Ants on a Plane - Full Movie


  1. Pip Baker

    Pip Baker23 menit yang lalu

    They're going to bugger up the controls for sure........

  2. Charles S

    Charles S52 menit yang lalu

    Place one 2x4x12 on floor, place ant in middle of board, place second 2x4x12 on top of first board and press with downward force until crunch sound. Remove second board, sweep ant carcass to the side and repeat. Speed should be adjusted to match and exceed the number of subject ants.

  3. Kamogelo Matlapeng

    Kamogelo Matlapeng2 jam yang lalu

    Watching from South Africa anyone

  4. Technical Stuff

    Technical Stuff3 jam yang lalu

    Watching from dehradun india today is october 21 ...2019

  5. Sally Hall

    Sally Hall4 jam yang lalu තෙක් ඔබ කියවීම අවසන් නමුත් මම

  6. Simpson Homer

    Simpson Homer4 jam yang lalu

    Aight, I bet it wont look like an Atlanta airport

  7. Jennylin Verzola

    Jennylin Verzola6 jam yang lalu

    Watchng 0ctbr 20 2019😊😊😊

  8. Hadija Hassan

    Hadija Hassan12 jam yang lalu

    October 20/19 am watching from Tanzania

  9. Shamaica Cabaluna

    Shamaica Cabaluna13 jam yang lalu

    still watching ths october 20, 2019 👏✋

  10. Violeta Bayog

    Violeta Bayog5 jam yang lalu

    Same here

  11. hope kikundwa

    hope kikundwa13 jam yang lalu

    Ants snakes on e plan what next dogs cats noodles

  12. mosenjoon

    mosenjoon16 jam yang lalu

    Ok, 1- The Mom is hot, I love her already :-). 2- The plane is about to crash and these two Romeo and Juliet talking romantic and trying to the first kiss (awkward).3- After all this time, I didn't know the Capitan must go through the stupid CTL tower and that STUPID director to do an Emergency landing. It is clear now why many airplanes are crashing or disappearing. They shot them right on the air or when they land and blame it on mechanical problems (unless News is there) WOW!!!!

  13. Bhoomica Masih

    Bhoomica Masih23 jam yang lalu

    Mx cx. X

  14. Серик Букешов

    Серик БукешовHari Yang lalu

    OCTOBER 2019

  15. Adi fadzlin Abdullah

    Adi fadzlin AbdullahHari Yang lalu

    I'm watching here in Penang Malaysia.. never seen the movie about ants in earoplane before.. quit nice..

  16. Shy Lucena

    Shy LucenaHari Yang lalu

    Good movie, thanks!

  17. Marivic Gonzaga

    Marivic GonzagaHari Yang lalu


  18. MariaPearl Moranta

    MariaPearl MorantaHari Yang lalu

    Watching oct 19 phillppines

  19. maegupilan I

    maegupilan IHari Yang lalu

    Watxhing ..

  20. Abby Arzate

    Abby Arzate2 hari yang lalu

    I thought liquid with electricity was not friends?

  21. bill graham

    bill graham2 hari yang lalu

    Watching from Kenya

  22. Marmi Sumarmi

    Marmi Sumarmi2 hari yang lalu

    20 October 2019 // 02:19 INDONESIA time 😁 after work overtime

  23. haynatforever

    haynatforever2 hari yang lalu

    watching it now! October 19, 2019

  24. zubeida Kaker

    zubeida KakerHari Yang lalu

    So am I 6.35 am

  25. Mhai Gonzales

    Mhai Gonzales2 hari yang lalu

    Oct18 becomes oct 19 while watching

  26. Jhong & Teddy Vlogs

    Jhong & Teddy Vlogs2 hari yang lalu

    Haha nagpakatutok baril ng militar wla nmn kalabn kundi langgam spray kelangan

  27. Jhong & Teddy Vlogs

    Jhong & Teddy Vlogs2 hari yang lalu

    Una plng d naniniwla gang sa masira system. 😂

  28. Jhong & Teddy Vlogs

    Jhong & Teddy Vlogs2 hari yang lalu

    Alam ng my ants nkadim p ang ilaw 😂 pnu mkikita

  29. Jhong & Teddy Vlogs

    Jhong & Teddy Vlogs2 hari yang lalu

    Ayaw mniwla ang captain skanya ngyari

  30. generic cat

    generic cat2 hari yang lalu

    Unrealistic, air traffic control would never be so condensending about the emergency call. It's not their job to be judgemental. If a plane declares emergency there is serious protocol. Again the pilot would of imediately declared emergency when someone died... You just don't have that shit fly. So yeah, not very beleivable.

