ASMR For People Who Haven't Gotten Tingles


  1. DennisASMR

    DennisASMRBulan Yang lalu

    The "Tingle Gauntlets" are a very tingly addition to the channel. You like them?

  2. Friz Melon

    Friz Melon2 jam yang lalu


  3. Garron Mcneal

    Garron Mcneal10 jam yang lalu

    Were did you get those gloves

  4. Garron Mcneal

    Garron Mcneal10 jam yang lalu

    Were you get those gloves

  5. Leandro Trujillo

    Leandro TrujilloHari Yang lalu


  6. Elaine Tremblay

    Elaine TremblayHari Yang lalu

    Kia Lee lol

  7. oaky

    oaky2 jam yang lalu

    Rock, paper, scissors shoot.. yourself gay fuc

  8. oaky

    oaky2 jam yang lalu

    Shshshshshshut the fuc up

  9. rc 22

    rc 222 jam yang lalu

    Cause i didn´t found Time stamps... 0:00 - 0:23 Min. Intro 0:23 - 0:37 Min. Rock, Paper Gun (or what ever you wanna call it) 0:38 - 0:54 Min. T-T-T-T-T-T-T Tingels 0:55 - 2:08 Min. Finger play 2:09 - 8:17 Min. Nice Cleaning Gloves 8:18 - 13:09 Min. Tapping on Glass 13:10 - 13:33 Min. Finger play 13:34 - 16:26 Min. Weird Lemon 16:27 - 20:19 Min. PS4 Controller 20:20 - 23:52 Min. Stress Ball 23:53 - 24:22 Min. The word "Tingels" as outro Please correct me if somthing is wrong! :D

  10. Katie Jorgensen

    Katie Jorgensen3 jam yang lalu

    Me: Well I guess it’s cheating because I took a melatonin 😂

  11. topher shepet vlogs

    topher shepet vlogs4 jam yang lalu

    I be big ready

  12. DiamondAssasin

    DiamondAssasin4 jam yang lalu

    Why they don’t get tingles is because some people have harder and easier reactions with it. Like let’s say I don’t get tingles from you, I get tingles from Tingting asmr

  13. Cool Stuff

    Cool Stuff5 jam yang lalu

    This is like a dame cult

  14. Be Happy!

    Be Happy!5 jam yang lalu

    the begging made me not want to go to the end so i didnt

  15. Jacob Whyte

    Jacob Whyte5 jam yang lalu


  16. Elysa Martel

    Elysa Martel5 jam yang lalu

    Me: *watches his video for the first time* Damn he is really cute

  17. Martin Stonto

    Martin Stonto7 jam yang lalu

    Im a helicopter i have no feelings or a..... head,heart,or anything

  18. Lowkey Jasmine

    Lowkey Jasmine7 jam yang lalu

    Why is he staring at the microphone like that Like he in love with

  19. FreshBeat 300

    FreshBeat 3008 jam yang lalu

    It’s so sad when I reach the end of one of your videos 😢

  20. Savage Raindrop

    Savage Raindrop8 jam yang lalu

    I got tingles

  21. AnotherASMRtist

    AnotherASMRtist8 jam yang lalu

    I’m starting my ASMR IDreporter channel! Looking for content ideas from the viewers themselves! Whatever you’re interested in let me know and find me on insta @anotherasmrtist

  22. Sk8 ERR DIE !

    Sk8 ERR DIE !8 jam yang lalu

    ur bad

  23. WaterMelon Gamer

    WaterMelon Gamer9 jam yang lalu

    Tingles ahhhhh

  24. Da ranker

    Da ranker9 jam yang lalu

    Who else just watches them even though they get tingles

  25. Witch It's Kat

    Witch It's Kat11 jam yang lalu

    Still no tingles. I'm starting to think im immune. 😂

  26. Caleb Eeek stilll chill

    Caleb Eeek stilll chill11 jam yang lalu

    I will never get tingles

  27. Ruth Nelson

    Ruth Nelson11 jam yang lalu

    No tingles yet I think I might be immune 😉

  28. One Stand content 272

    One Stand content 27212 jam yang lalu

    It's not hard for meh to get the tingles but I guess I'll watch still

  29. Um Kim

    Um Kim13 jam yang lalu


  30. BlueLeaf

    BlueLeaf13 jam yang lalu

    I got the tingles I asked for :3

  31. Anndreass. rr

    Anndreass. rr13 jam yang lalu

    Wtf is tingles?

