Austin Rivers Gets Doc Rivers Ejected, Tells Refs To Give Him A Technical


  1. Ryan K

    Ryan K27 hari yang lalu

    Succeeding you father

  2. stelzi290888

    stelzi29088827 hari yang lalu

    AR is one of the most disliked teammates in the nba. I see why

  3. Mario Hall

    Mario Hall29 hari yang lalu

    Funny as hell. I don't think no love is lost between the two. If this was my son, we would laugh about this after the game.

  4. Reaper O

    Reaper O29 hari yang lalu

    That boy is a piece of shit. Shit son and a shit player. How the fuck is he still playing???

  5. Michael Polites

    Michael PolitesBulan Yang lalu

    When you bust a nut only to one day have that nut bust you

  6. Gee Boi

    Gee BoiBulan Yang lalu

    Now austin is ejected from rivers fam hahaha

  7. Saint Grizzly

    Saint GrizzlyBulan Yang lalu

    Arrogant as fuck

  8. Lakatan Palitaw

    Lakatan PalitawBulan Yang lalu

    he wants to give his dad a T so he can make a name what a shame

  9. Trevor Cunningham

    Trevor CunninghamBulan Yang lalu

    How you gone snitch on ya pops. Austin is dirty. Never trust a kid who will snitch on his pops to win.

  10. Jade

    JadeBulan Yang lalu

    don’t ya just hate it when a little pussy tries to act hard

  11. Shaw A

    Shaw ABulan Yang lalu


  12. Igotyourhoeinthebathroomwefuckinglikenikko&mimi

    Igotyourhoeinthebathroomwefuckinglikenikko&mimiBulan Yang lalu


  13. Iron Fist

    Iron FistBulan Yang lalu

    F&$k family. Snitch azz ni99@!

  14. Roger

    RogerBulan Yang lalu

    You already know Doc aint having his ungrateful ass over for thanksgiving dinner 😅😅

  15. Fresno Gas Station 2.0

    Fresno Gas Station 2.0Bulan Yang lalu

    He's Going to cry in the car

  16. JG P

    JG PBulan Yang lalu

    He s crazy... Do not going to back home. Ostin: I'm missing to the home food....ToT:

  17. Leonardo gonçalves

    Leonardo gonçalvesBulan Yang lalu

    Modern times. My old dad would beat my ass even if was 30 years old if disrespect him like that.

  18. lord sniper

    lord sniperBulan Yang lalu

    wtf . ur dad save your carrer then what . u didnt save him ejecting from the floor good job

  19. DJ Earl

    DJ EarlBulan Yang lalu

    Lightskin niggas are different

  20. anrie

    anrieBulan Yang lalu

    Best father and son moment in the NBA Give that man a *Stone Cold Beer*

  21. god of war

    god of warBulan Yang lalu

    Nba likes doc very much even his daughter married an nba player his into politics in nba thats why he can scream what he wants hes using his carrer in nba like he owns it but is not sports now its garbage

  22. Antonio Harris

    Antonio HarrisBulan Yang lalu

    Don't know Doc rivers son played in NBA.. wow

  23. Sam Champion

    Sam ChampionBulan Yang lalu

    6ix9ine got comp now😂😂

  24. Josh Vaño

    Josh VañoBulan Yang lalu

    Why his son is white then he is black?

  25. Yutube SuspendedMyAccount

    Yutube SuspendedMyAccountBulan Yang lalu

    what a shame ....

  26. Royal Me

    Royal MeBulan Yang lalu

    On the court the relationship competitor vs competitor. Outside the court it is father-son relationship.

  27. eddie pasquite

    eddie pasquiteBulan Yang lalu

    Later son i kick your ass in our house. .. lol

  28. Charles Cummings Sr

    Charles Cummings SrBulan Yang lalu

    Love to be a fly on the wall at Thanksgiving dinner!

