Arsenal's experienced players still not good enough despite win vs. West Ham - Hutchison | ESPN FC


  1. Bata Free

    Bata FreeBulan Yang lalu

    Fake news arsenal badly needed the win for their confidence and they did.

  2. Football is here

    Football is hereBulan Yang lalu

    Is Stevie the Official Liverpool representative?

  3. justin carroll

    justin carrollBulan Yang lalu

    The black guy sounds like the one in SIT COM RISING DAMP.

  4. fabrizio ferrigno

    fabrizio ferrignoBulan Yang lalu

    for ex players these guys seem to understand very little about the game. There's a reason why they are pundits instead of managers.

  5. Abyss

    AbyssBulan Yang lalu

    Suck it up Arsenal fans, it was overall a poor performance.

  6. Harry Hicks

    Harry HicksBulan Yang lalu

    We did win right? Sorry you can’t tell from these guys talking

  7. Suncom Kinoo

    Suncom KinooBulan Yang lalu

    When will you ever be happy that arsenal won.if arsenal lose they were dreadful and completely outplayed if arsenal wins they were lucky and the opponent was poor. Heeey don't be this scandalous

  8. Beefsuprem0

    Beefsuprem0Bulan Yang lalu

    I don't know what was worse, Ozils lazy 5 yard hospital passes to his team mates or xhaka not looking were he passes the ball. I was shocked they came back and one after that first half. The front 3 dug it out thankfully.

  9. sokerez

    sokerezBulan Yang lalu

    Haha did he just said its easy to play when you are loosing? Omfg those guys have no clue about football!

  10. Chima Macdonald Nwachukwu

    Chima Macdonald NwachukwuBulan Yang lalu

    These ESPN pundits are a bunch of clowns.Anyone who didnt want the game and hasn't seen the result amd listening to the nonsense being said here would Assume Arsenal lost the game.l only listen to Julian and Gab all others are just a joke...

  11. Soulsa Productions

    Soulsa ProductionsBulan Yang lalu

    I know West Ham aren’t great right now but Arsenal won. These guys are talking like we lost. Only the American dude seems to acknowledge this.

  12. Ryan Finnerty

    Ryan FinnertyBulan Yang lalu

    Shocking pundits

  13. dennis mwange

    dennis mwangeBulan Yang lalu

    Even if Arsenal beat Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool Man city and Bayern, they will never get good reviews from ESPN FC. West ham were poor but if they won, they would have gotten the plaudits

  14. Subhadip Das

    Subhadip DasBulan Yang lalu

    Maximum Epl coaches are frauds and dont know how to utilize players and play them according to their strength and then fanboys of those clubs moan about the player's quality, strongest league, farmers league this that and all such bullshits.

  15. Chris Conway

    Chris ConwayBulan Yang lalu

    Craig, west ham did not let Arsenal back in the game. 3 goals in 10 minutes. That was a counter attacking strategy that was being held back and stretched like the string of a long bow. And then, loose!

  16. Paul Mccullough

    Paul McculloughBulan Yang lalu

    West ham an average side????? They beat chelsea 2 weeks ago at Stamford bridge and downed man utd 2-0 earlier in the season..Also what was the score when the hammers were at home to spurs not long ago 2-3.A narrower win for spurs than arsenal today.Arsenal win 3-1 and all they can go on about is how bad we were in the first half.If it had been Arsenal up 1-0 at halftime and ended up losing 3-1 they would have been talking about how Arsenal capitulated.These noddies are Arsenal haters for sure.

  17. Paul Mccullough

    Paul McculloughBulan Yang lalu

    @Daniel Hornby I agree we were poor especially in the first half but the point I'm making is that they focused solely on that alone ... reluctant to give us any credit.

  18. Daniel Hornby

    Daniel HornbyBulan Yang lalu

    Come on now. Arsenal were appalling for most of the game. They should have been buried before the equaliser. Xhaka performed to his usual level of terrible, Ozil was anonymous - mainly due to the shocking efforts of the players employed to defend - and the defence were doing their best impression of the Keystone Cops, giving the ball away with gay abandon. Please let's not pretend that the problems simply disappear, or at least not as bad as proven, after a win. This Arsenal team is a complete shambles and they were, as the panel mentions, lucky they were playing an equally awful team.

  19. Mevin M Bwalya

    Mevin M BwalyaBulan Yang lalu

    Pepe is still not goood enough..his simply not good enough

  20. Boubacar Bah

    Boubacar BahBulan Yang lalu

    As much as Arsenal fans hate to hear this but everything they said was spot 💯💯

  21. 13huntingbears

    13huntingbearsBulan Yang lalu

    Clowns, all these guys. Clowns.