  31. Clodet Gambiza

    Clodet Gambiza2 hari yang lalu

    Thz movie is scary . Watching from Zimbabwe

  32. Emelyn Llaneta

    Emelyn Llaneta2 hari yang lalu


  33. rodel arzaga

    rodel arzaga2 hari yang lalu

    I hate that fricking male passenger! he is very rude!

  34. Jhunel Escalona

    Jhunel Escalona2 hari yang lalu

    October 18 😅

  35. Jomarie Abella

    Jomarie Abella2 hari yang lalu

    Watching now Friday in Qatar

  36. virgo torre

    virgo torre2 hari yang lalu

    Oct.18 and i just watch it tru cellphone

  37. virgo torre

    virgo torre2 hari yang lalu

    Oct.18 and i just watch it tru cellphone

  38. Ana Lee Valenzuela

    Ana Lee Valenzuela2 hari yang lalu

    Watching here in the Philippines

  39. Kouy Xssph

    Kouy Xssph2 hari yang lalu

    Watching now October 18.2019

  40. Jonah Zonio

    Jonah Zonio2 hari yang lalu

    Watching here October 18 2019 scary ants

  41. sorry guys

    sorry guys2 hari yang lalu

    Mast movie ants so scary danger best movie 😭

  42. Chaim Finkelstein

    Chaim Finkelstein3 hari yang lalu

    Bugs a fucking gross...

  43. OMGpro 51

    OMGpro 513 hari yang lalu

    now i am scared to kill ants!! >:(

  44. Suzy Iky

    Suzy Iky3 hari yang lalu

    17 of October, watching from south Sudan

  45. Courtney Thompson

    Courtney Thompson3 hari yang lalu

    No where in the caribbean has these ant. Only in American lab

  46. Courtney Thompson

    Courtney Thompson3 hari yang lalu

    17.10.2019 watching

  47. Ajay Majid

    Ajay Majid3 hari yang lalu


  48. Orlina Abaga

    Orlina Abaga3 hari yang lalu

    watching now from philippines oct. 17, 2019

  49. Maricar Zafra

    Maricar Zafra3 hari yang lalu

    Oct. 17 2019 im watching

  50. Mie Bosia

    Mie Bosia3 hari yang lalu

    1 ant has a wig a wings


    GIDEON NKHOMA3 hari yang lalu

    showing 2 different planes aint cool, be professional

  52. Vyas Chady

    Vyas Chady3 hari yang lalu

    This movie was so funny. lol.. 😁 Up next is Sand Serpents!!

  53. Kenny Lindsay

    Kenny LindsayHari Yang lalu

    Watched it and it was okay i guess

  54. Anna Hafizh

    Anna Hafizh3 hari yang lalu

    Apa cuma gue orang indonesia dsini😁

  55. Josephine Pantaleon

    Josephine Pantaleon3 hari yang lalu


  56. Ronald Lacsamana

    Ronald Lacsamana4 hari yang lalu

    watching from north korea.. anyone??

  57. violet were

    violet were4 hari yang lalu

    i really dont like that kid

  58. Sariv Bhattarai

    Sariv Bhattarai4 hari yang lalu

    Oct 16 just now I start to watch from paris is this good movie or not ?

  59. nu nu

    nu nu4 hari yang lalu

    Oct 16 Newport news VA

  60. أمير الشرق الجزائري SLIMANE

    أمير الشرق الجزائري SLIMANE4 hari yang lalu

    المسلم يبين روحوا بجام😎😎😎

  61. Tim Connor

    Tim Connor4 hari yang lalu

    Watching now 17.10.19 Australia

  62. Naneth Adarme

    Naneth Adarme4 hari yang lalu

    Reading the coments while watching😀im scared

  63. Jody Ann Campbell

    Jody Ann Campbell4 hari yang lalu

    October 16, 2019 anyone?👀👀

  64. Sherina Searcy

    Sherina Searcy3 hari yang lalu