Are Solid State Batteries About To Change The World? | Answers With Joe


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  2. Glen

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    Great video Joe. I´ve searched through your links but couldn't find your numbers on the energy density being 2.2 to 5 times as high. Could I get your source for that?

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    my bad i get a little crazy without cocopuffs.

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    INFINITEJam Yang lalu

    Tf is up with all the ancient battery talk, I clicked the vid to watch how solid state batteries would change the world.

  8. Phillip Rhoades

    Phillip RhoadesJam Yang lalu

    John B Goodenough? More like John B Excellent.

  9. Mathias Conrad

    Mathias ConradJam Yang lalu

    1-2 Volts and you guys feel a tingle? What the heck are y'all made out of? Copper? I don`t feel squat touching 3,7V LI-Ion cells,but okay

  10. CUBETechie

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    But the Steam engine was first invented 400 BC heron's Ball

  11. eric berg

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    Can't wait until I get a 300 mile range on my ebikes.

  12. J C

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    7:42 HA!

  13. Jerry Switzer

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    Goodenough is great but i wouldn't forget about Nicolai Tesla He alone would be more responsible for our way of life by far over John B Goodenough...just saying.........

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    A true legend

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    9:54, is that you Mr. White?

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    Maximum Respect to John B he is certainly more than good enough and he is doing all this to protect us from ourselves. LEGEND!!!!!!

  17. Blu

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    The guy that invented the water gun created a solid state battery, wonder whatever happened to him.

  18. J-dayday

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    solid state battery + drones = hive mind swarm of drones solid state battery + darpa humanoid robots + 5G wireless charging = terminator 'ss' battery? illuminati confirmed

  19. rawrisiloveuindinify

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    Couldn’t the battery have been used to start fires.

  20. Кайена Арельяно

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    Do this to a electric volt and sure!! I swap my old 94 dodge caravan for it!!,tired of taking the intake off everytime to change sparkplugs!!.

  21. Joseph King

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    FIVE bloody minutes of waffling and he is maybe just now starting to approach the Click Bait video title. Sheesh, that is 5 minutes I can never get back.

  22. HoneyChai

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    It's already been proven that those Bagdad batteries were used as some kind of sexual stimulators. They found several rods inside the pelvises of female skeletons in bathhouses along with seeds from aphrodisiacs.

  23. Alien X

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    3:13 ignorance = bulshit, first batery was invented in 1799 by alessandro volta , gaston plante he invented the first rechargeble batery aka lead-acid battery

  24. Genaki Ningen

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    Hold up, 'differently abled people'? The hell does that mean? I'm assuming that means disabled because of the accompanying footage...but who decided to make up an asinine term like 'differently abled'? Is it out of some misguided attempt to spare their feelings or some shit? Is this the same mentality where instead of calling me 'black' some hippie American would call me a 'person of colour'? As if they are some colourless motherfuckers or something? Are you a 'person without colour'? This is retarded.

  25. Vince Earl

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    "Death of the internal combustion engine": There's still more of a people/culture barrier unless charge times can match the 5-10 minutes it takes to fill a gas tank. A little forethought and planning could remove the issue, but people will always see the worst-case scenario. "What if I'm driving cross-country? I don't want to have to stop for 30 minutes just to charge." Of course you could just charge up when you stop for lunch, and that should get you enough range to get through a normal day of driving, but "what if I'm just going through the drive through and only stopping for bathroom breaks?" So until we can fully charge in the same time it takes to fill a gas tank, the internal combustion engine will never be truly dead.

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    "Fly by night Jabroni"... My new go to burn. Thank you Joe.

  27. orange70383

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    I like gasoline powered vehicles, they give you unlimited driving freedom with fill-ups that take but a few minutes, gas = freedom.

  28. Robin

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    Long-winded, pointless vid where he doesn't have anything really solid to say...about anything. He needs his day job.

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    "But that's not Goodenough" 😂😂

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    Mum: John, just be good enough John:

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    Fuck, I hope his security is tight, because the oil assassins aren't too far away

  32. The Prophet Michaelson

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    What about solar radiation? Will this affect them?

  33. Eduard Qualls

    Eduard QuallsHari Yang lalu

    The functional information presented here was published by the University of Texas's _UT News_ site during February of 2017:

  34. Derrick Williams

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    6:20 is when he finally starts talking about solid state batteries. Unless you want to hear about the history of batteries...

  35. SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim

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    electric cars were first...hmmm it seems like we just made a full lap

  36. FooBar Maximus

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    I absolutely hate this video. Thanks for wasting my 2 minutes. Because that's all I could stand.

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    I already know that the comments are going to be full of Goodenough puns.

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    "...Gibrones...?" I don't know what that is-- but I'mso glomming it!

  39. Jeeto

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    Joe, you should do a video on Iron Flow batteries and if they're potentially any better for storing renewable energy than large banks of lithium ion.

  40. Mr Tea

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    Great content, but the end of the internal combustion engine? The idea will be bought out and shut down as soon as it threatens the petroleum industry

  41. Glen

    Glen2 hari yang lalu

    Great video Joe. I´ve searched through your links but couldn't find your numbers on the energy density being 2.2 to 5 times as high. Could I get your source for that?

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    Make more gaming videos to f****** a******

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    *lesson learned* nothing is good enough

  44. Politicus Animal

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    The likely explanation of the Baghdad battery is brilliant, and the acknowledgement of the cathode and anode flipping is hysterical…. but Goodenough is the man, the real Tony Stark.... Thx

  45. Michael Sears

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    If a Pace maker can help the heart and it powers the most of the body. Could possibly power an arm with an ARM