ATP & Respiration: Crash Course Biology #7


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    Everyone ignore this comment it’s for my notes ty 7:07. 5:46

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    If it doesn't really interest you, It's hard! I got to go back a few seconds every time because the information can't enter my brain right

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    Hank Green talks to you like he's your super genius drunk uncle

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    My teacher told me to watch this 🤡

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    Good job on math test Fisher

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    His philosophy courses helped me so much. But I absolutely do not understand any of his bio lectures. I'm sooooo looosssttt

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    BIO152 Mid Sem :(

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    Who from Indonesia?

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    When u keep rewinding till u understand the lesson and u know that tomorrow u will forget what u learned

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    you really need to get fit! lol

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    plz pray for me im watching this 5 min before a mid term but i got distracted reading comments

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    it's Chinese yuan, yen is Japanese

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    Did he combine Pyruvate Oxidation into Glycolysis or the Citric Acid Cycle?

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    On citric acid cycle, where CO2 becomes the byproduct. Correct me if im wrong, just basing on the the video

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    Chinese Yuan Japanese Yen

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    Can i get a TOTAL GENERATED ATP DIAGRAM pleaseee??? Anyone can help me...........i need that for my recitation on monday

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    I'm only in elementary school so I don't have to worry about exams,.. But I have to take I read, I learn and so on UHHHHHH

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    Aren't JEN Japanese currency ? Not Chinese ?

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    ATP is literally the currency of biological energy ATP = 80p (eighty pence)

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    I m in 9th class

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    just wonder if he really understands what he is talking about since he is ATP = atypic dude..?

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    Im in high school. This started very simple until the glycolysis part.

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    Is the kreb's cycle taking place in the matrix of the mitochondrion or the inner membrane ?

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    So humans naturally make citric acid 🤔

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    Hank you are awesome, learning a lot more here than I ever did in school

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    Cell bio exam in two weeks 😢🙏

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    How many hydrogen ions make 1atp in ETS

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    While the information in these videos is usually spot on, I just wanted to mention that ATP is NOT a stored form of energy. Whenever ATP is produced, it is used immediately.

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    In addition, if you are brushing up for the MCATs, it is important to note 30 ATP for eukaryotes and 32 ATP for prokaryotes.

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    Adenosine triphosphate Adenosine triphosphate Adenosine triphosphate

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    I know I've wasted a lot of time when I begin playing these at 1.25

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    I really needed you to break down Krebs cycle ALL the way down

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    chinese yen??

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    Chinese Yen?

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    I wish I had this video 13 years ago when I got bio courses

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    Great video.

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    I'm confused. For the electron transport chain, we have 10 NADH, but the Kreb cycle produced 6 NADH, right? And glycolysis only produces two. Shouldn't there only be 8 NADH for the electron transport chain?

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    When I put this in slow mo it makes me feel like hes talking to me like an idiot hahaha

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    speak english ^_^

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    My exam is in 10 mins, when is yours?

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    OMG! I get it now!! Thank you so much!

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    It’s been 7 years and I’m gonna need that enzyme puppet show now... 😅

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    it's Japanese yen, lol

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    This video helps me realize that I am dyslexic with numbers

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    Dennis Molina that’s dyscalculia

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    Japanese Yen Chinese Yuan You are meant to be smart🙄

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    Who else is hear just to learn?

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    I love how he explained everything so its understanable and then everyone in the comments are flipping out just because he said chinese yen

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    Nobody:When youre looking for a scishow video about your report on science class for tomorrow but you instead lost hope and click at a random video and saw what you were looking for. Me:Youre breathtaking!

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    Nobody:When youre looking for a scishow video about your report on science class for tomorrow but you instead lost hope and click at a random video and saw what you were looking for. Me:Youre breathtaking!

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    Why and does kerb cycle yealds to NADP+ AND NADPH

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    Japan uses yen. China uses a different currency. But cells use ATP as chemically stored potential energy. Just saying 'energy' without specifying the specific type of energy is meaningless. It's like new age hippy nonsense like 'feel the energy all around you.' When ATP loses a phosphate molecule or more specifically a molecular ion, kinetic energy is released when the phosphate molecular ion is shot off from the ATP molecule, as well as an electron is released thus creating heat in the form of electricity. And you end up with an ADP then the ADP gets another phosphate molecule in the Krebs cycle during oxidative phosphoralation. So ATP to ADP and there and back again to ATP making it a cycle. Only if you don't have enough ATP does your body uses ADP for energy. When ADP loses a phosphate you end up kinetic energy from the phosphate shooting off the ADP which becomes Lactic Acid as well as heat from the loose electron. The Lactic Acid is why you 'feel the burn.' when working out. Having an acidic body is why you feel sore for a few days after working out. it takes time for the body to adjust it's pH levels back to pH 7.0.

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    i was doing great in class till calvin cycle and cellular respiration were introduced, help lol

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    NAD is a co-enzyme not an enzyme.

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    Only if respiration was really this easy

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    "chiNEsE YeN"

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    Did he just call yuan "Chinese yen"?

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    Where does the pretty molecule schematic at 1:13 come from? What do the dots represent?

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    Who else zones out in the middle of this video. And then around 8:38 they focus and don't know where they are up to. Then you watch it again and again . and again.........

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