Apple vs. Android users


  1. loveliveserve

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    Follow us on IG: @rhino_ @noahboat_ 🔥 Team Apple or Team Android?👇🏼

  2. Yeshua Burgos

    Yeshua BurgosHari Yang lalu

    loveliveserve you guys are the best

  3. Hannah_Banana 19

    Hannah_Banana 193 hari yang lalu

    loveliveserve APPLE ALL DAY

  4. Nightcore Sam

    Nightcore Sam8 hari yang lalu

    Team Android❤

  5. Meena M

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    Apple doi

  6. midnight _lena

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  7. Donovan Coley

    Donovan Coley18 menit yang lalu

    Only reason why I have an Android is that I'm too broke to get a iphone

  8. Shadow King

    Shadow King27 menit yang lalu

    I'm sorry but I still can't get over the fact that they're still making Android users sound bad Samsung and stuff ain't that bad come on there just phones

  9. Shadow King

    Shadow King27 menit yang lalu

    I'm watching this on a Samsung S7 I'm going to get the S10

  10. Shadow King

    Shadow King33 menit yang lalu

    at 5:56 they making Android Users sound bad. PS I am an Android user and I think they're both good so stop making Android users sound bad. I still love your channel though

  11. Flare

    Flare59 menit yang lalu

    This video is toxic

  12. KellyN Nin

    KellyN NinJam Yang lalu

    The cracks part is so truueeeeee

  13. shzb

    shzbJam Yang lalu

    Android camera isnt even that bad

  14. ExoticButters

    ExoticButtersJam Yang lalu

    The thing about apple users is that they only roast the budget phones.

  15. Hector Madrid

    Hector MadridJam Yang lalu

    Galaxy note 10 or s10 way better than iPhone 11

  16. Sorein Bab

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  17. Regina Thomas

    Regina Thomas3 jam yang lalu

    Why you doing android like that when apple buys the materials from Samsung to make iPhones

  18. BluSpeed725 :GD and more!:

    BluSpeed725 :GD and more!:3 jam yang lalu

    2:58 My mom once dropped her android on the floor by accident and the screen was ruined but when I accidentally dropped my iPhone it was fine. Pretty sure it depends on the iPhone and/or model. (Basically depends on the version as some may be stronger then others) Btw I have a IPhone 7 and my mom has a Samsung 7 ) but anyways it depends on the version mostly as some iPhones and androids may be more stronger then others.

  19. BloodBeast_YT

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    3:01 unless you hit it with a ps4 controller

  20. SunflowerYT

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    *"Just watching on my cracked android phone... nothing wrong here..."*

  21. Martin Eriksson

    Martin Eriksson5 jam yang lalu

    The apple users are the one hyping the shit. They trashing android not the other way around.

  22. Martin Eriksson

    Martin Eriksson5 jam yang lalu

    Android has a lot beeter cameras tho that aint even an opinion just check the fucking specs. Also the emojis in this video are hella old.

  23. yeboy96 On instagram

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    Maybe it me but I never broke my iPhone

  24. Danut Feresteanu

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    If you like this comment your peen will grow 7 inches

  25. Danut Feresteanu

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    They are both good phones, wh should be making funn of nokia,sony and google phones

  26. Matthis Fabien

    Matthis Fabien12 jam yang lalu

    False!!!.....iPhone 11 and 11 pro max is more durable then any smartphone!!!

  27. Sinalo Gyimah

    Sinalo Gyimah13 jam yang lalu

    I use Android but I know that Apple is better😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Lindsay Ellis

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  29. JC Gaming

    JC Gaming16 jam yang lalu

    iPhone is better

  30. eyes of the shadow

    eyes of the shadow16 jam yang lalu

    the only one I don't agree with is the Android pictures yes it can be blurry which is true but not that blurry some Androids have really good cameras

  31. Theonlyone Voldemort

    Theonlyone Voldemort16 jam yang lalu

    1. Samsung has a better camera than apple 2. Is true 3. On android u can get any version of emojis even apples 4. Samsung is more reliable than apple + that shit never happens. 5. Everybody says iphones screen looks better... THE SCREENS ARE MADE BY SAMSUNG. 6. Wifi direct, whatsapp 7.well fair enough 8. All fair bro no hate


    METEORIC BRAINER16 jam yang lalu



    METEORIC BRAINER16 jam yang lalu


  34. Samantha Quinn

    Samantha Quinn17 jam yang lalu

    Bitch i have a samsung galaxy note 10 plus so try me lmfao 😂

  35. Brolyrules- Ningen

    Brolyrules- Ningen18 jam yang lalu

    I like how yall dont use the latest android phone.

  36. Brolyrules- Ningen

    Brolyrules- Ningen18 jam yang lalu

    Shit should be reversed for the attitude, every I pull out my andriod people always talking bad to me so that's when I bring up the things that make the apple not worth it

  37. Nitrox lol

    Nitrox lol19 jam yang lalu

    Its funny how people think android has a bad camera its actually really smooth😂

  38. chillXX5 BOY

    chillXX5 BOY19 jam yang lalu

    Wanted an Android got an apple

  39. BalasticNoah

    BalasticNoah19 jam yang lalu

    I really don't care what phone I get at least it's something

  40. skyven0m

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    You know android be on that ratchet worldstar shit tho

  41. Ghostix X

    Ghostix X22 jam yang lalu

    Bruh that's an old Samsung vs a new iPhone 😂


    YUNG SHAGGER22 jam yang lalu

    Likes for Apple replies for Android.

  43. Pluje ruffsj

    Pluje ruffsjHari Yang lalu

    This is the only LLS video I didn't like

  44. Nothing Never

    Nothing NeverHari Yang lalu

    dude android is the worst samsung is the best even better that iphone

  45. Beanie123 Weanie123

    Beanie123 Weanie123Hari Yang lalu

    I guess they ignore APPLE LITERALY USED ANDROID THINGS IN THERE PHONES also you used an old android like the s7 and up are actually good we can also video call other people so thats a lie and one more thing maybe you should do some research before assuming stuff

  46. Jermaine Gholston

    Jermaine GholstonHari Yang lalu

    This is legit apple vs LG