ASMR | Personal Shopper 👜 (Choosing the Perfect Bag!)


  1. jaimee clarke

    jaimee clarke8 jam yang lalu

    Why are most asmrists so damn beautiful, all of them could be beauty channels as well.

  2. Andika Putra Hirwan

    Andika Putra Hirwan3 hari yang lalu

    When she said : MMHMM i felt that

  3. Shaney Waney

    Shaney Waney12 hari yang lalu

    They just played that slime ad that stole your footage when i clicked this video. The cheek!

  4. caylie olson

    caylie olson17 hari yang lalu

    something about you in this video reminds me of gentle whispering. i think it might be you saying “mhm” and your hand movements :p

  5. caylie olson

    caylie olson17 hari yang lalu

    edit - looked through the comments.. glad i’m not the only one who thinks this

  6. Emma Harkins

    Emma Harkins20 hari yang lalu

    I work at a fashion leather store and I love tapping on the bags and wallets and stuff throughout my day, lol! Patent leather makes my favorite sound.

  7. Raven Rain

    Raven Rain21 hari yang lalu

    Your ASMR is my ahem... Bag! :P

  8. LJ W

    LJ W24 hari yang lalu

    Im weak at her exaggerated hand movements

  9. rainyy

    rainyy27 hari yang lalu

    I love your hand movements in this one, especially with the nails! so calming...

  10. Kris c:

    Kris c:Bulan Yang lalu

    Christmas with Nonna?

  11. Kali S.

    Kali S.Bulan Yang lalu

    My favorite video at the moment, I keep coming back to it!!! My brain’s melting from the mhm’s, the gentle hand movements, and the tapping 🤤 please do more like this! 😍😴

  12. The White Rabbit ASMR

    The White Rabbit ASMRBulan Yang lalu

    Yes ma’am!!

  13. Destiny

    DestinyBulan Yang lalu

    2:14 2:43 2:51 3:26 3:35 4:00 4:26 4:29 4:36 4:40 5:01 5:19 5:39 6:35 7:43 7:53 8:13 8:48 9:04 10:31 10:34

  14. Lloyd Lee

    Lloyd LeeBulan Yang lalu

    women use purses because their clothes don't have pockets

  15. Ghum Paise

    Ghum PaiseBulan Yang lalu

    You should do a “Rachel green becomes your personal shopper” or something. That would be pretty cool

  16. Quit3Cut3

    Quit3Cut3Bulan Yang lalu

    Threw my back out at work Sunday night, it started hurting today, and lying with a heating pad listening to this. Very relaxing! Love bag sounds. I’m getting old 😩😩😩

  17. MOODY

    MOODYBulan Yang lalu

    Your style reminds me of Gentle Whispering😀

  18. Jana T

    Jana T12 hari yang lalu

    Same 😁 I think it's the hand movements and the "mhmms"

  19. Edna Mode

    Edna ModeBulan Yang lalu

    You look so beautiful in this video, this hair on you is AMAZING!!! Gorgeous as always 💓

  20. Charles Thompson

    Charles ThompsonBulan Yang lalu

    i was expecting the damage to be $350 but when u said 50$ my head started ask where

  21. Crack- Head

    Crack- HeadBulan Yang lalu


  22. Patricia R T

    Patricia R TBulan Yang lalu

    or Blair Waldorf!!! roleplay

  23. Patricia R T

    Patricia R TBulan Yang lalu

    Beyonce roleplaaaay

  24. kattinboots

    kattinbootsBulan Yang lalu

    Oh man, this sounds like someone's first day working at a bag boutique!

  25. Wendy Oliver

    Wendy OliverBulan Yang lalu

    You should do an eyeshadow tutorial

  26. Jen R.

    Jen R.Bulan Yang lalu

    Purses are one of my obsessions, so this roleplay is simply perfection! I love how simple, yet wonderful it is. Thank you. ❤

  27. jenny

    jennyBulan Yang lalu

    the perfect bag for me is the *bag of chips*

  28. Angel Halo

    Angel HaloBulan Yang lalu


  29. [ Closed Captions ]

    [ Closed Captions ]Bulan Yang lalu

    Haha, I feel very rich and white rn.

  30. citlali villegas

    citlali villegasBulan Yang lalu

    If my local boutique was like this I would become a loyal ass customer

  31. Delanie Wydeck

    Delanie WydeckBulan Yang lalu

    I don’t know why but there was a pop in the audio and it Made my ear feel so good

  32. Bella

    BellaBulan Yang lalu

    Is the wallet also from OVS? Thinking about a Christmas present.

  33. Bella

    BellaBulan Yang lalu

    Ok 👌 thank you!

  34. The White Rabbit ASMR

    The White Rabbit ASMRBulan Yang lalu

    Nope, the wallet is from a local boutique here in my town! I think it comes from Florence!

  35. Rachel Smith

    Rachel SmithBulan Yang lalu

    This is relaxing and tingly!

  36. Grace

    GraceBulan Yang lalu

    how fitting that I was just listening to ‘bags’ by Clairo!! 💕👜

  37. MrStefanDr19

    MrStefanDr19Bulan Yang lalu

    amazing asmr vid!

