Arctic blast threatens millions of Americans


  1. Cole Robison

    Cole Robison26 hari yang lalu

    Disney learned how to control the weather. This is just a sneak peak of Frozen 2.

  2. Supreme_ Redhead0

    Supreme_ Redhead027 hari yang lalu

    Gotta love to live in Louisiana

  3. Dr. DeadPool

    Dr. DeadPool29 hari yang lalu

    California’s: it’s still summer over here

  4. Pokeman

    Pokeman29 hari yang lalu

    Reporter: What do you think of the snow? Me: Wouldn’t you like to know weather boy

  5. David Walker

    David Walker29 hari yang lalu

    "Hey May 14 -2020 is new world order Pope Francis invitation meeting Rome! The Antarctic is the devils prison coming out!. GOD is plotting a scheme..okay?.

  6. AveryCL3V3Rman

    AveryCL3V3RmanBulan Yang lalu

    The news: 'We're in a climate crisis and global warming is killing the earth!' Also the news: 'Look at these record-setting low temperatures and snow earlier than expected...' lmao

  7. lucca cerminaro

    lucca cerminaroBulan Yang lalu

    Will the arctic blast hit the Northeastern United stayed?

  8. En Liri

    En LiriBulan Yang lalu

    grand solar minimum is here folks read all about it and you'll be asking the same question, what happened to global warming?

  9. Jackie Watson

    Jackie WatsonBulan Yang lalu

    This is exactly why I hate winter

  10. Declan O'Cuidighthigh

    Declan O'CuidighthighBulan Yang lalu

    I love how the media weaponises anything, including the weather to scare people into submission. The whole climate change thing is just a slap in the face considering how ludicrous it is

  11. American Jam

    American JamBulan Yang lalu

    Michiganders be like it just another day while going to school

  12. Xx BigBoss xX

    Xx BigBoss xXBulan Yang lalu

    Yes dady

  13. john hoskins

    john hoskinsBulan Yang lalu

    How about that climate change

  14. escotg GAMING

    escotg GAMINGBulan Yang lalu


  15. average joe

    average joeBulan Yang lalu

    Must be global warming or something idk 😐

  16. r3d h00dlum

    r3d h00dlumBulan Yang lalu

    Yo sum guy in Delaware flipped his car in a ditch in Millsboro

  17. Leifur Thorleifs

    Leifur ThorleifsBulan Yang lalu

    this cant be happening. this is a fake news from global warming deniers.

  18. Lamont Cranston INC.

    Lamont Cranston INC.Bulan Yang lalu

    Winter lol Greta where are you? lol

  19. N7 Titan

    N7 TitanBulan Yang lalu

    Artic blast????? mean winter

  20. Alexander Higgins

    Alexander HigginsBulan Yang lalu

    It's all Trump's fault.

  21. what's up

    what's upBulan Yang lalu

    In middle east it has been 6 years without snow

  22. J S

    J SBulan Yang lalu

    I guess they didn’t know winter was coming.

  23. Brianna Lynn

    Brianna LynnBulan Yang lalu

    It's been hella cold here at 50°lat.... Much colder than the past years, earlier snowfall too!!!

  24. Jeff Clark

    Jeff ClarkBulan Yang lalu

    Here in Wisconsin we’re just like yeah whatever. Today’s forecast 100% chance of weather

  25. Yahshua Is The Bread Of Life

    Yahshua Is The Bread Of LifeBulan Yang lalu

    Global warming causing this

  26. Katsumari

    KatsumariBulan Yang lalu

    Ice: thats wut u get for global warming

  27. Alpha Hawk

    Alpha HawkBulan Yang lalu

    Pittsburgh, New York ??? 🤔🤔🤔

  28. Eric R.

    Eric R.Bulan Yang lalu

    Some real global warming for you. Snowing in November 😂

  29. Anxiety Kicks

    Anxiety KicksBulan Yang lalu

    Kids before Snow: YEY! Kids after Snow: PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

  30. Captain Titanium

    Captain TitaniumBulan Yang lalu

    Dude it’s been freezing here at texas

  31. Jake Witte

    Jake WitteBulan Yang lalu

    I can already hear trump say “ SeE GloBAl WaRmInG IsNT REaL. iTs REaLly CoLD OuTSIde”.

