Area 51 Raid: What would happen, legally speaking? - Real Law Review


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    @Fear Nothing, Laugh Often

  3. Fear Nothing, Laugh Often

    Fear Nothing, Laugh Often2 bulan yang lalu

    I refer to your videos as 'Law for Dummies' because you do a great job at explaining this all in layman's terms.

  4. Dtr146

    Dtr1462 bulan yang lalu

    crazy that it was only 8 days ago

  5. Jared Wiggins

    Jared Wiggins3 bulan yang lalu

    @LegalEagle at least I'm not crazy/insane enough or dumb/stupid enough 2 try 2 illegally enter Area 51 & other highly classified/top secret bases unlike those bunch/lot of dumbasses/idiots/morons, lunatics/nut jobs/whack jobs!

  6. potitishogun2961997

    potitishogun29619974 bulan yang lalu

    What would happen legally, if aliens invaded Earth with peaceful intentions? Like, a non-violent invasion?

  7. Hoopa_v3

    Hoopa_v34 jam yang lalu

    Jeffrey Epstein is being held in area 51

  8. Guilherme Oliveira

    Guilherme Oliveira15 jam yang lalu

    your litterily are destroying concepts

  9. Officer George Ishaq

    Officer George IshaqHari Yang lalu

    thankfully i live in Northern California

  10. Louis Seifert

    Louis Seifert5 hari yang lalu

    We are prepared to protect America and our assets translation: We have more than one c130 "Puff the Magic Dragon" and we might use rubber bullets but if we run out of rubber rounds we will reload with other ones.

  11. Aaron Stoner

    Aaron Stoner10 hari yang lalu

    It's all true! My great, great, great, great grandmother was an AliEN! She emigrated from Germany!👽

  12. Ninjareml NR

    Ninjareml NR11 hari yang lalu

    Area 51 has a microwave that heats pizza and hot pockets to the perfect temp

  13. John Pappan

    John Pappan11 hari yang lalu

    Even his chair looks like a lawyer.

  14. Jesse

    Jesse12 hari yang lalu

    LMFAO I can't believe I watched this, Are you even a real attorney. I'm guessing not because you left out a lot of stuff as well as being wrong with some things. Plus could you imagine the civil war or revolution that would happen if the Government or the terrorist military started firing on American citizens.

  15. Blueberry Sans

    Blueberry Sans20 hari yang lalu

    If we can’t go through it or over it, why not tunnel under it? I’m sure there are loopholes with this method.

  16. TaggerInc

    TaggerInc23 hari yang lalu

    They'd be detained and if they persisted or physically resisted, they'd be arrested... You don't have to be a lawyer to figure it out.

  17. Mark Reaves

    Mark Reaves23 hari yang lalu

    What would happen? Any intruders would be killed/captured, declared terrorists, then shipped off to some unknown terrorist housing facility where they will be "interrogated" for "an extended time".

  18. prefer anonymity

    prefer anonymity24 hari yang lalu

    do aliens have human rights? or any rights at all?

  19. Timbrock1000

    Timbrock100025 hari yang lalu

    AT THE VERY LEAST, AREA 51 IS WHERE TOP SECRET AIRCRAFT ARE DECELOPED AND TESTED. In 1988, the first Stealth bomber was revealed. Area 51 is where it was assembled and test flown for 2 years before being shown by the USAF.

  20. Philapple05

    Philapple0525 hari yang lalu

    Heheh, but he doesn’t know.

  21. John Doe

    John Doe26 hari yang lalu

    Such a stupid obsession over's a millitary base...they don't want every joe smoe idiot waltzing about. Shocking....

  22. PRO’s Gaming

    PRO’s Gaming26 hari yang lalu

    People: Let’s see them aliens! Storm Area 51! Air Force Security Forces: *gets prototype weapon* I can’t wait to try this out! People: 😯

  23. Ian Taggart

    Ian Taggart26 hari yang lalu

    If someone invented a compound that could render gunpowder nonexplosive, would that be punishable by law?

  24. MultiEvil101

    MultiEvil10127 hari yang lalu

    Area 51 is hiding Epstein.

  25. jason stricklin

    jason stricklin28 hari yang lalu

    Well if I were to become an employee working inside of area 51 ill be sure to have things cleared up if any aliens are actually kept at this place or not Otherwise their space crafts. Its all good fun to believe however I think this misunderstanding could be cleared up more efficiently.