  38. Baylea ッ

    Baylea ッBulan Yang lalu

    Soo many tingles from this one!! You look gorgeous in this as well. 💗

  39. Viktoriya Collinsworth

    Viktoriya CollinsworthBulan Yang lalu

    Your hand movements are everything. Thank you for the tingles 💕

  40. eeti

    eetiBulan Yang lalu

    for some reason i never get notifications from your videos anymore, it’s so upsetting since i’m seeing this video so late now :( i’ll just have to check your channel more often than i do! thank you for this amazing video, love it and looooove you!!

  41. eeti

    eetiBulan Yang lalu

    The White Rabbit ASMR that was the first thing i saw this morning and now i’m so happy!! 😭😭

  42. The White Rabbit ASMR

    The White Rabbit ASMRBulan Yang lalu

    I LOVE YOU TOO!!! <3

  43. Carmen Sanchez Diaz

    Carmen Sanchez DiazBulan Yang lalu

    Hello, I love your videos, they help me a lot when I want to fall asleep. Could you tell me what company the wallet is, I really like it a lot. Thank you for your effort in every video you make. Greetings form Germany.

  44. Natalie Pritchard

    Natalie PritchardBulan Yang lalu

    pleaseeeeee could you do another italian video i love themmmm

  45. katwil89

    katwil89Bulan Yang lalu

    This is my first time watching one of your videos and I really enjoyed it! This is my favorite type of ASMR - describing something. Great hand movements! Great voice! I loved the sound of the wrapper on the bag handle, in fact all of the bag sounds were perfect.

  46. darlee

    darleeBulan Yang lalu

    *ELLA YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN!!* I love you so much! ❣

  47. Tommy diaz

    Tommy diazBulan Yang lalu

    Amazon has cool sounding bags

  48. Autumn CAUDILL

    Autumn CAUDILLBulan Yang lalu

    This has to be A Maria role play??! Lol

  49. cutiemel91

    cutiemel91Bulan Yang lalu

    That plastic is SO loud 😫

  50. zoyuh z

    zoyuh zBulan Yang lalu

    Pleaaaaase do Mua again

  51. The Beatles Rule

    The Beatles RuleBulan Yang lalu

    LOVE old school roleplays- they are what started ASMR- thank you my friend!

  52. Elise Matthews

    Elise MatthewsBulan Yang lalu

    This may or may not be the first time I’ve seen her real self and not a character

  53. linzbee123123

    linzbee123123Bulan Yang lalu

    Love every single one of your videos!! Thanks girl!! 😘😘would loveeee a gossip girl role play! I feel like I’d anyone can pull it off it’s you! 😊

  54. Hayley Gladwin

    Hayley GladwinBulan Yang lalu

    this made me want to buy some of that stuff. Where did you get the wallet in the video?

  55. TheGamingCreator

    TheGamingCreatorBulan Yang lalu

    Book Request! Can you read "Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae" in your next video please! Thanks :)

  56. Cate Freeborn

    Cate FreebornBulan Yang lalu

    you always look gorgeous Ella but you look so beautiful here oh my god!! I aspire to be this stunning and put together one day 💜💜

  57. Michael Galindo

    Michael GalindoBulan Yang lalu


  58. Sara Brenna

    Sara BrennaBulan Yang lalu

    I love this type of videos they are so relaxing, i used to watch this type of things on TV before I discovered asmr videos.

  59. The Cat

    The CatBulan Yang lalu

    You are so pretty😻

  60. portnull

    portnullBulan Yang lalu

    Sooo good, and I just L❤️❤️❤️VE your hand movements in this video!

  61. Stef P

    Stef PBulan Yang lalu

    🇮🇹 Ci mancano i tuoi video in italianooo 🇮🇹 🤩🤗

  62. Robin Lillig

    Robin LilligBulan Yang lalu

    Please do Alice From Breaking Dawn Part Two Where Alice is getting Bella Ready For her Wedding Day

  63. Alyssa Cherry

    Alyssa CherryBulan Yang lalu

    This makes me want a Blair Waldorf takes you shopping RP!

  64. Queen Zey

    Queen ZeyBulan Yang lalu


  65. Faith Webster

    Faith WebsterBulan Yang lalu


  66. kyra kremser

    kyra kremserBulan Yang lalu

    omg yes

  67. Cameron Harvey

    Cameron HarveyBulan Yang lalu

    I feel like that is the longest I have ever see Ella's nails haha I love the shape

  68. The White Rabbit ASMR

    The White Rabbit ASMRBulan Yang lalu

    It’s true!!! I’ve never had them this long!!

  69. Charlotte Tiggelaar

    Charlotte TiggelaarBulan Yang lalu

    Suuuuuper relaxing❤❤

  70. Stannis Baratheon

    Stannis BaratheonBulan Yang lalu

    Her eyes are sooo prettyyyy

  71. Backyard Hedgehog

    Backyard HedgehogBulan Yang lalu

    I’m too scared of personal shoppers like this because I feel like I would pay too much and she may not find anything I like but this video was great

  72. Erin Murphy

    Erin MurphyBulan Yang lalu

    Realizing you could totally do a Mila Kunis skit if you wanted! Your look reminds me of her in this video