1. Kendall Donahue

    Kendall DonahueJam Yang lalu

    I wanna know what his voice sounds like so bad 😭

  2. Shanti_oficial 5

    Shanti_oficial 5Jam Yang lalu

    Ternyata itu gk pedes karna saosnya dikit cuma di oles sedikit saos samyangnya

  3. Emiliano Gomez

    Emiliano Gomez4 jam yang lalu

    *Who else’s is just watching this late night and starving*

  4. Dragon- Shai

    Dragon- Shai4 jam yang lalu

    I though milk helps with hot foods.

  5. Aniya Harris

    Aniya Harris6 jam yang lalu

    His throat sounded PARCHED!⚰️

  6. Alena Ishak

    Alena Ishak6 jam yang lalu

    Imma make this is on Sunday and imma bout to FEAST But imma be fat

  7. Moon Latte

    Moon Latte7 jam yang lalu

    4:55 eating starts now

  8. Алибег Магомедрасулов

    Алибег Магомедрасулов11 jam yang lalu

    My my

  9. Cyr'Ria Johnson

    Cyr'Ria Johnson13 jam yang lalu

    Look so good😰😰😰

  10. Lil Smokey

    Lil Smokey13 jam yang lalu

    Why he always Quite😂

  11. Gr4f1x

    Gr4f1x15 jam yang lalu

    I actually don't know why people want to hear the disgusting sound of you eating ?I'm really grossed out! It's gross and it makes me feel sick 🤢🤮 In-fact it's "ASMR" when you just see someone eating! How disgusting!

  12. Galaxy Why don't we

    Galaxy Why don't we15 jam yang lalu

    I didn't even realise that you had a tattoo

  13. juan Guzman

    juan Guzman16 jam yang lalu

    Regaleme xd

  14. Gracella

    Gracella18 jam yang lalu

    Wait.... Not sprite???!!

  15. Айхал

    Айхал21 jam yang lalu

    I heat your food...

  16. Spirit BoYy

    Spirit BoYy21 jam yang lalu

    Anyone else notice him sweating?

  17. warin angh

    warin anghHari Yang lalu

    3:06 OMG

  18. Anthony Siriboonheuang

    Anthony SiriboonheuangHari Yang lalu

    Just use milk

  19. Rudy Castelan

    Rudy CastelanHari Yang lalu

    I thought this was about eating and not about fucking painting 😆

  20. caleb _is_the_gr8

    caleb _is_the_gr8Hari Yang lalu

    Nobody: Me: There's a little somethin on the side of your cheek

  21. Unicorn Vundla

    Unicorn VundlaHari Yang lalu

    My ears are blessed But belly isn’t

  22. elroy canchon

    elroy canchonHari Yang lalu

    asmr such a pig

  23. Elijah Johnson

    Elijah JohnsonHari Yang lalu

    No one: Not a single soul Me : watching a guy eat so I can get hungry

  24. Diego Fuller

    Diego FullerHari Yang lalu

    Hi there I am serenidi and this is the first time I have ever been texting zach chol

  25. Dulce Cadenas

    Dulce CadenasHari Yang lalu


  26. Dulce Cadenas

    Dulce CadenasHari Yang lalu

    Why do you add cheese to every thing you eat man?

  27. Mali & Sanai

    Mali & SanaiHari Yang lalu

    Munkbug starts at 4:48

  28. Charity Miller

    Charity MillerHari Yang lalu

    Am I the only vegetarian that enjoys watching Zach? 😊☺️

  29. Cameron B

    Cameron BHari Yang lalu

    3:49 my manz really turned into bob ross

  30. Addison Blogs 619

    Addison Blogs 619Hari Yang lalu

    Zach: first bite is yours *bites phone screen*

  31. Meme’s Kingdom

    Meme’s KingdomHari Yang lalu

    “The first bite is all yours” Me: “eats air” 🥴🙁

  32. Libby Stevenson

    Libby StevensonHari Yang lalu

    He smiles every time he bites into it lol must be good xx

  33. Annie Maye

    Annie MayeHari Yang lalu

    Just subscribed omg you are handsome

  34. vu vinh

    vu vinhHari Yang lalu

    he is a hot boy

  35. zacky alvansyah

    zacky alvansyahHari Yang lalu

    We watching We hungry We no get many And Zach Got many

  36. Chaotic_Toxic aka toxic

    Chaotic_Toxic aka toxicHari Yang lalu

    So satisfying

  37. Helkaw Mandi

    Helkaw MandiHari Yang lalu

    Your hand is very shaking?

  38. Joely Vicente

    Joely VicenteHari Yang lalu

    Love the crunches sound !!!!


    KIRIN CHANHari Yang lalu

    Im drolling...

  40. cRacKh3aD

    cRacKh3aD2 hari yang lalu

    if i get one more damn comment reminding me that im starving and drooling in bed, i will explode