Arsenal vs Colorado Rapids 3-0 Highlights & All Goals (15/07/2019)


  1. Jake jk

    Jake jk29 hari yang lalu

    Mustafi cant even wear the captains armband the right way up

  2. turupua

    turupua29 hari yang lalu

    who thinks Ozil is the best in the team~~~??

  3. Callum Clyne

    Callum ClyneBulan Yang lalu

    Battle of the Kroenke teams

  4. tania cacho

    tania cachoBulan Yang lalu

    What a debut by Martinelli

  5. Leonardo Morais

    Leonardo MoraisBulan Yang lalu

    Martinelli, futuro do arsenal e da seleção do Brasil

  6. FO. TV

    FO. TVBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal v Rubber dingy rapids bro 😂

  7. James Richards

    James RichardsBulan Yang lalu

    arsenal won't finish top 6 next season. Kroenke, Wenger and Gazidis have ruined the club

  8. HappyFamilyPlan

    HappyFamilyPlanBulan Yang lalu

    yellow numbers are atrocious

  9. survivor god

    survivor godBulan Yang lalu

    martinelli the man

  10. Herb Herberton

    Herb HerbertonBulan Yang lalu

    Martinelli could be the new Carlos Vela.

  11. ardhenn slemmer

    ardhenn slemmerBulan Yang lalu

    wait.....Mustafi in the field and we did not concede?

  12. Young Finish

    Young FinishBulan Yang lalu

    5:04 Look how happy mustafi is when we scored 😂🤣

  13. StefanTheFam

    StefanTheFamBulan Yang lalu

    5:05 like when you see it our club doomed 🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. dripkakashi sensei

    dripkakashi senseiBulan Yang lalu


  15. John Wigmore

    John WigmoreBulan Yang lalu

    This yellow numbers looks like we was sponsored by McDonalds today.

  16. Boom Xhaka laca

    Boom Xhaka lacaBulan Yang lalu

    Olayinka’s goal 🔥🔥

  17. mr popcorn

    mr popcornBulan Yang lalu

    Martinelli first game get goal. I hope he can get more goal in epl

  18. mr popcorn

    mr popcornBulan Yang lalu

    Martonelli is great

  19. Pradhan

    PradhanBulan Yang lalu

    This year is for the youth...even if we dont get big prizes this season we would still be more prestigious then rest in UK come the end of it.

  20. Shrivatsan K Chari

    Shrivatsan K ChariBulan Yang lalu

    Mustafi wearing the captain's arm band. not good.

  21. Xcraigy85X

    Xcraigy85XBulan Yang lalu

    Martinelli’s goal was classy, showed intelligence!!!

  22. Dinesh Verma

    Dinesh VermaBulan Yang lalu

    Another year of disappointment loading...

  23. Yousef Studios

    Yousef StudiosBulan Yang lalu

    The yellow was just a reflecter

  24. Daniel Ndung'u

    Daniel Ndung'uBulan Yang lalu

    Name of that stadium is quite cocky.

  25. Tommy Didads

    Tommy DidadsBulan Yang lalu

    Whats with the yellow numbers?!🤮🤢 Spoils the kit

  26. Sanny Chetry

    Sanny ChetryBulan Yang lalu

    It's only for this pre season tour. Last year they did the same with numbers

  27. ronaldinho legend

    ronaldinho legendBulan Yang lalu

    Rapids are a fucking joke, friendly or not this is embarrassing

  28. Christine Navubya

    Christine NavubyaBulan Yang lalu

    Özil and Stan Kroenke ⬇️

  29. Gideon Niaje

    Gideon NiajeBulan Yang lalu

    Relax it's a friendly

  30. Gregg Buford

    Gregg BufordBulan Yang lalu

    I hope they show how they deserve a spot on the team in these pre season games. Saka, John Jules, Olayinka need to be included in the Europa and cup games. Burton not to bad either.

  31. nor azri

    nor azriBulan Yang lalu

    debut goal with a chest. like a boss

  32. Joshua Simmons

    Joshua SimmonsBulan Yang lalu

    I can't wait to see Europeans making fun of the MLS like it's the worse league in the world. This is one of the worse MLS teams. You don't see me making fun of the Irish league but for some reason Europeans feels the need to make fun of the MLS.

  33. Dumebi7278

    Dumebi7278Bulan Yang lalu

    Xcraigy85X yes, just Celtic and maybe Rangers. The rest are on their level.

  34. Philip Rosseel

    Philip RosseelBulan Yang lalu

    It's gotten better. What I hated about it was the American style of league, a draft, conferences, playoffs...all wrong. But apparently they are creating a second division and will have promotion/relegation. That might get me to watch. Maybe.

