Audi RS5 vs RS3 vs S4 vs old RS4: Drag Race *Closer than you think*


  1. Philipp Jäger

    Philipp Jäger2 hari yang lalu

    The biggest engine (RS4 B7) was the slowest. Sad but expected I that. But nevertheless it's got the most character and the best sound. 😄 It's the winner of hearts. 😄💕

  2. OhReflex

    OhReflex3 hari yang lalu

    This guy said v7 lmao

  3. jamiecivic

    jamiecivic4 hari yang lalu

    It should be illegal to make an S4 a diesel, ESPECIALLY as diesel is coming to its end anyway. 😩🤒🤮

  4. • SDRGaming

    • SDRGaming4 hari yang lalu

    So a Manual RS4 kept up with an auto S4.. well grab a manual S4 and let’s run it again.. because I know what would win if it was actually a fair fight 🤣

  5. Ebeno Sikenzi

    Ebeno Sikenzi4 hari yang lalu

    When i saw the thumbnail picture i had an orgasm even before watching. I just love how S and RS series have their own ruthless characteristics. I LOVE EM!

  6. Agario Plays

    Agario Plays5 hari yang lalu

    The old rs4 won the brake test

  7. Ivan Vasilev

    Ivan Vasilev5 hari yang lalu

    BMW 👌

  8. A S

    A S6 hari yang lalu

    When u r a real DRIVER you should drive s4 Manuel gear Box.

  9. Peter Lampropoulos

    Peter Lampropoulos6 hari yang lalu

    B7 takes it for me

  10. Peter Lampropoulos

    Peter Lampropoulos6 hari yang lalu

    Nothing like getting beaten by a wagon

  11. Skilat Gamedev

    Skilat Gamedev8 hari yang lalu

    I want a A5 so much :o one day !!

  12. THCmeblaze

    THCmeblaze9 hari yang lalu

    That thumbnail triggered my OCD

  13. cra zy

    cra zy11 hari yang lalu

    Old rs4 would have beat the s4 if it was auto.

  14. Thorny_Boy718

    Thorny_Boy71813 hari yang lalu

    A Mk3 TTRS would of won i think.

  15. Chris Contrarian

    Chris Contrarian13 hari yang lalu

    Next time list the cars in the title in the same order you have them positioned on the starting line. Title should read "Audi RS3 vs Audi RS5 vs old RS4 vs S4'. It's not rocket science.

  16. Angela Lin

    Angela Lin13 hari yang lalu

    Great race. Things is now days if you see a RS model parked on the road you'd go "nice RS" and keep walking, back then when you see a b5 or b7 RS4 you'd stop and stare or even walk back to look at it again just because they are so "special". Not the same with today RS models...

  17. V WG

    V WG17 hari yang lalu

    🌟🏁 Audi only love 🏁👍

  18. One BOI

    One BOI18 hari yang lalu

    The b5 is the best audi in my opinion and the real og

  19. James Mwali

    James Mwali18 hari yang lalu

    Spoiler, the Audi Won btw.

  20. Dgisch

    Dgisch18 hari yang lalu

    The Rs4 i fcking light just a bit more than an R8

  21. GuitarTee ROBLOX

    GuitarTee ROBLOX18 hari yang lalu

    No rs6 klasen?

  22. Zekoo

    Zekoo19 hari yang lalu

    The Audi won, I was really surprised

  23. Robin Jormestam

    Robin Jormestam21 hari yang lalu


  24. Konrad Solarz

    Konrad Solarz22 hari yang lalu

    What about BMW 5 (f10) 535i 306 hp vs 535d 313 hp

  25. Cosmetolog D

    Cosmetolog D23 hari yang lalu

    Ведущий похож на Месси на минималках

  26. Anthony Conerly

    Anthony Conerly23 hari yang lalu

    Gimme a NA V8 and 6 on the floor any day! I’m never selling my V8!


    NOBBERT23 hari yang lalu

    The new alloy wheels design on the rs5 are absolutely mint looking.

  28. Melissa Perez

    Melissa Perez24 hari yang lalu

    Please make a drag race between the s4 petrol and the s4 diesel b9 version ??

