ASMR Fluffy Mic Brushing & Whispering


  1. Delicate ASMR

    Delicate ASMRTahun Yang lalu

    HI EVERYONE! thank you so much to those who hung out and talked w me during the premiere! sorry that the microphone noises weren’t so loud they seemed so much louder which filming!! anyway thank you for watching!

  2. Rob Harwood

    Rob Harwood6 bulan yang lalu

    Your headphones settings might be using some audio 'enhancements' (e.g. mine are set up with 'loudness equalization' which increases or decreases the volume somewhat to make soft noises audible and loud noises tolerable), so that might be why your live monitoring sounds different than the recorded result. Might want to check for such settings. Otherwise, it might just be a matter of lowering the volume of your earphones while you're recording.

  3. Rob Harwood

    Rob Harwood6 bulan yang lalu

    I love fluffy mic brushing videos. Even if this was less prepared than you usually prefer, it's going to be an instant classic, IMO. More in the future would be wonderful.😊 [Edit: Oh, just realized this was from November. 😅]

  4. kristian grover

    kristian groverTahun Yang lalu

    In the video you said it wasn’t the best video but honestly I find myself coming back to this specific one and I love it. It’s definitely my favorite one so far lov ya

  5. tyler poe

    tyler poeTahun Yang lalu

    Personally I’m glad the mic brushing wasn’t louder, it was perfect for me.

  6. ƛƦƖƧ joel

    ƛƦƖƧ joelTahun Yang lalu

    @Delicate ASMR cute microphone looks like a teddy bear 😃

  7. Mike Mckendrick

    Mike MckendrickBulan Yang lalu

    Ugh. Marry me please !

  8. Alex Rimer

    Alex Rimer2 bulan yang lalu

    You kind of resemble Margot Robbie in this video

  9. Gu1lherme

    Gu1lherme4 bulan yang lalu

    Opan :')

  10. Uncapd Visions

    Uncapd Visions6 bulan yang lalu

    This lighting set up is perfect

  11. - DakotaMedia -

    - DakotaMedia -7 bulan yang lalu

    your. accent❤️

  12. Chance

    Chance8 bulan yang lalu

    I still think this is your best video!

  13. maisieee

    maisieee10 bulan yang lalu

    i love the quality like this, it seems more realistic. it’s so calming 💖


    ALI NABEEL10 bulan yang lalu

    I like how you say BOT instead of BUT

  15. Pablo Da Vinci

    Pablo Da Vinci10 bulan yang lalu

    Your soo dreamy 😩😍

  16. Pablo Da Vinci

    Pablo Da Vinci10 bulan yang lalu

    Scratching and whispers are my favorite 👌🏼 I’m 19 into olda Women cause girls my age have the wrong priorities, snap es wil_horne99

  17. Delicate ASMR

    Delicate ASMR10 bulan yang lalu


  18. Leonardo Titone

    Leonardo Titone10 bulan yang lalu

    I love fluffy mic!😍 Very relaxing!😌😴 Thank you so much! 🙏❤️

  19. Steve Richards

    Steve RichardsTahun Yang lalu

    its a beautiful fluffy mic :)

  20. what the frick

    what the frickTahun Yang lalu

    I've lost count of how many times I've watched this video

  21. jordie

    jordieTahun Yang lalu

    i love this so much thank u

  22. Conor Shepherd

    Conor ShepherdTahun Yang lalu

    Holy shit, this account is so 🗣SLEPT ON 🖤

  23. El retor cido

    El retor cidoTahun Yang lalu

    Es genial tu contenido. 💖

  24. Yevette Carper

    Yevette CarperTahun Yang lalu


  25. Dan Ashcroft

    Dan AshcroftTahun Yang lalu


  26. Chance

    ChanceTahun Yang lalu

    this is your best video i think

  27. Gilz

    GilzTahun Yang lalu

    Love the sensitivity of the mic , triggers my asmr even more :) Subbed

  28. Blah Blah

    Blah BlahTahun Yang lalu

    this made me very sleepy

  29. nes04

    nes04Tahun Yang lalu

    Love the hand movements while you talk very relaxing

  30. i am nobody

    i am nobodyTahun Yang lalu

    You are my favourite asmr youtuber,I just love your voice,it's so realexing😍

  31. Moonflower ASMR

    Moonflower ASMRTahun Yang lalu

    YES YES YES This is the one I watched yesterday and I forgot to comment thanks for helping me relax!

  32. Delicate ASMR

    Delicate ASMRTahun Yang lalu

    aaaaa glad you enjoyed! 💛

  33. Albert de Nooijer

    Albert de NooijerTahun Yang lalu

    I like the way you pronounce the word buzzing

  34. Mah Fernandes

    Mah FernandesTahun Yang lalu

    loving your videos! ♥️

  35. pineblue 1

    pineblue 1Tahun Yang lalu

    More videos please :)

  36. ローストビーフ

    ローストビーフTahun Yang lalu

    ASMRする人は美人だな はっきりと分かる

  37. Eugenia .H

    Eugenia .HTahun Yang lalu

    I adore your nails, they're so beautiful

  38. T R

    T RTahun Yang lalu

    Margot Robbie?