  22. RApollos

    RApollosBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal lose a game ESPN FC: That was awful Arsenal Arsenal lose a game ESPN FC: That was just sad Arsenal Arsenal wins a game ESPN FC: NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

  23. Fill@PieNo!

    Fill@PieNo!Bulan Yang lalu

    Yep, because their play is poor

  24. Simeon Batchelor

    Simeon BatchelorBulan Yang lalu

    Good Punditry, saying what they saw and not being steered away from the truth because of the result, City will absolutely murder Arsenal on Sunday, they are shocking

  25. Kunte Okonji

    Kunte OkonjiBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal must have won courtesy of VAR dubious decision I guess.

  26. Junior Alvo

    Junior AlvoBulan Yang lalu

    Wait what!?? Did I watch a different game!? Coz I really think arsenal played well at the second half

  27. The Handicrapped Stain

    The Handicrapped StainBulan Yang lalu

    Not THAT good. Still losing ball in the midfield and Pepe too.

  28. Chaz Clifford

    Chaz CliffordBulan Yang lalu

    West ham had arsenal where they wanted them? West ham created 1 clear cut chance in the game when Antonio spun sokratis and leon saved. Otherwise, Leno only had to save the shot from outside of the box from rice and the goal he conceded. Very average game, but arsenal can build from that second half performance

  29. _ Duckzworth _

    _ Duckzworth _Bulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal could win 5-0 with 68% possession and only allowing 2 shots from the opposition and these plonkers will still find something to discredit the gunners. Disgraceful punditry

  30. Iphy Kelvin

    Iphy KelvinBulan Yang lalu

    These pundits are sh**t.

  31. Charles O Simeon

    Charles O SimeonBulan Yang lalu

    Why so much negativity, focus on this game.

  32. Adam Sayles

    Adam SaylesBulan Yang lalu

    I've had enough of these just stupid over aged half descent footballers n Nicol was in the fucking 80s lol burley was shite shakka lucky to get a start

  33. Adam Sayles

    Adam SaylesBulan Yang lalu

    Is was Liverpool these would be cummin in pants what a joke

  34. Prateek Parmar

    Prateek ParmarBulan Yang lalu

    Cause it's an off game for Liverpool when it happens to them but Arsenal have no credit in the bank. They haven't won anything and they haven't won a game for 2 months.

  35. Seanelle Boyd

    Seanelle BoydBulan Yang lalu

    West ham is a lil side and them kill chelsea and man u

  36. Rohit Gupta

    Rohit GuptaBulan Yang lalu

    They were pathetic yesterday . Hence they are 16th .

  37. KidAAA

    KidAAABulan Yang lalu

    Burley is 100% right here, West Ham lacks any real quality- Arsenal were dreadful for 60 minutes

  38. Cobbster

    CobbsterBulan Yang lalu

    @Clintsy M They started season well, but their players have started downing tools and were there for taking on Monday. You have to see the game

  39. Clintsy M

    Clintsy MBulan Yang lalu

    @Rohit Gupta in many games there are teams which miss many chances and then get taken apart for example Chelsea loss to Man city, man u win against Leicester

  40. Clintsy M

    Clintsy MBulan Yang lalu

    @Rohit Gupta but they dont say that about other teams Liverpool was against the ropes man u should have been 4 -0 up by half time but to them they just said Liverpool ground out a draw because they played better towards the end

  41. Rohit Gupta

    Rohit GuptaBulan Yang lalu

    @Clintsy M so that's what he meant . A better team would have embarrassed Arsenal .

  42. Clintsy M

    Clintsy MBulan Yang lalu

    @Rohit Gupta i did and both Arsenal was terrible and so was west ham but the. Hammers were a bit better but. After Arsenal scored. They started playing good fast football and gained more confidence and were much sure on the ball


    04 FOREVER INVINCIBLEBulan Yang lalu

    Jose mourinho and spurs beat westham 3-2 ESPN pundits: Jose’s has Tottenham back on track Westham beat Chelsea at Stamford bridge ESPN pundits: it was just a blip for lampard and Chelsea nothing serious Arsenal beat westham away at the London stadium ESPN pundits : westham are absolutely rubbish Bias much ?

  44. Arsenal 4Life

    Arsenal 4LifeBulan Yang lalu

    @Kshitij Chandna more like the entire game after 60 minutes. Auba, Pepe and Martinelli all could have scored twice. Judging by that we could have scored 5-6 goals too.

  45. Cathal Ó Braonáin

    Cathal Ó BraonáinBulan Yang lalu

    Just be grateful you didn't have to sit through it. Otherwise you would understand that both teams were shocking.

