Apple iPhone 11 Event - LIVE September 2019 Keynote!

  • 10 Sep 2019
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  3. John Mcclane

    John Mcclane23 hari yang lalu

    prominent hackers nazi Germany or New Germany 2025 sounds better right

  4. Sean

    SeanBulan Yang lalu

    Just another money grab

  5. PhanindraNath Kurikela

    PhanindraNath KurikelaBulan Yang lalu

    Steve Jobs is punching the clouds in heaven

  6. John Mcclane

    John Mcclane23 hari yang lalu

    PhanindraNath Kurikela yep

  7. Bogdan Capanu

    Bogdan CapanuBulan Yang lalu

    WTF! The new iPhone do what Android phones did last year ?! You're brainwashed????!!! WTF!!!!

  8. RuinOnStick -

    RuinOnStick -Bulan Yang lalu

    Nice job apple for lowering the price

  9. Liam

    LiamBulan Yang lalu

    Apple is definitely master race

  10. Jahanzeb Amer

    Jahanzeb AmerBulan Yang lalu

    update on A12 12.4 Jailbreak??

  11. Olliekay

    OlliekayBulan Yang lalu

    Ok so basically late galaxy s10

  12. Lisa’s Tea

    Lisa’s Tea18 hari yang lalu

    John Mcclane my mom has one

  13. John Mcclane

    John Mcclane23 hari yang lalu

    Lisa’s Tea get the Htc One M16 with hologram screen and via-calls one of the kind also invisible like a glass but durable

  14. John Mcclane

    John Mcclane23 hari yang lalu

    Lisa’s Tea do you have it did you have it or just by looks

  15. Lisa’s Tea

    Lisa’s TeaBulan Yang lalu

    Olliekay galaxy s10 is so fucking ugly yall the camera is also shit

  16. Jude Adeline

    Jude AdelineBulan Yang lalu

    Dark Mode??? Oh my god, Apple just invented a new mode


    SURREALLBulan Yang lalu

    They need to work on better mp cameras if its possible

  18. Strong Ant

    Strong AntBulan Yang lalu

    You don't have to upload a stupid video to prove you are a stupid. #Fact it's not LIVE

  19. Jesse Pinkman

    Jesse PinkmanBulan Yang lalu

    What a boring keynote. They added another 12mp camera and they call it “Pro”

  20. VloggerHeath

    VloggerHeathBulan Yang lalu

    This isn’t even it. These aren’t real. Try again.

  21. lastlines09

    lastlines09Bulan Yang lalu

    Damn click bait

  22. GalaxyTCB

    GalaxyTCBBulan Yang lalu

    I just don’t understand why the costliest iPhones don’t have more color options. But the cheaper new iPhones do??? Dumb!

  23. John Mcclane

    John Mcclane23 hari yang lalu

    GalaxyTCB scam definitely forget apple or Samsung get the Htc One M16 with hologram screen and via-calls also mildly invisible like a glass but durable


    MOZEN CAPTUREBulan Yang lalu

    stupid click bait

  25. We The People

    We The PeopleBulan Yang lalu

    iCamera the best Movie Camera from Apple. Oh it can also make Phone calls for over $900, expensive phone, can it dial a contact in under one millisecond?? You wanted a simple phone, now you too can become a Movie Director. I will stick with what I find useful in my work an iPad Pro, simple phone calls can be done on a much cheaper device, or for $100 Extra I can get a Sim chip for my iPad and make phone calls! Apples Project Managers have lost Direction, what happened to the iPhone????


    ACE REBORNBulan Yang lalu

    report this fucking shit page


    ACE REBORNBulan Yang lalu

    hey bloody fucker, don't share virus links ya fucking pighead

  28. ruchi patil

    ruchi patilBulan Yang lalu


  29. hisoka44 hisoka

    hisoka44 hisokaBulan Yang lalu

    thank you apple for the price😍 i will buy 11

  30. Jude Adeline

    Jude AdelineBulan Yang lalu

    I'm not an apple fan and i dont give a shit. Just came here to see who is still buying that crap in 2019 and going to buy it in 2020

  31. John Mcclane

    John Mcclane23 hari yang lalu

    Wings of Destruction you missing on the Htc One M16 with hologram screen and via-calls also midly invisible like a glass but durable Htc One M16 coming fall 2025

  32. John Mcclane

    John Mcclane23 hari yang lalu

    Wings of Destruction missing out no in contrary

  33. Wings of Destruction

    Wings of DestructionBulan Yang lalu

    Damn bro. You’re really missing out😂

  34. Jude Adeline

    Jude AdelineBulan Yang lalu

    @tatiya bichhoo happy for you..

  35. Jude Adeline

    Jude AdelineBulan Yang lalu

    @Õunapoiss I'm collecting data for the Lower Intelligent Lifeform Study.. that's +1 for the LIF index

  36. metalore

    metaloreBulan Yang lalu

    Did they update any Macbooks? Air CPU? Pro without touchbar?

