Audi MMi Touch Response Infotainment Tour! (2019 Audi A6)

  • 1 Peb 2019
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  1. Gordon Chapman

    Gordon Chapman8 bulan yang lalu

    As you presented this in English, I would have thought the first setting you could have shown us was the language setting 😉

  2. Patricio - GRUPO BESTEIRO

    Patricio - GRUPO BESTEIRO2 bulan yang lalu

    Gordon Chapman totally agree

  3. fm carv

    fm carv11 bulan yang lalu

    1:17 it looks somewhat odd this big screen with the standard temperature and petrol gauges on the sides.

  4. J High

    J High11 bulan yang lalu

    -13 C or -13 F is cold in any language 😖😖😖 I've heard Audi charges an expensive yearly subscription price after the complimentary trial period expires. I've also heard Audi is switching to an Over the Air (HERE) infotainment system like Volvo by 2022, since this Google Virtual Cockpit is difficult to update with navi map upgrades.

  5. Chatta299

    Chatta2994 bulan yang lalu

    Even without on the air updates they would facilitate this. For example you can update the maps yourself on a VW system without internet easily. Not much of an issue really. They do this now though on the newer Audi’s and BMW’s. The cheaper cars get a 3 month subscription then it’s something like £200 for a year or two. Other cars such as the ones with the tech pack or the newer models such as the Q3 have the 3 year as standard.