Apple iPhone 11 REACTION!!


  1. Cristian C

    Cristian CJam Yang lalu

    There is a always on display mode for SW4 :)

  2. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan2 jam yang lalu

    Can't wait for the iPhone 31 where the entire back is covered with cameras

  3. TechnoDroid

    TechnoDroid2 jam yang lalu

    The Zoom circle feature are already in Nokia Lumia phones!! 🙂🤪What a coincidence 😂

  4. RumbleBelly

    RumbleBelly3 jam yang lalu

    I took a bite, but it was a lot of adds to chew through :O

  5. Alvin Ameyaw

    Alvin Ameyaw3 jam yang lalu

    The Apple watch works great! Just like the iPhones...... But they're physically UGLY!!!!!

  6. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan2 jam yang lalu

    This is ugly af, I’ll stick with my 7, I’ve been waiting for something that’s actually worth an upgrade but I still ain’t feeling this, I’m not a photo person so I don’t need 3 fancy ass

  7. Sara Densmore

    Sara Densmore3 jam yang lalu

    I think I'll stick with my pixel 3xl

  8. Kamlesh Mallick

    Kamlesh Mallick3 jam yang lalu

    If Linus hates Apple (obvious he does) and does not enjoy making Apple videos don’t do it. Publish videos you enjoy creating instead of making Apple videos just because others are doing it and then crib about it. Terrible principles and you are not being true to your audience.

  9. Kitty Mittens • 82 years ago

    Kitty Mittens • 82 years ago3 jam yang lalu

    Eh, ima need ALOT of convincing to ditch the pixel 3a

  10. John Doe

    John Doe3 jam yang lalu

    How many cameras do we need on these things? I have an Xperia X and it has one 23 MP camera. Even the 20.7 MP they used in previous Xperias was still really good and that was back in the days when the iPhone 4S was still being sold and it had just an 8 MP camera but one lens. I used to think the iPhone had a good camera until I ditched it for an Xperia. You don't need a T-Mobile account to enjoy a good camera on a smartphone like these either. I got it used for $200 and use it as a small tablet with a nice 5 inch 1080p display and one of the better cameras found in smartphones. I don't know if Sony still makes the image sensors in the iPhones but I have read that the 4S had a Sony sensor in it. Maybe the S in 4S was a hint at that? I don't know but I wonder. Most people know Sony for Walkmans and TVs but did they know about the smartphones? You would be surprised how many people don't know Sony made smartphones then I show them the photos my camera has taken and they are amazed with the quality.

  11. Kamlesh Mallick

    Kamlesh Mallick3 jam yang lalu

    2013 - Flagship iPhone without contract = $ 699 2019 - Flagship iPhone = $ 1099 No Phone option below $400 2014 Mac Mini = $499 2018 Mac Mini = $799 No Mac sold below $500 They won’t sell cheaper Mac mini or the iPhone SE as they get less margins. Apple are a classic corporation using their monopoly to do whatever they want regarding prices.

  12. Multiapplecat

    Multiapplecat4 jam yang lalu

    No thanks I'll stick to my Samsung :)

  13. Robin Marquardt

    Robin Marquardt4 jam yang lalu

    Still garbage at 1:8x the cost of pure gold.

  14. Hugheszie

    Hugheszie4 jam yang lalu

    Pile of shit same phones as the last several they released, nothing new at all. Also... NOTCH. Eeeeeeeeeew.

  15. M F

    M F4 jam yang lalu

    Still got my iPhone 6s plus with a headphone jack going strong 💪

  16. 20,000 subscribers with no videos

    20,000 subscribers with no videos4 jam yang lalu

    Iphone 11 fidget spinner edition

  17. TrillasAdventures

    TrillasAdventures4 jam yang lalu

    ive never noticed a long enough delay to be a bother for the screen to come on and i only have a series 2

  18. Chad Lane

    Chad Lane4 jam yang lalu

    It's about time now in days you can get a mid range android phone for about $250 dollars with a 6 ish screen brand new

  19. Joseph Harvey

    Joseph Harvey5 jam yang lalu

    How does the Pro have large bezels. Literally someone point them out to me cause I don’t know what people are talking about


    SOKOART5 jam yang lalu

    Wow new camera hahahahaha HUAWEI IS AWESOME!!!!!

  21. ForceSweep Yes

    ForceSweep Yes5 jam yang lalu

    6:10 is the best

  22. Alex Kloehn

    Alex Kloehn5 jam yang lalu

    This is ugly af, I’ll stick with my 7, I’ve been waiting for something that’s actually worth an upgrade but I still ain’t feeling this, I’m not a photo person so I don’t need 3 fancy ass cameras. I’m honestly pondering trying the galaxy note 10😕

  23. Basket ree

    Basket ree5 jam yang lalu

    I just got my iPhone X whoops

  24. kung-fu hustle

    kung-fu hustle6 jam yang lalu

    Did you star in snoopy.

  25. TonyDamazio

    TonyDamazio6 jam yang lalu

    This is by far the ugliest phone ever released. Do you really thing Steve jobs would've let this weird ass design roll out? Try and keep up apple, I know you're always lagging behind but even your die hard fans don't even like this.

  26. JK

    JK6 jam yang lalu

    so yeah, stuck with the Galaxy..

