[ASMR] Doctor Dry Scalp Check and Treatment


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    Me: Ooh TingTing your nails look great Friend: She’s wearing gloves you can’t see them Me: Her nails always look great :3

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    tingting: you have lice. Me who was scratching my head for a second: *... Huh?*

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    i love you

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    so everybody says, how is that my head if she keeps looking at the camera to talk to me? what if the head is somebody like a sister, mom, or daughter and you are there at the appointment

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    Hello I’m doctor ting ting What I heard:hi I’m doctor ding ding Also me:WHAT THE

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    I want my head to be petted and brushed by this pretty woman with amazing teeth, her voice is very comforting...

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    Where is the _WERRRCOME BACKK_

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    This is so satisfying I could've listened to it for 60 years I loved it:)

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    “you have lice” i’m sorry what 👁👄👁

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    Where does she get the wig from

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    Is that a Young Living essential oils bottle I've spotted? OwO

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    “Littol comb” 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

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    Creo que soy el único español que le gusta esto :3 Traducción:I'm the only one who hears this

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    Why my head start ichin while watchin this

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    I can tell she’s enjoying being an asmrist bc she’s playing hair dressers with a mannequin... bitch I’d love to do that, I’d be like: “yea I’m a professional hair dresser.” Don’t judge me I used to have an imagination too.

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    All the dislikes are from people who refuse to admit that they got lice! Tingting don’t you dare blame yourself it’s all their fault. Love you btw 💖💝

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    *Блин, мне бы хотелось прийти к ней что бы она мне тоже самое сделала... Незнаю, но я кайфою от этого)*

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    i love how after my boylike haircut i still can have long hair here

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    we do have dry scalps guys.. 2:06

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    My mom: hey can you come help- Me: SHUT

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    "Because you have lice," Me with black curly hair: 👁💋👁

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    Me starting to watch this MY CITYS FREAKING POLICE CHASING SOMEONE Me: Oh hell no~

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    Asian women are beautiful top 3 in the world easily

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    I am I the only one who has ever been jealous of a *wig* before??? oh just me./ makes sense

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    When she pulled out the lice comb I was like... I’ve seen that before

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    A hair cut add was right before this

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    Who knows where she is from

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    Her friends be like what do you do for a living her talk to wigs

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    I’m wondering what the mannequin’s Face looks like, lol :v

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    She is checking dry scalp or founding treasure 😂😂😂

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    I fell asleep within a few minutes and woke up to a video titled ‘1o HoUrS oF sHrEkSoPhOnE’

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    Do you need a real head? Cause I don't mind to be your white mice, it sounds and feels so relax with your touch and voice 😍

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    Is she aware that the sAmPlEs she took weren't in there

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    Is that a person or a statue

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    Omg...she is sooo sweet ... wen she ask nytng..i find myslf nodding wit my stupid mouth open!!!...🤷😂

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    Noone: My brain while watching:dId YoU fOrGoT tO bRuSh Ur TeEtH

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    How ting ting sees us: 👁️👤👁️

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    Her :“ I don’t think you have dry scalp “ Me: what do I have them Her : “because you have lice “ Me : wait what...

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    No werrcome back:(

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    No "Wercome Back"... this can't be TingTing.

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    I volunteer myself please check my scalp 😊💕

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    Where do u get the mannequin ?

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    Tingting:Seems to look like you have lice Me:but I don’t gave blonde hair... sooooo I don’t think I have lice..

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    I love ASMR 😴🎤

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    l really love your vids keep it up😻💖

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    my doctor would just be like ‘ok off you pop go by this expensive oil and do it yourself’

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    Is it just me or do I actually want lice now iv watched this. Just me?Ok

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    Thank you for your videos ❤️

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    Me playing hair dresser with a Barbie mannequin when I was 5:

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    How did she get the hair color perfect