  46. M Yazdani

    M YazdaniBulan Yang lalu

    Pundits.. Pure Arsenal haters. Craig Burley and Steve Nicole I love it when I see you both burning in pains lol 🔥😂😂


    04 FOREVER INVINCIBLEBulan Yang lalu

    That 2-0 win at anfield to clinch the title from Liverpool still give Stevie nightmares 😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Smokee Goddinson

    Smokee GoddinsonBulan Yang lalu


  49. Rahul Rebello

    Rahul RebelloBulan Yang lalu

    Most biased pundits ever

  50. Dany Eichouh

    Dany EichouhBulan Yang lalu

    How are they biased? Did you actually watch the game? Both teams were trash. Arsenal has been trash for 3 months not. And winning a game like this while playing trash is not something to be happy about.

  51. Mike360

    Mike360Bulan Yang lalu

    This same West Ham team that they call bad went to Chelsea and beat them but not a single word. Some of these pundits are sooo poor

  52. Cathal Ó Braonáin

    Cathal Ó BraonáinBulan Yang lalu

    Did any of the commenters on here accusing the pundits of bias, actually watch the match? Both teams were awful.

  53. KidAAA

    KidAAABulan Yang lalu

    Cathal Ó Braonáin the point is that Arsenal have better players so more is expected, West Ham could have been 4-0 up by half time quite easily if they had any real quality

  54. steven clark

    steven clarkBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal where so poor for 65 minutes then scored three in ten minutes to change the match completely.

  55. xixo

    xixoBulan Yang lalu

    Congratulations on winnning against what the 19th team in the league? 🤣🤣

  56. xixo

    xixoBulan Yang lalu

    Sampreet Sam Both teams are still above Arsenal on the table.

  57. Sampreet Sam

    Sampreet SamBulan Yang lalu

    Same team which beat Man Utd and Chelsea

  58. Clayton Reece

    Clayton ReeceBulan Yang lalu

    These pundits grind my gears sometimes. Did Shaka honestly say Pepe and Martinelli offered nothing? .WOW!!!!!!! you are entitled to your opinion but people reserve the right to tell you it is a shitty one at best

  59. KidAAA

    KidAAABulan Yang lalu

    Clayton Reece Pepe kept giving the ball away and losing it constantly in the first hour of the game, he was honestly dreadful. Got better once the first goal went in but still very inconsistent and looking super average at the moment.

  60. angelo lopez

    angelo lopezBulan Yang lalu

    All that is true

  61. Che Gunner

    Che GunnerBulan Yang lalu

    ESPN FC are trash you guys fake

  62. Ichsuka

    IchsukaBulan Yang lalu

    Come of it ESPN, we could win the league and we'd still be 'lacking quality# going by you.

  63. Aleks Yessir

    Aleks YessirBulan Yang lalu

    These pundits are dreadful - fucksake, ESPN fork the money and upgrade to some professionals

  64. Jesus K

    Jesus KBulan Yang lalu

    I completely agree with you.

  65. Big Beaty Swollocks

    Big Beaty SwollocksBulan Yang lalu

    Stevie Nichol is still pissed that Arsenal won the title at Anfield in 89 the big facking baby

  66. Cobbster

    CobbsterBulan Yang lalu

    @Krish kr7 Krish from India won't know that

  67. Nick rodriguez

    Nick rodriguezBulan Yang lalu

    Big Beaty Swollocks are you still pissed that you haven’t had champions league football in ages?

  68. Smokee Goddinson

    Smokee GoddinsonBulan Yang lalu


  69. Krish kr7

    Krish kr7Bulan Yang lalu

    @Boubacar Bah Stevie who tf is he

  70. CristaferRobin

    CristaferRobinBulan Yang lalu

    @Boubacar Bah what? I bet you can't say that with a straight face 😂

  71. Nicole Rodgers

    Nicole RodgersBulan Yang lalu

    a win is a win. when your struggling it doesn't matter how it happens

  72. Fabio F.C

    Fabio F.CBulan Yang lalu

    I know right these people are just mad that they cant take a win

  73. Samcee Moore

    Samcee MooreBulan Yang lalu

    I know right

  74. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan KenobiBulan Yang lalu

    Be mindful of your thoughts Stevie, they betray you.

  75. Muhammad Musa

    Muhammad MusaBulan Yang lalu

    I’m confused did arsenal lose this game or something??

  76. LeeTaiPe

    LeeTaiPeBulan Yang lalu

    @The Handicrapped Stain Arsenal controlled the game too. It was 80% posession for arsenal is in the first half. Ball control doesnt mean anything.

  77. The Handicrapped Stain

    The Handicrapped StainBulan Yang lalu

    @LeeTaiPe Liverpool never played awful even when they just bracely winning. Yes the didn't score, but they control the game mostly. While Arsenal was not.

  78. Daniel Hornby

    Daniel HornbyBulan Yang lalu

    @LeeTaiPe Except Liverpool haven't been awful, just average.

  79. Nayden

    NaydenBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal are trash

  80. Smokee Goddinson

    Smokee GoddinsonBulan Yang lalu

    They do not like us.