  27. Roy Edmar

    Roy Edmar6 jam yang lalu

    They're even making chairs RGB now.

  28. John Pastor Jr

    John Pastor Jr7 jam yang lalu

    I can't wait for my 11 Pro SmartCamera to arrive friday.

  29. Blue.

    Blue.7 jam yang lalu

    They thought fidget spinners were still popular, so they decided it needed to be on their iPhone.

  30. Trey Ayy

    Trey Ayy7 jam yang lalu

    Fascinating how apple manages to compete with itself and keep all their brain-dead customers indoctrinated to buy their new shitty bullshit.

  31. Oscar Chiquete

    Oscar Chiquete7 jam yang lalu

    06:28 what watch is that?

  32. Alex Steverson

    Alex Steverson7 jam yang lalu

    The colors of the things on the desk is Android green but he's talking about Apple.

  33. David Shon

    David Shon7 jam yang lalu


  34. Doctor Brain

    Doctor Brain7 jam yang lalu

    Super Retina XDR display? Is that not the same as a Super Amoled with a slightly lower ppi than the note 10+ dynamic Amoled. It seems Apple always lie to ignorant fans.

  35. UltimateDailga12

    UltimateDailga128 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone know the highest watts the 11 Pro supports 🤔?

  36. Cam

    Cam8 jam yang lalu

    “The notch and bezels looked outdated back in 2017” No they didn’t? Back then phones largely relied on chunky forehead and chin bezels, including your beloved Samsung. Linus’ famboyism continues to distract from his content, ugh.

  37. Eddie Martinez Murua

    Eddie Martinez Murua8 jam yang lalu

    Never knew Johnny Rotten was such a tech nerd

  38. sigel81

    sigel818 jam yang lalu

    linus kissing apple’s ass as usual lol

  39. Ommar Atilano

    Ommar Atilano9 jam yang lalu

    You will be back! Pixel watch in the works

  40. Andrewn018

    Andrewn0189 jam yang lalu

    When I saw the thumbnail I already knew Linus was gonna make fun of apple again

  41. Balint Marton

    Balint Marton9 jam yang lalu

    We give you again a 999$ iphone cause you will be suprised again and you will buy it because the phone has an apple on the back... :) nothing changed only the camera design.... and don't come to me with the "inside things"... you will not recognize that changes... But still waste your money dear iphone fan, this is hilarious now how this company laughing on the costumers and they will be always excited and blinds now... :D

  42. James Rios

    James Rios10 jam yang lalu

    Worst release ever.

  43. G Shirazi

    G Shirazi10 jam yang lalu

    You must be stupid to bye a I phone

  44. Ask yo mama

    Ask yo mama11 jam yang lalu

    They should change their name to rotten apple cause they are in a state of decay.

  45. Steve Brule

    Steve Brule11 jam yang lalu

    Is Face unlock mandatory for these?

  46. [̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅i̲̅j̲̅i̲̅B̲̅σ̲̅я̲̅є̲̅d̲̅]

    [̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅i̲̅j̲̅i̲̅B̲̅σ̲̅я̲̅є̲̅d̲̅]11 jam yang lalu

    Legend says that is the wobbliest table in the industry.

  47. vuthina roeun

    vuthina roeun11 jam yang lalu

    Get wait for my green iPhone 11 😀

  48. Chris Franco

    Chris Franco12 jam yang lalu

    Its an iphone with a camera~ griffy

  49. Willypbm

    Willypbm12 jam yang lalu

    What a stupid review

  50. MidweekCape5

    MidweekCape513 jam yang lalu

    I don’t understand the hype of an always on display. I prefer my watch to have its display off when I’m not looking at it. What’s the point in wasting the battery no matter how little it’ll consume?

  51. Dino Spumoni

    Dino Spumoni13 jam yang lalu

    When he says he's going to switch to Apple for the Apple Watch, does that mean he's also going to be using the new iPhone full-time? Because I can't imagine the Apple Watch would be worth getting if you don't use iOS.

  52. Dominik Riegler

    Dominik Riegler13 jam yang lalu

    They have copied their new camera systems look from one of Kaito Kid (Anime) 's -characters: The "Spider".

  53. acomputer8me

    acomputer8me13 jam yang lalu

    7:03 Basically the same thing since the merger approval...

  54. pakjin007

    pakjin00713 jam yang lalu

    Fuck Apple!

  55. William Topping

    William Topping14 jam yang lalu

    Linus is so full of shit. He complains about the bezels here being too large, and on his Galaxy Note video he complains about them being too small. Which fucking one do you actually like Linus? What a douche.

  56. William Topping

    William Topping14 jam yang lalu

    Won't be happy until I have RGB toilet roll holders.

  57. Ej2912 Q

    Ej2912 Q3 jam yang lalu

    William Topping RGB tissue boxes

  58. apollo abella

    apollo abella14 jam yang lalu


  59. Hans Dampf

    Hans Dampf15 jam yang lalu

    Sad that Linus has become such an Apple basher. He is not objective anymore

  60. Rajibpk Vlogs

    Rajibpk Vlogs15 jam yang lalu

    Worst design

  61. jorge godines

    jorge godines15 jam yang lalu

    I stop watching after his first comercial

  62. Akhilesh H

    Akhilesh H15 jam yang lalu

    I heard Slow Fece. Why?