  39. Bogdan Sikach

    Bogdan SikachTahun Yang lalu

    The longer I look at you, the more I realize that you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, your mimics makes me cry, you float like a feather, in a beautiful world...I would like to draw you. And I will. Then I will show you. Somehow. Great video btw.

  40. Bogdan Sikach

    Bogdan SikachTahun Yang lalu

    But more like a sea.

  41. Bogdan Sikach

    Bogdan SikachTahun Yang lalu

    And it really sounds like a storm.

  42. Admiral Aladeen

    Admiral AladeenTahun Yang lalu

    She is brunette version of Margot Robbie

  43. Siv. Vel. Q.

    Siv. Vel. Q.Tahun Yang lalu

    Nice and pretty

  44. Chris Connor

    Chris ConnorTahun Yang lalu

    Please do a pagan Yule asmr

  45. Anderson Luiz

    Anderson LuizTahun Yang lalu

    Nobody likes their own voice. I understand that is hard for you to edit a video while listening to your voice, I'm on the same boat. You could try to do just a part of a video with soft-spoken voice. Like 1 minute of soft-spoken and then whispers for the rest of the video. The more you listen to your voice, the more you will get used to it. And then you see it does not sound that bad. 😊

  46. Matthew Jung

    Matthew JungTahun Yang lalu

    Lotion sounds are the move

  47. Javier Ramirez

    Javier RamirezTahun Yang lalu

    I crush on your accent

  48. Rebecca Sørensen

    Rebecca SørensenTahun Yang lalu

    Could u make a sleepy room tour please ♡ ps. your such an amazing person

  49. Shakira Khaldi

    Shakira KhaldiTahun Yang lalu

    You head is like a mouse 😍

  50. João Marttins Sipa

    João Marttins SipaTahun Yang lalu

    Amo seu sorriso 😍😍😍💓

  51. Hector Ruiz

    Hector RuizTahun Yang lalu

    Phenomenal video

  52. Kabelbinder

    KabelbinderTahun Yang lalu

    Please don't ever change your appearance

  53. The Critic.

    The Critic.Tahun Yang lalu

    So relaxing...


    BEAUTY-ASMRTahun Yang lalu

    Please do a mic brushing video with a make up brush

  55. unicorn

    unicornTahun Yang lalu


  56. jw3 reads

    jw3 readsTahun Yang lalu

    Yes, we ACTUALLY watch your videos! Your whispers are relaxing to the mind & body. And your beauty is hypnotic!💓^_^ Btw, I thought it was FUNNY AS HELL when you momentarily expressed your frustration in that other video! I thought, "Wow, this girl's at least PART human! MOSTLY Angel, w/just a touch of human fallibility! You never have ANYTHING for which to apologize w/your beautiful videos!

  57. Cowboy Thunder

    Cowboy ThunderTahun Yang lalu

    I just wanted to say that I’ve had really intense insomnia my whole life and have been watching ASMR for about two years now to help. And recently I’ve been getting genuinely excited the last couple months whenever I see you post a new video. Something about your voice, accent, method, effort put into improving your videos or just your genuine humble attitude when it comes to your roaring fame just work so well for me and I’ve been falling asleep faster then I have in years. I think you do an amazing job and this video and the q&a have been my favorite so far, I love ramble videos! Anyway keep up the great work and make sure you have as much fun doing this as possible. I’ve noticed the stress and pressure to put out more regular content get to some ASMR-tists. Just take your time, don’t stress, have fun. Can’t wait for you to get even more loving fans!

  58. axethe6th

    axethe6thTahun Yang lalu

    Your smile is adorable

  59. PopsiclesInMyCellar

    PopsiclesInMyCellarTahun Yang lalu

    WAnnA bE my GEE EFF? :3

  60. kristian grover

    kristian groverTahun Yang lalu

    I’m glad I found you. You look exactly like this crush I have in one of my classes and I like to pretend like she’s the one helping me sleep it’s weird but I love it thank you

  61. Osvaldo Téllez

    Osvaldo TéllezTahun Yang lalu

    Don't apologize for rambling. We're all in love of you voice.

  62. Bernard Wenning

    Bernard WenningTahun Yang lalu

    Amazing! I Love your asmr videos, you are so good! Thanks for make my nights better!😃👏👏

  63. Amber Rose Ann

    Amber Rose AnnTahun Yang lalu

    Searched for new asmr videos came across your channel and it honestly helps so much with my anxiety and not being able to sleep 😴 thank you! 🌟

  64. mmmmdya

    mmmmdyaTahun Yang lalu

    You are soooo pretty!

  65. revistinha1

    revistinha1Tahun Yang lalu

    Damn gurl You make being gorgeous look easy

  66. Gameroid 6277

    Gameroid 6277Tahun Yang lalu

    Hey that’s a good trigger word EQUIPMENT

  67. North Evangelos東京

    North Evangelos東京Tahun Yang lalu

    *Amo tu contenido :3, que linda voz tienes*

  68. mr aamer

    mr aamerTahun Yang lalu

    I like... your asmr....!!

  69. Petal Passion

    Petal PassionTahun Yang lalu

    I love fluffy mic covers too! I can't wait until I can afford a big microphone and maybe a fluffy cover too! 😀😍 Great video! ❤