenia and try some Prekmurska gibanica (over Mura moving cake) or Krajnska klobasa (sausage from crane) I would love to see your face with such good tastes! 🙏🏻LoveU🙌🏻

  10. Orlando Wesley

    Orlando Wesley8 hari yang lalu


  11. Trini very beautiful

    Trini very beautiful10 hari yang lalu

    Smaller bites

  12. Wakusa

    Wakusa11 hari yang lalu

    Those are all normal restaurants. I live in Salzburg and i can tell you really legendary restaurant which you will never forget! You should make another tour to Austria in Salzburg, Vienna, Villach, Hallstatt, Klagenfurt, and so on...

  13. Jenny Pruitt

    Jenny Pruitt12 hari yang lalu

    He is just trying to make a living, this goes for all the bad criticism, about him caring a baby he looks like that is a good fother, so get rid of it a negative comment.

  14. Jenny Pruitt

    Jenny Pruitt12 hari yang lalu

    Everything looked great, but the potatoes are my favorite.

  15. Jenny Pruitt

    Jenny Pruitt12 hari yang lalu

    The bread looked great, fresh and tender, but it looked to dry, it needs a sauce to accomplish it.

  16. Gregor Pettersson

    Gregor Pettersson16 hari yang lalu

    German food.....urrrrk

  17. lifeconsumeslife

    lifeconsumeslife18 hari yang lalu

    didn't seem like the fish was that great.

  18. Cory Boyd

    Cory Boyd19 hari yang lalu

    It's not weener it's pronounced with a V not a W.

  19. Alberta

    Alberta19 hari yang lalu

    Perfect Teeth and smile 😊

  20. K J

    K J20 hari yang lalu

    What I noticed is that you ate what is considered, by the locals, to be mostly fast food and fatty as well. Well, the most important part is the joy of eating.

  21. buddy smith

    buddy smith24 hari yang lalu

    An obnoxious, naive, trumped up little fart who can only stuff his mouth full, and knows absolutely nothing about food !

  22. buddy smith

    buddy smith24 hari yang lalu

    This guy doesn't know if he wants a S..t .a shave, or a haircut !!

  23. buddy smith

    buddy smith24 hari yang lalu

    Oh no ! Not this little PR..CK again ! Quick channel change !!!

  24. Hesen Huseynov

    Hesen Huseynov27 hari yang lalu

    Vvhen came you Azerbajan my freind??

  25. Sage

    SageBulan Yang lalu

    Go Austria!

  26. Anthu van

    Anthu vanBulan Yang lalu

    Very nice

  27. Myrrha Alonzo

    Myrrha AlonzoBulan Yang lalu

    Micah looks like he wants a taste of what you are eating, Mark. Of course, he can't eat that yet at his age. But he seems to have love for eating also.

  28. Nora Arredondo

    Nora ArredondoBulan Yang lalu

    Is he rich?How can you afford to travel so much and eat?

  29. kubek555

    kubek555Bulan Yang lalu

    salzburg style Bosna dog hahaha wtf

  30. Hallowene 420

    Hallowene 420Bulan Yang lalu

    23 and me are looking for bloodlines to kill off. Shame on you Mark for not being smart enough to know what this technology is being used for. Shame!

  31. Nosheen Noshi

    Nosheen NoshiBulan Yang lalu


  32. Knut Garvik

    Knut GarvikBulan Yang lalu

    Salzburg is a beautiful city, and they have a great football team as well(RB Salzburg :). Red Bull is also from Salzburg, or nearby?

  33. Rex Rex

    Rex RexBulan Yang lalu

    red bull is from Styria not Salzburg;)

  34. AnnaVonCleves90

    AnnaVonCleves90Bulan Yang lalu

    We were there at the same time you were, I can NOT believe we did not run into you. Definitely would have shown you around the city some more and kept you away from all of the tourist traps. :-) , I'd say you did a fairly decent job considering you only had such little time there. xxx

  35. pewdiepie dkek

    pewdiepie dkekBulan Yang lalu

    14:20 i was there at the playground! It was fun but there was a funeral right next to us D:..

  36. pewdiepie dkek

    pewdiepie dkekBulan Yang lalu

    I went to Salzburg with my class this summer and I loved it

  37. pewdiepie dkek

    pewdiepie dkekBulan Yang lalu

    Austria is just beautiful,the nature and everything 😍

  38. Karl P

    Karl PBulan Yang lalu

    That restaurant is a total tourist trap. 33 Euros (which is very very expensive) for the most pathetic looking Schnitzle I've ever seen.