  32. morganmiller41

    morganmiller41Bulan Yang lalu

    00:56 The reporter's silence makes it funnier XD

  33. mimi zabaleta

    mimi zabaletaBulan Yang lalu


  34. Matt Mccalla

    Matt MccallaBulan Yang lalu

    Its 8degrees here & thats without windchill .. I hate the cold and it's not even bad lol talking about " threatens"

  35. Cameron Harper

    Cameron HarperBulan Yang lalu

    Arctic blast sounds like a gatorade flavor

  36. アマリジョースター

    アマリジョースターBulan Yang lalu

    Feels good being in Cali! 🔥

  37. Hell Hound139

    Hell Hound139Bulan Yang lalu

    I bet Global warming doesn’t seem so bad now does it

  38. test channel 01

    test channel 01Bulan Yang lalu

    Is what happens with global warming.. the weather gets more extreme more often.

  39. Blitznstitch2

    Blitznstitch2Bulan Yang lalu

    This is because the air steam that keeps the Arctic air in the artic is weak due to.... Climate change.

  40. Roshella Tomphson

    Roshella TomphsonBulan Yang lalu

    Aww are you Americans getting cold Don’t worry I’m in Russia about to get hypothermia 😂😂

  41. THEY

    THEYBulan Yang lalu

    This has to be fake news. Al Gore said... 🤔

  42. MrPoserGalore

    MrPoserGaloreBulan Yang lalu

    Kid rolls... memes activate!

  43. GameritzComedy

    GameritzComedyBulan Yang lalu

    Their is no such thing called FALL anymore............. Just cold winter ❄️

  44. rodgers2012

    rodgers2012Bulan Yang lalu

    Global warming....

  45. GameritzComedy

    GameritzComedyBulan Yang lalu

    0:35 there was no reason for the reporter to do that.

  46. Mopar Muscle

    Mopar MuscleBulan Yang lalu

    Where is global warming when you need it! Sheesh...

  47. Pine To The Cone

    Pine To The ConeBulan Yang lalu

    Please tell me you are joking

  48. Landon Glick

    Landon GlickBulan Yang lalu

    Everyone: global warming!!!!🥵 Person in NY: Whaaaaaat!!!!🥶

  49. Jimmy Steube

    Jimmy SteubeBulan Yang lalu

    Oh no global warming...

  50. Brian Avichouser

    Brian AvichouserBulan Yang lalu

    Global warming climate change 200 years recording weather on a planet that could be billions of year's old we have no clue

  51. Not.enough to.go.around

    Not.enough to.go.aroundBulan Yang lalu

    Hello from Florida🌴🐬🌞🌴

  52. x TROLLING x

    x TROLLING xBulan Yang lalu

    And they say global warming is a thing

  53. Pariya Ahmadi

    Pariya AhmadiBulan Yang lalu

    Trying to make a story out of something completley normal

  54. Joseph Ocasio

    Joseph OcasioBulan Yang lalu

    It’s been already 30 degrees here in NY

  55. r3dxfaction

    r3dxfactionBulan Yang lalu

    fake news, climate change is a hoax created by china

  56. Lean Boi

    Lean BoiBulan Yang lalu

    Winter is Coming

  57. shrek butthole puckers

    shrek butthole puckersBulan Yang lalu

    elsa in her mood again ❄

  58. Therealaccountisback

    TherealaccountisbackBulan Yang lalu


  59. Michael The archangel

    Michael The archangelBulan Yang lalu

    CBS during the first 3 quarters of the year: THE EARTH IS MELTING!!!!!!! GLOBAL WARMING AAAAAAAH! CBS now:

  60. Vrice See

    Vrice SeeBulan Yang lalu

    Felt all across America! It was 68° in long beach California yesterday. Gives me chills

  61. 1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content

    1 Million Subscribers Without Any ContentBulan Yang lalu

    This made me to not believe global warming