ASMR • DEEP Ear Whispers • Unintelligible • Scalp Exam • Crinkly Gloves


  1. Védís

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    Some timestamps: Scalp exam front right 15:45 Scalp exam front left 18:09 Scalp exam back right 20:30 Scalp exam back left 21:38 With gloves both sides 22:09 With gloves left side 23:39 With gloves right side 24:47 With gloves both sides 25:50 Hand movement with gloves 26:27

  2. r7moony1

    r7moony119 hari yang lalu

    Please be in every ASMR video.

  3. Jay K

    Jay K26 hari yang lalu

    @Haley Rose She said "some" timestamps.

  4. Kelci F

    Kelci F28 hari yang lalu

    U forgot one

  5. Tamara xo

    Tamara xo28 hari yang lalu

    Tank u 💕🌚 gloves are the best



    The timestamp god has blessed us with its presence

  7. nncn

    nncn3 jam yang lalu

    its working🙊

  8. TaylorStrongWolf

    TaylorStrongWolf20 jam yang lalu

    The moment I clicked this video the tingles hit me.

  9. Catarina Trindade

    Catarina Trindade2 hari yang lalu

    Thi is one of my ll time favourite and I don't even use it to sleep. I use it to concentrate and write my thesis. Thank u Maria, you are such a marvellous companion

  10. steve rugerguy

    steve rugerguy2 hari yang lalu

    Whisper to me angel....

  11. Michael Soto

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    Rip tanna money

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    yeah this is good thanx lady

  13. Ashlyn Woolsey

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    Tvs. Captions: [ inaudible whispering ] ...👍🏻😣✨😂

  14. PotatoSnail Train

    PotatoSnail Train5 hari yang lalu

    She could be telling us the cure to everything but you would never now

  15. 0verLucid

    0verLucid5 hari yang lalu

    ive had a bad headache for about an hour and the tingles have helped relieve it thank u

  16. Melamory Blimm

    Melamory Blimm6 hari yang lalu

    Невероятно потрясающее видео! Сделайте, пожалуйста, подобное на русском языке!

  17. Toni sneddon

    Toni sneddon8 hari yang lalu

    Is this wierd or normal that I don't where ear phones or does anyone else not where ear phones?

  18. Blanca Villalba

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    😍😍😍😍😍😙😗😘😚😋sleep good(dormi muy bien!)

  19. StevenUniverse- ComicDub

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    Is it just me, or can anyone else not understand anything she’s saying

  20. vanessa s.

    vanessa s.13 hari yang lalu

    I forgot this was posted on my birthday , the best gift I’ve gotten in years 😂😍

  21. stef Winchester

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    Just when I think I've lost my tingles, Gentlewhispering is here to save the day(night)😊

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    Oh yeah, and dont forget those fire proof golashas of goodness autographed by the Goddess of AmrikhaMalakha young Mesenger Angel of Christ Light, I must sign them ArkAngel GÆB or you might not be as swiftly able to deliver all the ladies from the harsh flames of madMenzPashUNz...the mark that they will leave in these ashes is "oh yeah, i put my heart into this"... and it shall only be traceaBle to the Sephira of Gevurah while you run sweet and safely with the sagesses and sattvikas of sublime serendipity to the stupendous sublime sanctuary of the sephira Sphere of Seraphim Binah. So it is in the name of El Shaddai, and praise be your prophetess eardrums and those of your guiding guards to be Safe and secure by the Saving command of AMEN, Aleph Men Nuun. ..El Melekh NeEman. So it is. SÆ Law DÆ 3716 2.10.2020 Emailed to WhispersRED for the record. Be Safe and Not too Hot in the Inferno, P.S. Know that the Love I have for you is Pure Âgăpé... Subject: -For the record, re asmr angels, guild of goddesses, new captain queen

  23. Preshna The Priest

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    By the power and authorities of Madame Amri may ye receive your arkangelik fire proofs for use in Exploring (this )^inferno^Looks**quite!NICE!

  24. dizzy pleasure

    dizzy pleasure16 hari yang lalu

    pls do more of this w hand movements x 🤍

  25. Preshna The Priest

    Preshna The Priest16 hari yang lalu

    Most Gentle TruthWhispering...

  26. Preshna The Priest

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    Amri, His Majesty, loving your truth... soundcloud. @BeatStepper instrumental stuff re opened, bless you, sweet whispering friend

  27. My`nty Shortcake

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    Who else had no idea what she was saying 😂

  28. Alice J

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    @Tim McGee Stop Going into the ASMR comment sections n masterbating to the video as you act weird under multiple accounts you use! Sooner or later the channel owner will figure out n Ban you!! His real name TIM Mc GEE . It will stop some of the weirdo junk in your comment section. . If you care n dont want your decent subscribers harrassed.

  29. Tyler Russin

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    Asmr has been missing this for a long while now since dimitri posts once everytime a groundhog sees its shadow. These types of vids help everyone too.

  30. nasim ebneali

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    Background is awesome!💜

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    ❤ your nail polish 😍

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    집나간 팅글이 돌아왔습니다😢💓

  33. jpatty516

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    Would this be considered a sequel or a reboot? Love it!!