  29. Glizzee

    GlizzeeBulan Yang lalu

    Comment section has everything but what actually happened lmao 🤦🏽‍♂️

  30. Humgarchaun Lor

    Humgarchaun LorBulan Yang lalu

    Support freedom and freedom of speech! Stand with Catalonia independence! Stand with HK balckshirt terr0rism!

  31. Anthony Gonzalez

    Anthony GonzalezBulan Yang lalu

    Bruh he's saving his dad from fines lol

  32. Rahmeek SR

    Rahmeek SRBulan Yang lalu

    I bet if that was his mom ,which has no part in his career he would’ve did that

  33. seemeboi hahaha

    seemeboi hahahaBulan Yang lalu

    thats his white side lmao

  34. Theme Fresh

    Theme FreshBulan Yang lalu

    What a traitor.

  35. Woken Çrøw

    Woken ÇrøwBulan Yang lalu

    This is on Shaqtin a Fool

  36. liz panganiban

    liz panganibanBulan Yang lalu

    Thuglife 🤟😁😁

  37. maxincheng123

    maxincheng123Bulan Yang lalu



    SUPERMAN MIKEBulan Yang lalu

    Someones getting Their ps4 destroyed

  39. Kyle Jordan

    Kyle JordanBulan Yang lalu

    "Your mom should of never gave birth to you" 😂😂😂😂

  40. Lucas

    LucasBulan Yang lalu

    Damn bruh my dad woulda beat my ass

  41. 沙娃低卡

    沙娃低卡Bulan Yang lalu

    I would have drowned this kid

  42. MegaEddielai

    MegaEddielaiBulan Yang lalu

    somebody's gonna get grounded. 🤣

  43. ThE BaD gUy

    ThE BaD gUyBulan Yang lalu

    I know it's a game but this boy crazy🤷. I can't imagine even doing that to my pops. Good luck at that Thanksgiving Table fool😂💨💯🔥🍽️🥃🙏😆

  44. Drunk Munkey

    Drunk MunkeyBulan Yang lalu

    No allowance for Austin.

  45. G H

    G HBulan Yang lalu

    well this will be #1 on his career highlights mixtapes

  46. Rain Man

    Rain ManBulan Yang lalu

    Lol this reminds when of when Chris Paul said he loves him mom but would be her enemy on the court. Doc and Austin are gonna laugh about this over the phone after the game

  47. levite

    leviteBulan Yang lalu


  48. Anthony Flowers

    Anthony FlowersBulan Yang lalu

    Damn that’s his son

  49. Olando Randle

    Olando RandleBulan Yang lalu

    Honor your Father and Mother.

  50. ZombieSlayer22

    ZombieSlayer22Bulan Yang lalu

    Imagine your own son turning against you.

  51. Matthew

    MatthewBulan Yang lalu

    Austin a hoe

  52. In Tyler We Trust

    In Tyler We TrustBulan Yang lalu

    That’s what happens when you trade your own kin.

  53. Bruce Nelson

    Bruce NelsonBulan Yang lalu

    He just showed he has not respect for his farther!!!!!!! Wow ungrateful kid he seems to be still hurt from the trade.

  54. P B

    P BBulan Yang lalu

    Only a real piece of dukie will go against family

  55. Denny Beatty

    Denny BeattyBulan Yang lalu

    Doc still the man when the NBA wasn't soft

  56. Eternal drakkon

    Eternal drakkonBulan Yang lalu

    Lol dat was cute him outta here

  57. Watson Estelan

    Watson EstelanBulan Yang lalu

    😂😂 savage. dude had no chills. wonder how that Thanksgiving diner will go with those two sitting across from each other 😂😂

  58. Wayne Hsin TW

    Wayne Hsin TWBulan Yang lalu

    Good job 👍 Son

  59. Arjay Torres

    Arjay TorresBulan Yang lalu

    Austin Just got a DNA test he found out Shaq was his real father

  60. Damien Scott

    Damien ScottBulan Yang lalu

    They wasn’t even going to call it until he exaggerated it and brought it obviously to their attention. That’s not even cool fam. You was low key cloat chasing because you really lame bro lol.