  37. Mongocom

    MongocomBulan Yang lalu

    What do you want to update the cpu for? Intel didn't make any new architecture since 2016

  38. Tizian

    TizianBulan Yang lalu

    Wish I wasn't broke

  39. Alexis Badillo

    Alexis BadilloBulan Yang lalu

    ya saca el preciooooo

  40. Desiree Grant

    Desiree GrantBulan Yang lalu

    When will IOS support split screen and text scheduling, that’s all I want and I would be happy!

  41. Savmaster 2

    Savmaster 2Bulan Yang lalu

    jsilbreak 😜

  42. Michel Beuret

    Michel BeuretBulan Yang lalu

    Same me .. All i want is multitasking ! But it will not happen...

  43. Testus

    TestusBulan Yang lalu

    Same design on iPhone for fourth year? Same design, same phone, new higher prices :) Just a different camera. And, ofc, the usual "This is the most advanced iPhone we ever made". Roflmao, no shit sherlock, nobody makes a less advanced product than previous year, nobody :D :D :D :D I love how they bullshit about "Fastest CPU, 2 years ahead of competition" when Samsung builds them. ofc Samsung can match that, when they already made it for Apple. Comparing it to S10+, but ignoring the Note10+ for obvious reasons, Samsung built them AFTER they built the A13 Bionic for Apple thus probably quite similar. As every year. Thats why Samsung always release before Apple, they already know there wont be anything fancy regarding the CPU

  44. Colourblindkid

    ColourblindkidBulan Yang lalu

    fuck this video too

  45. Colourblindkid

    ColourblindkidBulan Yang lalu

    Worst games ever

  46. Colourblindkid

    ColourblindkidBulan Yang lalu

    when is ios 13 coming out . Thats all i care

  47. Simz Zxy

    Simz ZxyBulan Yang lalu

    AmooToma i see. wish you luck in decision making! be careful about reviews on just about every brand. Its not what they say, but what they ignore or hide thats difficult to spot.

  48. Thomas _nl_

    Thomas _nl_Bulan Yang lalu

    Android is great

  49. AmooToma

    AmooTomaBulan Yang lalu

    Liam no its not apple isn’t everything btw :D you can do much more with abdroid

  50. AmooToma

    AmooTomaBulan Yang lalu

    Simz Zxy cause I won’t switch for a time until and I like to know things

  51. Liam

    LiamBulan Yang lalu

    Android is trash 🤮

  52. 0mnibus

    0mnibusBulan Yang lalu

    It happened. Apple showed the ugliest iPhone ever.

  53. The French Bald Eagle

    The French Bald EagleBulan Yang lalu

    @Xxx X no it's not it's just a fashion statement

  54. nikiwia

    nikiwiaBulan Yang lalu

    @Xxx Xthere are many other phones that are as good as an apple and don't cost that much but if you want to pay so much more money just for the apple, then do what you want

  55. Xxx X

    Xxx XBulan Yang lalu

    nikiwia apple is better tho

  56. nikiwia

    nikiwiaBulan Yang lalu

    @Xxx X u can get really great android phones for 600 or less 👀

  57. The French Bald Eagle

    The French Bald EagleBulan Yang lalu

    @Xxx X considering how in that price range there is much better

  58. AlieTechno

    AlieTechnoBulan Yang lalu

    Mantap lgbt

  59. John Mcclane

    John Mcclane23 hari yang lalu

    AlieTechno no lgbt only Rise


    ZOMMBIE CBulan Yang lalu

    apple products are magical pieces of shit...

  61. gjanos85

    gjanos85Bulan Yang lalu


  62. Undesignated Sinister

    Undesignated SinisterBulan Yang lalu

    iPhone 11 is ugly af 👀

  63. Mr Kitsune

    Mr KitsuneBulan Yang lalu

    Your edit is in GOD Tire 🔥

  64. Michael Seo

    Michael SeoBulan Yang lalu

    WHO is anticipating? I thought they already launched.

  65. Lisandro Cabrera

    Lisandro CabreraBulan Yang lalu

    Forget the apple event where’s the A12 jailbreak at ?

  66. Error RedCXZ

    Error RedCXZBulan Yang lalu

    Yeah we are still waiting on it :)

  67. PrAnkSt3r 69

    PrAnkSt3r 69Bulan Yang lalu

    I will support your Chanel forever bro keep going

  68. raees zada

    raees zadaBulan Yang lalu

    Hi every one

  69. Papi Chulo

    Papi ChuloBulan Yang lalu

    That shit was pointless asf

  70. kamalneet

    kamalneetBulan Yang lalu

    6th comment

  71. Shams Rahimi

    Shams RahimiBulan Yang lalu

    Thank you

  72. Cplusplus Robotics

    Cplusplus RoboticsBulan Yang lalu


  73. Steven Eaton

    Steven EatonBulan Yang lalu

    ❤️ love the vids

  74. iCrackUriDevice

    iCrackUriDeviceBulan Yang lalu

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  75. JayDA9

    JayDA9Bulan Yang lalu


  76. Jonathan Cortez

    Jonathan CortezBulan Yang lalu


  77. quainthi

    quainthiBulan Yang lalu