  34. Ava Biasco

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    Oh my GODDDD the “chocolate sauce”

  35. Y T

    Y T19 hari yang lalu

    Inmagine not listing to the whole of ginger and only sugar and thinking it’s the best bh song

  36. Confident Kiwi

    Confident Kiwi20 hari yang lalu

    i wonder if she gives asmr to herself while recording

  37. amanda chan

    amanda chan20 hari yang lalu

    can you do a soft spoken with these mics?

  38. Haider Raja

    Haider Raja21 hari yang lalu

    The background is so beautiful that you notice it even though your almost fast asleep in the first 10 seconds 😴 😯 💤

  39. Zeb Christmas

    Zeb Christmas21 hari yang lalu

    Maria: *unintelligible whisper* Me with a cold, who just popped two nyquils and a shot of whiskey and laid down in bed: "hmm yes I dhfipeoekkwkwlspfo4kk2kkshj zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

  40. Zoë Sànchez

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    more PALEASE

  41. K. H.

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    I cant unterstand any single Word

  42. K. H.

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    @AthenaTT ahh ok, that makes a lot of Sense.

  43. AthenaTT

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    K. H. ...aaaand that’s the point.

  44. Ygff Uiuiguygyu

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    Ecstasy for ears.

  45. spaghettistripes

    spaghettistripes23 hari yang lalu

    I don't think you'll ever see this, but I am so encompassed by BLISS listening to this piece of heaven, Maria. Thank you for continuing to create content. Thank you for your attention to detail and thank you for simply existing. You are a ray of soothing sunshine in this world ☀️❤️

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    At 3:36 Elon Musks satellites can be heard entering orbit.

  47. JILLyBean 95

    JILLyBean 9523 hari yang lalu

    Maria: "good evening today we are going to be doing inaudible whispers" Me: " 😯 was i not supposed to understand that?" lol

  48. JackTheMan

    JackTheMan23 hari yang lalu

    I hated this video! It has an ending!!! 😡 No but I really do appreciate her time and effort put into this. Thank you for the video! 😊

  49. va1nie

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    JackTheMan ohhh aww

  50. JackTheMan

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    Oh! Haha. Basically I was saying that I hated the video because it had to end. But obviously she has a life and she posts and I'm grateful for that at least. 😊

  51. va1nie

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    JackTheMan ur comment has me confused, so i just read it like 10 times but still had this expression; “._.”

  52. Марийка Ванилькина

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    ❤️ это великолепно!!! Машуля, спасибо, что даришь нам приятные сны ✨😴🤤

  53. Alvina Meragathium

    Alvina Meragathium24 hari yang lalu

    The part where you whisper chocolate sauce (if that even is what's being said, I'm not sure ^^') makes me melt, like it literally makes me lose control of my body for a bit.

  54. Екатерина Черных

    Екатерина Черных25 hari yang lalu

    Наверное все 500000 просмотров от меня. Я так полюбила это видео, что не могу не смотреть его каждый день ❤️

  55. Sp1ash TV

    Sp1ash TV25 hari yang lalu

    There's no secret 😉 3:40

  56. Quora Monique

    Quora Monique26 hari yang lalu

    Now THIS is an unIntelligible whisper! A lot of other ppl’s be too wet sounding. Hers is perfect.

  57. Point Report

    Point Report26 hari yang lalu

    Me: listening Phone:He is here , he is there..he is everywhere

  58. Мария Базарова

    Мария Базарова26 hari yang lalu

    Русская считалочка ❤️

  59. Mollie Booth

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    I don’t think I’ve made it through this whole video once without falling asleep

  60. Таня Матвеева

    Таня Матвеева27 hari yang lalu

    Моё самое любимое видио. Мария, спасибо вам огромное🤗😍

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    Yes!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  62. Dances with Wolves

    Dances with Wolves27 hari yang lalu

    All hail, Gentle Whispering. Queen of ASMR!

  63. Ivette Silva

    Ivette Silva27 hari yang lalu

    Maria, you are literally the BEST ASMRist ever. I just recently started listening to you a few months ago and you’re my favorite. Your ASMR hits me differently than the others do. I have severe anxiety and this helps me so much when I feel one of my attacks coming. I listen to you every night before I go to bed. Thank you for doing what you do♥️

  64. bethabaloo

    bethabaloo27 hari yang lalu

    I love inaudible, breathy whispers so much. I think what a lot of people do when they do inaudible/unintelligible whispers is they try to only include the mouth sounds and it can sound a bit off to me. But the breathiness kind of pads out the sounds and makes them softer and it’s so soothing to me. I don’t get tingles very often, so I mostly just use ASMR to sleep, but I’ve noticed that during the first 15 minutes or so of this video I’ve actually gotten some tingles! Something about the whispers and the repeated, slightly whistling S sounds, really triggers me. Thanks so much, Maria!

  65. Lexie0365

    Lexie036527 hari yang lalu

    Does anyone else only get tingles when their eyes are closed or only me???

  66. Olivia Anne

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  67. Светлана Каганец

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    Эни-бени, рики-таки, Буль-буль-буль, Караки-шмаки, Эус-деус-космодеус, Бац!!

  68. anderson carrilho

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  69. M S R

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    Love your whispering videos so much, watched this a few times already to relax while working. Thanks for making them

  70. alexa ASMR

    alexa ASMR29 hari yang lalu

    i fell asleep within two minutes of watching this last night, so so incredibly relaxing you make it seem effortless 😍