ATP & Respiration: Crash Course Biology #7


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    I'm grade 8 and I have to know this

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    When you realize this is Jhon greens brother !!! WHATTTT in case you dont know who that is the author of the fault in our stars

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    bro I want the complicated version im in HL bio...

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    So, you're telling me that to produce ATP, one needs ... ATP. There's yet another reason not to believe in unguided evolution for you. Did you miss it?

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    omg thank you.

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    My teacher told us to do this for hw and I missed 2 weeks of school, my friends won’t explain please help I’m literally in elementary

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    Engineer 3146 hari yang lalu it right for me to say that drinking orange juice is REALLY good during a workout?

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    Lactic acid isn‘t what makes your muscles sore after working out*

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    Chineese yen😂

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    Very tempted to sell my notes on this video...

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    Who knows what you need to make adenosine tri phosphate from adenosine Di phosphate??

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    cramming for an eight-grade bio final

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    4:35 that can be arranged

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    well,,,technically yen is japanese dollars and chinese dollars are yuan so yea that parts weird

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    at 1:56, he said chinese yen? i am pretty sure it should be renminbi

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    Great I’m in 8th grade and learning this. How does my brain gather this 😭

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    America Najar Garcia I’m in the 5th 👶🏼

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    Fun fact: Here in Germany we actually use the term "Krebs-Zyklus" much more rarely than "Zitronensäure-Zyklus" (Citric acid cycle)

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    im quite sure that piruvic acid does not consume oxygen. The carboxy group just breaks off and there is your co2 no oxygen required.

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    The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

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    This is so much easier to follow than earlier videos. Thanks, Hank

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    thank goodness, no cursing. maybe I will use this for class

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    How much net yield of ATP from alcohol n lactate fermentation?

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    lol he pronounced chinese yuan wrong

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    3:08 Can this be used again for the second phosphate?

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    what's the source of NADH in the human body

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    I haven’t even started my BIO class and I’m already watching videos to help me cause I feel like I’m behind 😭😭😭😭💀💀💀

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