ASMR | The Ultimate Cranial Nerve Exam | Ft. ASMR Darling, Matty Tingles, ALBinWhisperland, Seafoam!


  1. Call MeVybs

    Call MeVybs33 menit yang lalu

    13:36 So the first number is 3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510 5820974944 5923078164 0628620899 8628034825 3421170679 (btw that’s part of the number pi.)

  2. Upliftlizard207

    Upliftlizard20749 menit yang lalu

    Her: any allergies Me: Xbox players Her: that’s common Me: is it

  3. kayden kim

    kayden kim55 menit yang lalu

    Asmrists assemble

  4. Curly haired Gacha Tuber

    Curly haired Gacha Tuber56 menit yang lalu


  5. Madison Ann

    Madison AnnJam Yang lalu

    “eyebrow trimmings” me: how would u guess what eyebrow trimmings taste like i-

  6. Bernadette Kelly

    Bernadette KellyJam Yang lalu

    This might have been the weirdest collap.

  7. Share- aids

    Share- aidsJam Yang lalu

    If Matty in that room with all those beautiful women, and didn’t pull a move? U know his ass is gay

  8. Plohka Plohka

    Plohka PlohkaJam Yang lalu

    ALB: I can totally see you with glasses Me: because I’m wearing glasses...

  9. Kyriemixez

    Kyriemixez2 jam yang lalu

    At 29:58 I gave gibi a dirty look and her reaction was perfect 😂

  10. Discorded

    Discorded2 jam yang lalu

    "I can totally see you with glasses" I would hope so, since I'm wearing some. Should I be asking you the vision questions?

  11. RNGReaper

    RNGReaper2 jam yang lalu

    This is Dora The Explorer 2.0 'Adult Version' | Doctor - "HOW MANY FINGERS CAN YOU SEE" Me: "I've had depression for several years now:

  12. Julian

    Julian4 jam yang lalu

    Awesome collab

  13. Fee Man

    Fee Man5 jam yang lalu


  14. Yuku Hitori

    Yuku Hitori5 jam yang lalu

    I love your "candy with Fast ASMR"...thank you A LOT! greetings from Germany

  15. Alonzo Tovanche

    Alonzo Tovanche5 jam yang lalu

    Most DISGUSTING taste test

  16. Alyssa Raine

    Alyssa Raine7 jam yang lalu

    Dr darling said “ we have this advanced metical thing “ anyone who does makeup in Canada probably know that that is a Cheap Canadian brand make up brush from Canada and I would know because I have it

  17. Cosmic Gaming

    Cosmic Gaming8 jam yang lalu

    18:29 - 18:30 tHaTs wHaT sHe sAiD

  18. Devon Friedman

    Devon Friedman8 jam yang lalu


  19. Sebastian Cortes

    Sebastian Cortes8 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone notice matty almost laughing at 18:32? 😂😂😂

  20. HotFootWax

    HotFootWax8 jam yang lalu

    Omgggg I am fangirlingggg

  21. Daniel Fahey

    Daniel Fahey9 jam yang lalu

    Her: Any muscle soreness Me: My pp hard Them:We should take a look at that Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’m sorry for ruining your day

  22. Serafima Ka

    Serafima Ka10 jam yang lalu

    One doctor: doing something in my face All the doctors in the back: 👁️👄👁️

  23. Ethan Rob

    Ethan Rob10 jam yang lalu

    These women were blessed to be in the same room as Matty “The Powerhouse” Tingles

  24. Ryan Rael

    Ryan Rael11 jam yang lalu

    9:11 "would you mind testing her hearing" Her? I'm a guy sjsjjsjs

  25. Amy Campbell

    Amy Campbell11 jam yang lalu

    seafoam: alright so it looks like you do have a mouth me: I DO!? you two don't have one! I guess i'm rare! ;3

  26. Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin11 jam yang lalu

    With all this background whispering this looks more like some kind of soviet experiment

  27. CGL Gaming

    CGL Gaming11 jam yang lalu

    darling just glows so freaking much lol 😍

  28. deny_12

    deny_1212 jam yang lalu

    This is an asmr orgy

  29. ari shimada

    ari shimada12 jam yang lalu

    Dr.Shneep:dont zeh worrys we are qualified docters right Dr.Ipler Dr.Ip:quickly they are dying Dr.Joones:WELLA NO ONES A HELPING ME STOPA TALKINGZA AND HELP ME A YA DINGASSSES

  30. DanLuvs MC

    DanLuvs MC13 jam yang lalu

    Gibi is a good ASMRist but Seafoam is my favorite Gibi:features Seafoam Me:Well then

  31. Hot Cakes

    Hot Cakes13 jam yang lalu

    I don't think these people are qualified.

  32. xMaya

    xMaya13 jam yang lalu

    Gibi: any hearing problems? Add comes on: dO yOu HaVe HeArInG pRoBleMs!!!!!!!? Me: I do now-

  33. DavidsLifeLife

    DavidsLifeLife13 jam yang lalu

    Me: falls asleep Matty and darling: plays xylophone Me: WTF am I in music class?

  34. AllieLovesBTS

    AllieLovesBTS13 jam yang lalu

    it's red velvet *_ziMZaLaBiM_*

  35. A Google User

    A Google User13 jam yang lalu

    dude i must be schizophrenic because i love talking to my screen

  36. A Google User

    A Google User14 jam yang lalu

    she said doodoo

  37. Verrickthys

    Verrickthys14 jam yang lalu

    Y’all I’m trying to sleep not watch comedy asmr. But this is great

  38. Snakedaddyjones

    Snakedaddyjones14 jam yang lalu

    Darling: Just keep your eyes on me Me: well momma always said keep your eyes on the prize Z I N G

  39. IsThisThe Krustykrab

    IsThisThe Krustykrab14 jam yang lalu

    Yo I got an ad abkut a woman telling ppl that instantly believing every rape and harassment claim is not smart. Omg I have hope in the world

  40. The Darkstorm

    The Darkstorm14 jam yang lalu

    Seafoam: *enters* Me: ALIENS

  41. The Darkstorm

    The Darkstorm14 jam yang lalu

    15:33 The furries have become doctors

  42. Jocelyn Wells

    Jocelyn Wells15 jam yang lalu

    33:30-33:35 watch the backround lol

  43. SRP_ GamingXD

    SRP_ GamingXD15 jam yang lalu

    33:33 bruh

  44. Mitch The Good Witch

    Mitch The Good Witch15 jam yang lalu

    This is adorable lol

  45. Jocelyn Wells

    Jocelyn Wells15 jam yang lalu

    i knew seafoam, darling, and you of course

  46. old hag

    old hag15 jam yang lalu

    *Gibi do people realize that they are beautiful? If so would you rate yourself 10/10 😁*

  47. Jocelyn Wells

    Jocelyn Wells15 jam yang lalu

    why does darling look so short in this video

  48. LewdGlassKnight

    LewdGlassKnight16 jam yang lalu

    I'm a little upset that professor Clemmons isnt there

  49. Jotaro zu warudo

    Jotaro zu warudo16 jam yang lalu

    I literally lost my shit when big wing wong came in-

  50. Dead Inside

    Dead Inside16 jam yang lalu

    29:10 Damn sarcastic ass