  32. Anndreass. rr

    Anndreass. rr13 jam yang lalu


  33. Adam Gee

    Adam Gee13 jam yang lalu

    18:32 Me trying to be a pro gamer

  34. Olivia Hollidge

    Olivia Hollidge13 jam yang lalu

    Me got no tingles

  35. Leila Emmanuel

    Leila Emmanuel15 jam yang lalu

    No cap he has an amazing smile

  36. Vincent Palerbro

    Vincent Palerbro15 jam yang lalu

    Me: sleeping to this video AD: WeLcOmE tO tHe JuNgLe

  37. Isabella Macfarlane

    Isabella Macfarlane15 jam yang lalu

    TIME STAMPS!! 🦋🥰🦋 0:00 - 2:38 intro 2:39 - 8:17 🧤 8:20 - 13:09 🍵 13:10 - 13:33 👋🏼🗣 13:34 - 16:26 🍍 16:27 - 20:19 🎮 20:20 - 23:52 🥎 23:53 - 24:23 👋🏼🗣 Hope there accurate 🙏 INTRUCTION ON HOW TO MAKE TIME STAMPS: 1.Open notes (app) 2. Start from intro of video e.g: 0:00- 3:49 (Just example) 3. Do that for rest of video all the way to the end (typing on notes) 4. Copy and paste into a comment!! 5. Click ▶️ your done!! Now you can make other people happy 😊 6. If you want to you can also copy and paste all instructions on how to do it!! Have fun!! TRY GET THIS TO THE TOP!!

  38. I’m using my Mom’s account

    I’m using my Mom’s account17 jam yang lalu

    1:58 *leafy and the fandom had joined the comment section* *LEAFYWASHERE*

  39. Yuri DDLC

    Yuri DDLC18 jam yang lalu

    Dennis: t-t-t-t-t Me: OH GOD WTH MY HIPS

  40. Rinesa Shkodra

    Rinesa Shkodra18 jam yang lalu

    OMG thank you finally i have tingles now thanks💞

  41. LilBeast 1789

    LilBeast 178919 jam yang lalu

    20:27 I was beat boxing and out of no where he was staring at me

  42. Winston L Dharmawan

    Winston L Dharmawan20 jam yang lalu

    I already feel good from the start of the vid lol

  43. RoRo D

    RoRo D22 jam yang lalu

    What is this dark magic

  44. Alma Cervantes

    Alma CervantesHari Yang lalu

    Dennis: today i have 5 items to mess around with Me: realizing he said 4 triggers Me: Poor 5th item😂🥺

  45. Lenore Rodriguez

    Lenore RodriguezHari Yang lalu

    I want to close my eyes but he is so cute i-

  46. Jayden Roberts

    Jayden RobertsHari Yang lalu

    I won

  47. Dzoveeg Chopourian

    Dzoveeg ChopourianHari Yang lalu

    Love your vids they really help me sleep

  48. darf der kevin zu dir spielen kommen

    darf der kevin zu dir spielen kommenHari Yang lalu

    🤮🤮🤮 tetetetetetetetetete

  49. NautiluS From discord

    NautiluS From discordHari Yang lalu

    The Tingle Gauntlets huh? Well what about the infinity brushes?

  50. Victoria Garcia

    Victoria GarciaHari Yang lalu

    Who else wanted him to grab the microphone with the gloves? ;c 😂

  51. Oliver Chicas

    Oliver Chicas9 jam yang lalu

    Actually me

  52. Leandro Trujillo

    Leandro TrujilloHari Yang lalu


  53. MaeveLily

    MaeveLilyHari Yang lalu

    "Tales so go to sleep." Me: Scrolling through the comments and 😂 " *Why aren't you asleep yet* "

  54. :G a c h a W ø l f G r e n a d e z z:

    :G a c h a W ø l f G r e n a d e z z:Hari Yang lalu

    Ok this was very nice. 😂

  55. SucksToSuckBro Clara

    SucksToSuckBro ClaraHari Yang lalu

    In the middle of the video I started dying because I remembered about what happened on the bus in the conversation between my friend and me We were talking about asmr because we did a fake asmr video that is just on my phone and like she said “when people get tingles how do that act? Do they wiggle??” Then she started wiggling

  56. Whatever1234r

    Whatever1234rHari Yang lalu

    I can’t take him seriously

  57. 뿌잉

    뿌잉Hari Yang lalu


  58. あゆか

    あゆかHari Yang lalu


  59. Elaine Tremblay

    Elaine TremblayHari Yang lalu

    So how come I get tingles when he doesn’t even do anything?🤨

  60. Elaine Tremblay

    Elaine TremblayHari Yang lalu

    Or if he just talks


    TRENT ANDERSONHari Yang lalu

    I like them I for sure got the tingles

  62. spaceGUY 750

    spaceGUY 750Hari Yang lalu

    Hello darkness my old friend I want to talk to you again

  63. Gacha Cookiez

    Gacha CookiezHari Yang lalu

    sToP iT pLeAsE

  64. Elaine Tremblay

    Elaine TremblayHari Yang lalu

    I got the tingles in the 1st minute

  65. shattered crystal

    shattered crystalHari Yang lalu

    “This trigger’s probably crying cuz I didnt use it” “All triggers have feelings”

  66. Gabriela Rebouças

    Gabriela RebouçasHari Yang lalu

    Is beautiful,love you

  67. blue lįfe

    blue lįfeHari Yang lalu

    can’t decide if you’re cute or hot

  68. Carl The Llama

    Carl The LlamaHari Yang lalu

    ASMR is usually hard for me since I have anxiety and usually it makes me feel tense and uncomfortable, but this one is surprisingly nice lol.