  26. ElusiaBoomkin

    ElusiaBoomkin28 hari yang lalu

    so in conclusion, they 'probably' won't kill you in a situation like this because it looks bad, not because it is bad to kill people for walking over imaginary borders with no ill intent. just don't let them say you're carrying a gun-like object with no evidence that that actually happened other than a written report...

  27. valdris86

    valdris86Bulan Yang lalu

    Do you watch Mother's Basement? He's the only other IDreporterr I've heard use the term 'link in the doobley-doo' but there are probably a lot more besides him

  28. lolimmune

    lolimmuneBulan Yang lalu

    Area 51 is a military base, what do you think would happen if you invaded a military base? You'd be a traitor who made action against a known US government location and the armed forces would be required to apprehend anyone in involved and then persecute them to the extent of the law.

  29. Fuxy22

    Fuxy22Bulan Yang lalu

    "The air force is ready to protect America and its assets"... from Americans? Finally admitting that the American government and military doesn't represent its own citizens are we?

  30. Nathaniel Eric

    Nathaniel EricBulan Yang lalu

    It not no secret it in plain site the best way to hide in plain site

  31. Nathaniel Eric

    Nathaniel EricBulan Yang lalu

    Hey no lie my wife and I saw like one UFO turn to like four we did Morris code and it respond and like there a video of the same thing in Arizona and we we're not even by that state and it was on top of the ocean going in and out of the water

  32. Dan Kivler

    Dan KivlerBulan Yang lalu

    Objection: Bob Lazar isn't a 'self-proclaimed' physicist. He has a master's in physics from MIT. When he blew the whistle on S4 the government went quickly to erasing his past to discredit him. This is verified by the fact that HR will say that he was never employed at Los Alamos Nat'l Labs when he was in fact interviewed by a local news paper and is on the cover described as 'Los Alamos Physicist Bob Lazar'.

  33. Thomas Borisov

    Thomas BorisovBulan Yang lalu

    Just send a crap ton of drones in

  34. Thomas Borisov

    Thomas BorisovBulan Yang lalu

    Why is it always a flying saucer ? There are better craft shapes for alien ships

  35. G. Waits4Gainz

    G. Waits4GainzBulan Yang lalu

    muwahahahahah brillient video hahahaa "bunch of idiots". man i cant say i wouldnt love to see inside the secrets, but i just gotta get a job and get along with my career hehe. but honestly theres probably alot more things in many different sites but not that we will ever know

  36. Miss Foxie

    Miss FoxieBulan Yang lalu

    But can they arrest over 2m people At once?

  37. Ben Hislop

    Ben HislopBulan Yang lalu

    Area 51 is hiding cleaning Formula 410.

  38. Red-Eyed- Ranger

    Red-Eyed- RangerBulan Yang lalu

    I’ve been binge watching all these videos and it kinda makes me wanna be a lawyer. Just watching someone who actually knows what they’re talking about and the rules to a T is so intriguing. And I also know who I’d get to be my lawyer if I ever went to NYC

  39. Jenn Armstrong

    Jenn ArmstrongBulan Yang lalu

    Now I know why Naruto fanatics cant get girlfriends.

  40. Aarxn

    AarxnBulan Yang lalu

    Bob lazar never claimed to work at Area 51

  41. Tyler Murdock

    Tyler MurdockBulan Yang lalu

    What if enough people showed up and the impossible happened and succeeded in taking over Area 51

  42. Cristian Moya Romero

    Cristian Moya RomeroBulan Yang lalu

    I don't think any amount of lethal weaponry would be enough to stop 2.000.000 kyles. I think a couple hundred would die and the the rest would reduce the soldiers and probably kill them with their own weapons. The only way to stop them from getting the truth would be to remove the alien evidence from the facility

  43. Vincent

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  44. david korzelius

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    Your knowledge and wisdom could help the channel Mxr plays, please help if possible

  45. Jimmy McGowan

    Jimmy McGowanBulan Yang lalu

    "Now obviously aliens have never come to Earth." Objection! That's exactly what an alien would say.

  46. Swislard Gaming

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    Earth is not intresting four us 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

  47. Teskals

    Teskals10 hari yang lalu

    Overruled, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no one needs to know that!

  48. Randall Stevens

    Randall StevensBulan Yang lalu

    I object to your usage of the term “assault rifles.”