  29. Dionesy Munoz

    Dionesy Munoz24 hari yang lalu

    Please do a Volkswagen GTI vs BMW 228I F22 Or even better add more 4 cylinder 2.0L engine cars to the race like the WRX or the Honda accord ect. I would love to see that

  30. MOD-IT

    MOD-IT25 hari yang lalu

    hopefully the did a carbon cleaning on the rs4 first ;-)

  31. Volker Haesler

    Volker Haesler25 hari yang lalu

    We need this test again with the NEW RS4 ( 2019/2020)

  32. Maguslloret Munoz

    Maguslloret Munoz25 hari yang lalu

    The driver of the RS4 is worst than my grandma...very bad driver, that car is a jet, the problem is that if you dont shift quickly, you get fucked Up

  33. Siko

    Siko26 hari yang lalu

    Estaba claro que ganaría el RS5. Me encanta ese coche. Me gustaría ver un vídeo del RS5 vs RS6 vs RS7.

  34. TheJimmySerious

    TheJimmySerious27 hari yang lalu

    I guess the S4 Diesel can drive longer 250km/h than all gasoline RS engines. For long distance driving I would take the S4.

  35. Jj.

    Jj.28 hari yang lalu

    Add the power to the weightfigures! That way you can calculate if your own car has a chance...

  36. James watch reviews

    James watch reviews28 hari yang lalu

    Regardless of the result would any real car enthusiast really take the crappy diesel over the old 4.2 naturally aspirated V8. You could have that car and have over 30k left over to put petrol in it. The diesel is for badge snobs who enjoy in car tech and don't care about driving dynamics.

  37. Nazar Strizhyk

    Nazar Strizhyk29 hari yang lalu

    S4 D ♥️

  38. Gypsy Malone

    Gypsy Malone29 hari yang lalu

    Wasting fuel.

  39. Jan Meiners

    Jan Meiners29 hari yang lalu

    Show a bit of love for the legendary 5-cylinder

  40. Iamkemar

    Iamkemar29 hari yang lalu

    We need a real race: B9 RS3 RS5, RS6, RS7, RSQ8 Make it happen

  41. Nick DeLong

    Nick DeLongBulan Yang lalu

    B7 RS$ is the ultimate RS audi ever built, that high revvong V*8 gives me a raging boner

  42. Lucas 107!!!!

    Lucas 107!!!!Bulan Yang lalu

    Spoiler: the BMW won

  43. spasm027

    spasm027Bulan Yang lalu

    Love the races but PLEASE stick to one camera angle for more than .2 seconds.

  44. Bernie Wright

    Bernie WrightBulan Yang lalu

    Interesting that the S4 has 60% more torque than the RS4 yet is slower in a rolling drag race. A good demonstration of how power is important and torque is relatively meaningless when it comes to outright performance. I suspect with launch control and DSG the RS4 would have opened up quite a gap on the S4.

  45. Henry Taylor

    Henry TaylorBulan Yang lalu

    The Audi won

  46. David Sandercock

    David SandercockBulan Yang lalu

    I have a b7 rs4, might not be the fastest thing around now but that v8 with a milltek exhaust 👌👌👌 great video as usual

  47. M James

    M JamesBulan Yang lalu

    Never been into Audis. Prefer BMWs. How do Audis compare with BMWs for handling and to drive?

  48. Taimoor Hassan

    Taimoor HassanBulan Yang lalu

    The sound of that rs4 tho

  49. Farmer Lamb

    Farmer LambBulan Yang lalu

    Old RS4 for me! No fake bangs and cackles

  50. Taconator

    TaconatorBulan Yang lalu

    That 4.2 V8 in the old RS4 sounds incredible.

  51. Kanał

    KanałBulan Yang lalu

    Audi definitely won the race ! Xd

  52. sagittarius 6891

    sagittarius 6891Bulan Yang lalu

    RS4 and his high RPM engine

  53. david

    davidBulan Yang lalu

    I have a 2018 RS5 which is a great car however I dislike the transmission. I wish it had a dual clutch like a Porsche.

  54. Corvair140

    Corvair140Bulan Yang lalu

    2:16 for the actual race

  55. Heinrich Shivolo

    Heinrich ShivoloBulan Yang lalu

    Can you please make a race between the latest x5 and the ML63

  56. Bogdan Bejenari

    Bogdan BejenariBulan Yang lalu

    So the S4 with 347 HP beated the RS4 420 HP?

  57. Alex Taylor

    Alex TaylorBulan Yang lalu

    that old V8 had ZERO sound at its back. WTF Audi. I could also listen to a vacuumer.

  58. STUNN312

    STUNN312Bulan Yang lalu

    Bring back the A3, S3 wagon stateside!!! I want that swiss knife of a thing

  59. Liam Haris

    Liam HarisBulan Yang lalu

    Finally this twat doesnt win like normal

  60. R Jensen

    R JensenBulan Yang lalu