  81. Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

    Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLDBulan Yang lalu

    These pundits are bias but it's funny how triggered these Arsenal fans are. Win trophies before you speak. 😅😅

  82. I Am Always Happy

    I Am Always HappyBulan Yang lalu

    Why don't you go and support a team before you start making fun of one

  83. John-ice #Halamadrid

    John-ice #HalamadridBulan Yang lalu

    ARSENAL won their first game in 2 months bravo👏👏👏

  84. John Rambo

    John RamboBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal need to beat the top 6 sides a few times to make these guys happy

  85. 13huntingbears

    13huntingbearsBulan Yang lalu

    They still moaned even when they did.

  86. John Rambo

    John RamboBulan Yang lalu

    @Dany Eichouh 👍

  87. Dany Eichouh

    Dany EichouhBulan Yang lalu

    Yes, which is completely normal. Arsenal was dreadful, trash in other words. In fact, they have been trash for 3 months.

  88. henry walter

    henry walterBulan Yang lalu

    Martinelli and pepe didn't offer anything before their goals???? That's it I'm unsubscribing. Absolute dreadful and biased pundits

  89. Cobbster

    CobbsterBulan Yang lalu

    Pepe was just diving around and losing ball before the goal

  90. Prateek Parmar

    Prateek ParmarBulan Yang lalu

    West Ham are going to get relegated and finish below Watford if they continue this. No big deal. You should be questioning the Kroenkes for lowering the expectations so much that one away win and one win in 2 months is now a moment of celebration.

  91. Thales87 G

    Thales87 GBulan Yang lalu

    I think these pundits have a real thing for hating arsenal, they hate lacazatte, ozil, bellerin.... they are also correct about pepe. I watched that game and pepe was horrible right up until he scored, he gave the ball away atleast 6 or 7 times and shot and missed when he shouldve passed 2 or 3 times. His footballing decision making is very questionable and he cant finish to save his life. I do hope the fact he FINALLY scored will help change him and he becomes worth the 70m

  92. Mevin M Bwalya

    Mevin M BwalyaBulan Yang lalu

    You are just being an arsenal fan and Shaka is right about Pepe..when will you all get it Pepe is not good enough and he won't get better.

  93. Simeon Batchelor

    Simeon BatchelorBulan Yang lalu

    Sort of true though isn't it

  94. ZINAN

    ZINANBulan Yang lalu

    Oh look it’s Craig burley not giving a big team that’s not Chelsea credit for winning a game What a shock

  95. Londonderry loyalist

    Londonderry loyalistBulan Yang lalu

    He's a Celtic scumbag

  96. Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

    Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLDBulan Yang lalu

    Arsenal is a banter club. No Champions League trophies. 😅😅

  97. cyril anizor

    cyril anizorBulan Yang lalu

    Why the negativity

  98. Cobbster

    CobbsterBulan Yang lalu

    See the match first you muppet

  99. Cathal Ó Braonáin

    Cathal Ó BraonáinBulan Yang lalu

    @A. Skywalker Maybe if the teams play that badly again, but I haven't seen other Arsenal or West Ham games recently so maybe this is as good as they are, I don't know. I understand it was Arsenal's first win in almost 2 months, so maybe just getting the win will spur them on as you mentioned. Oops, no pun intended.

  100. A. Skywalker

    A. SkywalkerBulan Yang lalu

    Simeon Batchelor If you understand football you know that Arsenal has been struggling since the Leicester game so why would you expect them the play better?

  101. A. Skywalker

    A. SkywalkerBulan Yang lalu

    Cathal Ó Braonáin Do you think this game will be remembered by the end of the season? Cause Arsenal needed a win and at the end of the day.

  102. Cathal Ó Braonáin

    Cathal Ó BraonáinBulan Yang lalu

    @Ahmad Fahim Neither.

  103. Yousef Ahmed

    Yousef AhmedBulan Yang lalu

    I would like a burger with peri peri chips with mayonnaise on the burger, ketchup on the side and a glass of Coca cola

  104. Sofir Uddin

    Sofir UddinBulan Yang lalu

    What type of burger though?

  105. I Am Always Happy

    I Am Always HappyBulan Yang lalu

    Two videos talking about how bad we are even tho we won. Why do you guys hate us so much?


    04 FOREVER INVINCIBLEBulan Yang lalu

    Nicholas Brewster yeah but they praised mourinho for a 3-2 win against this same west ham team

  107. Oliver Forway

    Oliver ForwayBulan Yang lalu

    @Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD 😴

  108. Nicholas Brewster

    Nicholas BrewsterBulan Yang lalu

    No he is right. West ham.had chances to buried the game. West ham is jus to poor. But congrats to arsenal they need the win and they came back fighting. Let us see how they do with man city

  109. Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD

    Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLDBulan Yang lalu

    Because Arsenal is a banter club haven't won the Premier League in 15 years. Look where you guys are at in the Table. 😅😅😅