  49. Furybanana

    FurybananaBulan Yang lalu

    the question is why would you talk about it? like being stupid and drive on the wrong way you dont want the police to know ... ...well good luck with your alien chasse im staying home and watch jurassic park ... or anime

  50. harry callahan

    harry callahanBulan Yang lalu

    That dude that got shot to death was just trying to return the probe.

  51. Marcus Evans

    Marcus EvansBulan Yang lalu

    The ones who disliked the video prolly be the same ones he called idiots😂

  52. BrAiNDeAd ByDeFaUlt

    BrAiNDeAd ByDeFaUltBulan Yang lalu

    My boss worked at Area 51. Said he never seen anything out of the ordinary in 10 years of working there.

  53. Jeje Azazel

    Jeje AzazelBulan Yang lalu

    Area 51 probably is S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ

  54. Alarec Scarbrow

    Alarec ScarbrowBulan Yang lalu

    Besides _all_ of the already aforementioned outcomes, let's not forget that they would probably just move anything to another location as a last resort, before anyone arrived. I'm sure the only thing these idiots achieved was causing more work for relevant officials. :l

  55. maya summers

    maya summersBulan Yang lalu

    Area 51 got Ice cream that never melts.

  56. Tinkerbelle [Epic War]

    Tinkerbelle [Epic War]Bulan Yang lalu

    Just wanted to mention, Bob Lazar did reveal new chemical elements, which got "researched" or "discovered" some years after he already revealed it... Many people do forget it... UFOS are real, I don't know if it were Russians, Americans or Germans on the saucer which fly over our country sometimes, but the technology of it ain't human, that's for sure!!... Greetings from Germany

  57. Sharkonabicycle

    SharkonabicycleBulan Yang lalu

    Area 51 is probably a giant empty warehouse with military personnel. The actual 'Area 51' with secretive military operations is likely in a North Dakota field that would require China or Russia to fly far into the Country and already be distracted by what they think is in Nevada... Area 51 is a decoy.

  58. Pat W

    Pat WBulan Yang lalu

    Barely anybody came haha

  59. MS Thalamus

    MS ThalamusBulan Yang lalu

    If 2MM people really did storm all at once, I don't think the military could expect non-lethal deterrents would be sufficient. Even trying to take this many people down with small ordinance lethal weapons before being overrun seems doubtful. I mean 2MM is a ridiculous number and it would never happen but if it did, I think the response would scale with the secrets. Sufficiently important secrets would overshadow any media concerns, and 2MM people may well be met with a tactical nuke, even if Area 51 were destroyed in the process.

  60. MS Thalamus

    MS ThalamusBulan Yang lalu

    Also, doesn't the Facebook group constitute conspiracy to commit a felony?

  61. Zak B

    Zak BBulan Yang lalu

    true conspiracy theory: DJ isn't actually a lawyer, he's just a mouthpiece for an older, more experienced lawyer who saw the cash grab potential for this youtube channel.

  62. Lily's world

    Lily's worldBulan Yang lalu

    I had a party on the day of the raid

  63. D Rye

    D RyeBulan Yang lalu

    Link in the doubly do

  64. Ray Akuma

    Ray AkumaBulan Yang lalu

    Well if everyone would've shown up with something like a Quad etc. And all drive through the place there would be no chance they wouldve caught anyone.

  65. GodSpeed Gamer

    GodSpeed GamerBulan Yang lalu

    13:01 you heard the man put on 6our tin foil hats guys were In for a doozy

  66. Vincent Wei

    Vincent WeiBulan Yang lalu

    I'm pretty sure in a video game you could just get in and destroy everything

  67. Vincent Wei

    Vincent WeiBulan Yang lalu

    Who's here after it and it all turned out to be nothing?

  68. Ishmam Masud - Cuz I Can

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    The risk of aliens going to Earth is obviously that the humans will most probably respond in a lethal or violent manner towards innocent researchers, that's the risk. But that's why we have the [Blank]. The [Blank] insures the enforcement of the law that: Those who do not wish to be contacted. Shall remain untouched. (Even if many people in that civilization, maybe even all of them, would actually want to be if they knew the truth . . .) And that leaves us to today's sponser: the [Blank]. And Tazma is going to cause me unreasonable bodily harm if if they read this comment. But it's fine, as I literally tell them everyday now: *They always interpret it as a joke :D.*