ASMR Eating Buttermilk Fried Chicken 먹방


  1. Rihanna Fenty

    Rihanna Fenty2 hari yang lalu

    I can smell his breath

  2. John Lasiter

    John Lasiter4 hari yang lalu

    Anyone hear the accent

  3. Drip.

    Drip.7 hari yang lalu

    Y y'all hating on him if u dont like him gtf

  4. Murdoc Niccals

    Murdoc Niccals9 hari yang lalu

    him the whole video: mlom mlom mlom mlom

  5. It’4569 00

    It’4569 009 hari yang lalu

    My mom walks my room you are adopted

  6. cryptic X

    cryptic X10 hari yang lalu

    Who else in bed late night starving?

  7. 떼껄룩좋으면 우는

    떼껄룩좋으면 우는12 hari yang lalu

    떵개떵 뿌리고 치킨 보다가 생각나서 버터밀크 치킨 쳤더니 찾은 영상,, 안녕하세요 오랜만이네요^^,,

  8. 떼껄룩좋으면 우는

    떼껄룩좋으면 우는12 hari yang lalu

    거의 삼년만에 다시 생각 날 정도로 좋은 영상 ㅠㅠ 레시피 좀 알려주세요

  9. cOcOnUt hEad wHoOoO?

    cOcOnUt hEad wHoOoO?14 hari yang lalu

    someone give this dude a napkin

  10. Юлик Юлюсик :3

    Юлик Юлюсик :319 hari yang lalu


  11. Belén Ortega

    Belén Ortega23 hari yang lalu

    close your mouth pls😕

  12. Swag mire

    Swag mireBulan Yang lalu

    Pls tell us how u make that

  13. nomnomsammieboy

    nomnomsammieboyBulan Yang lalu

    this is my recipe video!

  14. Omar Ahmad

    Omar AhmadBulan Yang lalu


  15. nørth

    nørthBulan Yang lalu

    okay you're like an asmr shane dawson and i love it

  16. nørth

    nørthBulan Yang lalu

    nomnomsammieboy don't worry about it it's true 😂

  17. nomnomsammieboy

    nomnomsammieboyBulan Yang lalu

    thank you! i had to google him lmao

  18. Jazz

    JazzBulan Yang lalu

    This is satisfying to watch!

  19. Kauan Costa

    Kauan CostaBulan Yang lalu

    Boca fechadaaa

  20. Laspy Lasapy

    Laspy LasapyBulan Yang lalu

    My gosh I can't stop watching this

  21. Jaanveer Daily

    Jaanveer DailyBulan Yang lalu

    Halloween day anyone ?!!!

  22. Uh What

    Uh WhatBulan Yang lalu

    Ive watched this video a million times. I like watching messy eating and like, food that looks weird, and this is kinda gross, but at the same time i love it lmao

  23. nomnomsammieboy

    nomnomsammieboyBulan Yang lalu

    im glad it works for you! here is to the next million times. you might like our last two new videos... they are pretty messy

  24. *Princess Supreme Kiki*

    *Princess Supreme Kiki*Bulan Yang lalu

    *mom walks into the room* Mom: *DISGUSTING !!!*

  25. cryptic X

    cryptic X10 hari yang lalu

    *Princess Supreme Kiki* can you not flush after you took a shit DISGUSTAANG

  26. Natalaevanh 2

    Natalaevanh 2Bulan Yang lalu

    Um.... hi.... yeh I’m back again after 2 years

  27. nomnomsammieboy

    nomnomsammieboyBulan Yang lalu

    hello and thank you! you should check out our new videos lol

  28. AlbinTuber

    AlbinTuberBulan Yang lalu

    Like = if u like chicken Comment = if u love Mc.D

  29. Lexi W

    Lexi WBulan Yang lalu

    do you like..have to chew with your fucking mouth gross and rude af

  30. nomnomsammieboy

    nomnomsammieboyBulan Yang lalu

    its for the sound. this is a very old video. now we record with three microphones in better positions so the sound quality doesn't rely as much on ridiculous wild eating. :) So though it may be gross, some people are into gross, and it is not rude to make something for one portion of an audience that may not be for other people. You wouldn't open a porn fetish website you aren't into and think "HOW RUDE THEY ARE SUCKING TOES!"

  31. Baked potato

    Baked potatoBulan Yang lalu

    Theres a thing called eat with your mouth shut

  32. Erlina Sudjiman

    Erlina SudjimanBulan Yang lalu

    I like you video 👍👍👍👌

  33. Brandee Lee

    Brandee Lee2 bulan yang lalu

    Is this how you eat? Or are you just trying to gross us out? If so it's working

  34. Phillip Young

    Phillip Young2 bulan yang lalu

    He's breathing and eating and sounds names namnam nam

  35. Yuri Monteiro Mendes

    Yuri Monteiro Mendes2 bulan yang lalu

    Eca, fecha a boca pra comer cara

  36. 3sT Titan

    3sT Titan2 bulan yang lalu

    Whenever I watch this video I can faintly hear my mom in my head yelling “Eat with ya mouth closed!”

  37. And that’s the Tea

    And that’s the Tea2 bulan yang lalu

    What was that yellow thing u were eating and what does it taste like

  38. And that’s the Tea

    And that’s the Tea2 bulan yang lalu

    mady rose ohhhhh ok thank u

  39. mady rose

    mady rose2 bulan yang lalu

    And that’s the Tea honeycomb

  40. And that’s the Tea

    And that’s the Tea2 bulan yang lalu

    nomnomsammieboy lol the yellow and white thing Monico? I don’t know.

  41. nomnomsammieboy

    nomnomsammieboy2 bulan yang lalu

    Chicken? Tastes like chicken

  42. • lilo •

    • lilo •2 bulan yang lalu

    honestly you might be the only person that eats with their mouth open that I'm not that bothered by

  43. Kingsidy Pandaking

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  44. yummy asmr

    yummy asmr2 bulan yang lalu

    did you guys here when he sed num

  45. TMS Shaud

    TMS Shaud2 bulan yang lalu

    Wat is chewing food again

  46. Jade Bayo Ba

    Jade Bayo Ba2 bulan yang lalu

    1:41 it starts here, thank me later

  47. jin jin

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  48. Manapoly

    Manapoly2 bulan yang lalu

    I watched this 3 years ago and I randomly thought about this video and knew the title exactly and I’ve been loving ur channel omg :,)

  49. Manapoly

    Manapoly2 bulan yang lalu

    nomnomsammieboy AHH thank u <33

  50. nomnomsammieboy

    nomnomsammieboy2 bulan yang lalu

    yay thank you so much!

  51. Geneva Pina

    Geneva Pina2 bulan yang lalu

    You chew like a cow

  52. Careless Boredom

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  53. Javier Villanueva

    Javier Villanueva3 bulan yang lalu

    I think he meant at 2:19 how about another pickle

  54. 성이름

    성이름3 bulan yang lalu

    옛날에 이거 보고 ㅈㄴ 더러웠는데 소리 좋아서 맨날 찾아왔는데 채널 이름 까먹어서 못봄 ㅋㅋㅋ 근데 이제 알아냈네 ㅋ

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    어 ㅋㅋㅋ 저두요 ㅋㅋㅋ

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    성이름 오 저도 ㅋㅋㅋ