  39. Bradl-Fettn

    Bradl-Fettn23 hari yang lalu

    I am from Salzburg myself, and I can ensure you, there are many tourist traps, but "Bärenwirt" isn't one of them. In fact its more a restaurant for locals than tourists. Their Schnitzel is one of the best in the city. The price 33 Euros is for Marks whole order. Schnitzel, Kasnockn and drinks. Veal Schnitzel costs about 18€... regular porc 11€. ...Very avarage standard price in Salzburg, city and and countryside.

  40. ro bert

    ro bertBulan Yang lalu

    Muinch my Home

  41. Donna M

    Donna MBulan Yang lalu


  42. Blanca Jara

    Blanca JaraBulan Yang lalu

    Love his expressions when he eats.

  43. P B

    P BBulan Yang lalu

    He’s eating two main meals while at 7.06 his kids eating the table 😂

  44. Derrick Williamson

    Derrick WilliamsonBulan Yang lalu

    Everybody on this earth width straight hair whether brown skinned or. Light skinned all come from the as white as snow physical seed #offspring! #children of hasatan! #satan! You are the tares that's were placed amongst the people spoken of in the. So called new testament in the parrable of the farmer who so his see for his week field but the enemy came and planted seeds amongst the week to destroy the crop at Harvest Time

  45. Kim Sireech

    Kim SireechBulan Yang lalu

    That baby is so cute. Micah how’s that snack down there lifts his hat up. 😁

  46. Rick Sits

    Rick SitsBulan Yang lalu

    2:01 Subtle, but courteous. Gotta love Mark

  47. Ferenc Fazekas

    Ferenc FazekasBulan Yang lalu

    What I love in these traditional european christian buildings: the silence.

  48. Kenneth Soerensen

    Kenneth SoerensenBulan Yang lalu

    Great trip :-)

  49. TheFiveeagles

    TheFiveeaglesBulan Yang lalu

    curry powder?

  50. kircom

    kircomBulan Yang lalu

    Hello Mark, I am in Salzburg and i did try out the Bosna sausage and the Augustiner Brau ... excellent recommendations!!!

  51. robert fisher

    robert fisher2 bulan yang lalu

    i have actually been to 6 places that mark has eaten at he is truly inspiring ,

  52. Power Fitness

    Power Fitness2 bulan yang lalu

    Netflix needs to sign you mark and give you a show.

  53. M K

    M K2 bulan yang lalu

    Wow all the German foods in Mark Wiens' channel, they don't look exciting or impressive so to make me go there. Just sausage after another sausage, bread, and fries. As much as I love and own German cars, what they serve is not lovable. :)

  54. Just One Bite, Please?

    Just One Bite, Please?2 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you for all the great suggestions, Mark. I'm heading to Munich, Germany next week to research cooking and baking recipes and now I will be making a day trip to Salzburg to explore the bakeries and food establishment there too! Cheers to you! 🍺🥨

  55. George Harrys

    George Harrys2 bulan yang lalu

    Come to Vienna mate!!

  56. Ranks Productions

    Ranks Productions2 bulan yang lalu

    Lovely video great channel Austrian food are really yummy thanks for sharing have a great day 👌👍

  57. von tempsky

    von tempsky2 bulan yang lalu

    he is a realy nice guy. just like christian bale in "american psycho"

  58. Student Moz

    Student Moz2 bulan yang lalu

    How could you eat all that stuff in only seven hours??? 🤣

  59. Nilesh Singh

    Nilesh Singh2 bulan yang lalu

    great change from just spicy food all the time,nice,15:53 yesssssss

  60. Yuya MC

    Yuya MC2 bulan yang lalu

    10:58 there are Japanese descriptions on the bottom on the each menu. So this shop expects a lot of Japanese tourists to come and eat their sausage!

  61. huehueu br

    huehueu br2 bulan yang lalu

    3% german hahahahahahahah

  62. Jan Romer

    Jan Romer2 bulan yang lalu

    If you cross the lake, you are in St. Wolfgang.

  63. Cheryal Hussain

    Cheryal Hussain2 bulan yang lalu

    The video was great! The scenery was beautiful and the food is always impressive!

  64. Lars Westerhausen

    Lars Westerhausen2 bulan yang lalu

    17:24 confused and drunk Heinz Hubert Johann von Schnitzelbach randomly walks by.

  65. John Smith

    John Smith2 bulan yang lalu

    Haha seems you have wasps problem too😃

  66. John Smith

    John Smith2 bulan yang lalu

    Yea that hotdog is really good, the raw onion perfect complement

  67. Jan Romer

    Jan Romer2 bulan yang lalu

    I can promise you, I've been to Austria...They don' t like the Chinese. ..or the Americans. I LOVE Austria!