  35. Xcraigy85X

    Xcraigy85XBulan Yang lalu

    Joshua Simmons it’s a very poor league tho ain’t it

  36. Xcraigy85X

    Xcraigy85XBulan Yang lalu

    Tom Tucker Celtic would destroy the best American teams tho, i can’t say that for the rest of the division tho haha

  37. Tom Tucker

    Tom TuckerBulan Yang lalu

    the MLS isn't the worst. the Scottish Premier league is.

  38. Masri Arif

    Masri ArifBulan Yang lalu

    boring2 arsengal

  39. Jameson Wroten

    Jameson WrotenBulan Yang lalu

    5:04 Mustafi has the captain’s band on upside down

  40. Old Head

    Old HeadBulan Yang lalu

    Jameson Wroten fitting for the lad

  41. Erwin Chevalier

    Erwin ChevalierBulan Yang lalu

    As long as the armband is on it's irrelevant what side he had it on.

  42. slickchap

    slickchapBulan Yang lalu

    We have good young wingers in Saka and Nelson I think we should give them a chance even if they flop first season. However we still need Drfenders

  43. Betoota Advocate

    Betoota AdvocateBulan Yang lalu

    Captain mustafi 🤜🤜

  44. Sirengo Brian

    Sirengo BrianBulan Yang lalu

    Those jersey numbers look so ugly

  45. Sari Aja

    Sari AjaBulan Yang lalu

    Matinelli is a good

  46. Hoy Yoh

    Hoy YohBulan Yang lalu

    The colors of the numbers on arsenal shirt kinda ruined the look😅

  47. Matt Wood

    Matt WoodBulan Yang lalu

    Kai Plotnikoff that’s exactly what it is. Remember the Asia tour with the red and white numbers last year?

  48. Hoy Yoh

    Hoy YohBulan Yang lalu

    Christine Navubya it is something to complain about, the front part is freaking fresh and clean, but YELLOW NUMBERS??? No mannnnnn😂

  49. Joseph Petrassi

    Joseph PetrassiBulan Yang lalu

    Kai Plotnikoff it is, suppose to advertise the away kit as it has the same pattern

  50. JJ Tomlinson

    JJ TomlinsonBulan Yang lalu

    I like it

  51. Christine Navubya

    Christine NavubyaBulan Yang lalu

    You will always find something to complain about, right

  52. ZO

    ZOBulan Yang lalu

    Saka looks a player!!! But this is just a friendly so don't wanna get cartied away.

  53. A Witness of Christ Witnessing

    A Witness of Christ WitnessingBulan Yang lalu

    Yep lets wait for Stoke and Wolves then we start talking😂😂😂

  54. Tim Manson

    Tim MansonBulan Yang lalu

    Mustafi 10 out of 10 performance

  55. renno firaldy

    renno firaldyBulan Yang lalu

    The only word i care about here is "out"

  56. Rashad Kayed

    Rashad KayedBulan Yang lalu

    Tim Manson I can’t lie the MLS is a bit of a joke you used to run with the ball as a penalty instead of the normal rule of a penalty kick

  57. Ar S

    Ar SBulan Yang lalu

    ÖZIL super

  58. Random Afro guy

    Random Afro guyBulan Yang lalu

    Ar S what is wrong with u

  59. Aditya asbak

    Aditya asbakBulan Yang lalu


  60. radamel falcao

    radamel falcaoBulan Yang lalu

    This kid Saka is what Arsenal have been missing. So good!!!

  61. Xcraigy85X

    Xcraigy85XBulan Yang lalu

    Christine Navubya what you talking about, we never hyped up sanogo, he was called (sanogoals) for a reason, and as for guendouzi he was bought from the french second division and has gone on to play a lot of games and showed a lot of promise, he has all the ability to develop in to a top player, he’s already worth around 25-30m not bad considering we bought him for 9m

  62. A Witness of Christ Witnessing

    A Witness of Christ WitnessingBulan Yang lalu

    Yep as i always say lets wait for Stop City at the Britannia ... Good team for league cup

  63. Christine Navubya

    Christine NavubyaBulan Yang lalu

    Lol, ARSENAL fans said the same on Sanogo Guendouzi to mention but a few

  64. Efrem Haile

    Efrem HaileBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal 👌

  65. Firdaus Shamsur

    Firdaus ShamsurBulan Yang lalu

    mustafi captain 😂😂


    YOUR DAD SISTERBulan Yang lalu

    @Tom Tucker He is the best player they have if the wanna loose

  67. Tom Tucker

    Tom TuckerBulan Yang lalu

    Mustafi is the best player they have.


    YOUR DAD SISTERBulan Yang lalu

    @Bagus Putra 👌

  69. Bagus Putra

    Bagus PutraBulan Yang lalu

    @YOUR DAD SISTER yes he must have Red card from the club not referee


    YOUR DAD SISTERBulan Yang lalu

    @Bagus Putra mustafi cant even leave a match without a card