Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey - Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels)


  1. L Larby

    L Larby28 menit yang lalu

    Look at all the people realising they're into ASMR lmao.

  2. Kaba saz

    Kaba saz32 menit yang lalu


  3. Rosebert Discipulo

    Rosebert Discipulo46 menit yang lalu

    Berta's Hit Chart 10/16/2019 Top 4 Last: 2 Peak: 2

  4. 4 minutos

    4 minutos53 menit yang lalu

    pues a mi la miley me pone cachondisima en este vdeo jaajajja

  5. Erophia

    Erophia58 menit yang lalu

    That map is like my country Miley, what you wiling to say? Don't hide it... if you want to hidding political, said clearly... let talk...

  6. Silas Pereira

    Silas Pereira59 menit yang lalu

    Primeiro mês

  7. Matias Mautalen

    Matias MautalenJam Yang lalu

    It has to appear in lucifer's 5th season

  8. estella sullivan

    estella sullivanJam Yang lalu

    Lana’s part gave me chills literal chills

  9. Fluffy Hop

    Fluffy HopJam Yang lalu

    2:21-3:00, my favorite part

  10. Miriam Viramontes

    Miriam ViramontesJam Yang lalu


  11. Tara Yazzie

    Tara Yazzie2 jam yang lalu

    Ariana just mumbles when she sings. Here for Lana.👍

  12. Angel

    Angel2 jam yang lalu

    Guess I should leave...

  13. kutabear

    kutabear2 jam yang lalu

    Wow! another dime a dozen song about "empowered women" with a feminist message so overt they might as well slap you in the face with it. What's new...

  14. Louisy Rodrigues

    Louisy Rodrigues2 jam yang lalu

    Lana perfeita

  15. Edilidia Rodriguez

    Edilidia Rodriguez2 jam yang lalu

    l like

  16. Shamiya Buchheit

    Shamiya Buchheit2 jam yang lalu

    Tbh just came to hear Miley

  17. Thomas McLean

    Thomas McLean2 jam yang lalu

    0:14 yes lana my queen!!!

  18. Lei Tabing

    Lei Tabing2 jam yang lalu

    Lana's part...damn the best

  19. Ellen Toninn

    Ellen Toninn2 jam yang lalu

    amo dms ❤

  20. Ariel Llull

    Ariel Llull2 jam yang lalu

    Who's the girl appearing at the end?

  21. Life with Jovani

    Life with Jovani2 jam yang lalu

    Go girl

  22. Ulti_Gualatacos

    Ulti_Gualatacos3 jam yang lalu

    Out of over 200,000 comments can I get a lot of likes Experiment

  23. Hammad Rizvi

    Hammad Rizvi3 jam yang lalu

    Why wasn’t charli XCX on this beat?

  24. porkchopp007

    porkchopp0073 jam yang lalu


  25. Henri Ludwig Gustavo Lopes

    Henri Ludwig Gustavo Lopes3 jam yang lalu

    Feminism: the musical

  26. Anne C

    Anne C3 jam yang lalu


  27. Elin Effinger

    Elin Effinger3 jam yang lalu

    go Miley!

  28. Christina Persaud

    Christina Persaud3 jam yang lalu


  29. Kuba Kubski

    Kuba Kubski4 jam yang lalu

    Thank you for Poland The credits

  30. Saeed Fatahipoor

    Saeed Fatahipoor4 jam yang lalu


  31. AnotherCupofTea

    AnotherCupofTea4 jam yang lalu

    Ok so our film is called Charlie's Angels So we need a song about not calling them Angels?....... -_-

  32. Alfredo Marín

    Alfredo Marín4 jam yang lalu


  33. VoolRoblox_God

    VoolRoblox_God4 jam yang lalu

    you are an angel Ariana. I ain’t got you right.

  34. VoolRoblox_God

    VoolRoblox_God4 jam yang lalu

    There is currently 93M... *if your reading this, ur here before 100M*

  35. claude clarke

    claude clarke4 jam yang lalu

    These 3 are a bad combination. Lana doesn’t belong on a beat like this, and Miley is not a rapper. Ariana steals the show once again, she’s the only one on point. Sorry, just my opinion.

  36. Elizabet Starling

    Elizabet Starling5 jam yang lalu

    Miley got buff

  37. Junnior Lea

    Junnior Lea5 jam yang lalu

    100 m.

  38. Massimiliano Cerutti

    Massimiliano Cerutti5 jam yang lalu

    In just 1 month: 🔥👑👑👑 92M Views 3.5M Likes 230K comments

  39. Daniel Men

    Daniel Men5 jam yang lalu

    Imagine kidz bop singing this song....oh no

  40. Wika

    Wika5 jam yang lalu

    Lana slayed

  41. _OpSenpai 890

    _OpSenpai 8905 jam yang lalu

    Come here for lana

  42. Feles

    Feles5 jam yang lalu

    they really were repeting one sentence by whole song? if not lana, that song would be a trash

  43. ترجمة Traduction Translation

    ترجمة Traduction Translation5 jam yang lalu

    Lana Killed it

  44. melina

    melina5 jam yang lalu

    Lana is to good for them

  45. Jade_owo

    Jade_owo5 jam yang lalu

    Ariana and Miley: “don’t call me angel” Disney and Nickelodeon: *shooketh*

  46. Özge Şat

    Özge Şat5 jam yang lalu

    Where is Lana?? I do not want to go to the Disneyland, I want to listen fuckin Lana, OK?

  47. BalkanElite BS YT

    BalkanElite BS YT6 jam yang lalu

    Ariana Grande is so sexy.....

  48. From the Concrete

    From the Concrete6 jam yang lalu

  49. Indo

    Indo6 jam yang lalu

    Lana's part is overrated tbh

  50. Adryane Alho

    Adryane Alho6 jam yang lalu

    A melhor parte do clipe/música é a parte da Lanaaa ❤❤

  51. clc hyuna

    clc hyuna6 jam yang lalu

    str3am clc devil official music video

  52. clc hyuna

    clc hyuna6 jam yang lalu

    str3am clc devil official music video

  53. Jonathan Santiago Martínez

    Jonathan Santiago Martínez6 jam yang lalu


  54. Tea spiller Rstom

    Tea spiller Rstom6 jam yang lalu

    The only part that i sing in the shower is lanas part anyone else??

  55. Isabelle Lopes

    Isabelle Lopes6 jam yang lalu

    Love you more than words can say

  56. Kala Cay

    Kala Cay6 jam yang lalu

    Lana Del Rey😊😊😊

  57. james henley

    james henley6 jam yang lalu

    Needs more cowbell...

  58. AJ Zed player

    AJ Zed player6 jam yang lalu

    me : "dont call me angel" Ariana: "dont call me hair gel"

  59. KK saint-paulin

    KK saint-paulin6 jam yang lalu


  60. Dz Z

    Dz Z6 jam yang lalu

    2:21 ❤️

  61. דניאל מיארה

    דניאל מיארה6 jam yang lalu

    חולה אליך חיים שלי בלב חבל ש אני גרה בישראל מהואבת בךךךך חיים בלבבבבב😍😍😍❣❣❣