Ant Desk 4: Moving Queen Ants And Small Colonies


  1. Repty Lyfe

    Repty Lyfe2 bulan yang lalu

    What kind of ants are these? I have the same kind and don’t know the name

  2. Ali Rohan

    Ali Rohan2 bulan yang lalu

    Very nice. I dumped my Camponotus chroamadios in the mini hearth and they absolutely love it.

  3. fernando urrutia

    fernando urrutia3 bulan yang lalu

    I have a small Brachymyrmex queen that is on a test tube setup, she has a few eggs and at least five larvaes... The tube is running out of water and I was wondering about to move them to something like the mini heart, can I just connect the tube to the nest and let her do the moving at their own speed?

  4. VarietySZN

    VarietySZN3 bulan yang lalu

    Is it ok to feed a colony with only two workers in a outworld?

  5. Лилия Мурашко

    Лилия Мурашко3 bulan yang lalu

    Good evening, where did you buy such a container? thanks

  6. Mike C.

    Mike C.Bulan Yang lalu

    @Лилия Мурашко no problem

  7. Лилия Мурашко

    Лилия МурашкоBulan Yang lalu

    @Mike C. thank

  8. Mike C.

    Mike C.Bulan Yang lalu

    The link is in the description,

  9. Лилия Мурашко

    Лилия МурашкоBulan Yang lalu

    @Mike C. link please?

  10. Mike C.

    Mike C.Bulan Yang lalu

    He makes them, you can find them on his website, tarheel ants

  11. Troy Kaz

    Troy Kaz3 bulan yang lalu

    I wish we had this species! Beautiful

  12. Brett koscielniak

    Brett koscielniak4 bulan yang lalu

    When in doubt, dump it out

  13. Br Jack Henderson

    Br Jack Henderson4 bulan yang lalu

    Another great and informative video! I'm not sure if it is answered somewhere else but what type of camera are you using to get these excellent videos?

  14. Get Riced

    Get Riced4 bulan yang lalu

    Wait why start moving them even tho their in their nanitics stage and not when theres 10 -20 workers

  15. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAnts4 bulan yang lalu

    NoSkin Where is this nonsense written you speak of? Haha. That’s a decent guideline but just doesn’t make sense to use as a hard rule in every case. I moved these because I was ready to.

  16. VarietySZN

    VarietySZN4 bulan yang lalu

    This is a very dangerous way, in my opinion moving the eggs that way is very risky and if they are broken in the process your queen will be 10 times more stressed than before

  17. VarietySZN

    VarietySZN4 bulan yang lalu

    @TarheelAnts noice

  18. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAnts4 bulan yang lalu

    MushiMango Having moved ants like this for years it just isn’t like you are describing at all. I tried to make it very clear it is only used in certain situations and definitely not done all the time with every species. In these instances with these species if done like I showed in the video it works very well . Your mileage with it may vary with experience and different species.

  19. Ali Rohan

    Ali Rohan4 bulan yang lalu

    Wow so beautiful. They look like the nest from the aliens movie from the 90s

  20. Sebastian Ramirez

    Sebastian Ramirez4 bulan yang lalu

    So i have the same type of ant species (Camponotus Castaneus), but i am planning to buy a talus for a single queen and brood, what size would you reccommend? Please awnser.

  21. Dustin Jackson

    Dustin Jackson4 bulan yang lalu

    What species of ant is this? I've noticed them in my region, and I'm curious.

  22. Condemnedgamer66

    Condemnedgamer664 bulan yang lalu

    NEVER dump ants to move them it will most likely kill them, I learned the hard way

  23. Condemnedgamer66

    Condemnedgamer664 bulan yang lalu

    @zejd zejd i like you your funny

  24. zejd zejd

    zejd zejd4 bulan yang lalu

    @TarheelAnts Trust him he learned the hard way... It is not good to DUMP ANTS INTO A NEW HOME

  25. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAnts4 bulan yang lalu

    This is purely reliant on the type of ant and the method you choose to dump them. It is 100% certain that it works and works very well in certain situations.

  26. Wrestling Talk

    Wrestling Talk4 bulan yang lalu

    Make more videos please!

  27. Sea Shell

    Sea Shell5 bulan yang lalu

    Thanks for letting us watch them move in! I really wanted to see that :)

  28. Sea Shell

    Sea Shell5 bulan yang lalu

    I wish you guys weren't so expensive because I'm a hobo ant lover :)

  29. TemperateAnts

    TemperateAnts5 bulan yang lalu

    Hey, what substance is the mini hearth made out of? I know there isnt aircrete in the US, and it doesn't look like pumice

  30. TemperateAnts

    TemperateAnts5 bulan yang lalu

    @Sackmatters thanks

  31. Sackmatters

    Sackmatters5 bulan yang lalu

    TemperateAnts I have a few of their formicarium and they seem to be a plaster.

  32. Lunala Animations And Pokemon

    Lunala Animations And Pokemon6 bulan yang lalu

    What kind of ant set up was that, the one with the phosphorus.

  33. Robin

    Robin6 bulan yang lalu

    What is the camponotus species at 2:03

  34. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAnts6 bulan yang lalu

    Camponotus castaneus

  35. galaxy cat

    galaxy cat7 bulan yang lalu

    Your queen had a mite in this video on her back leg. Did she ever get rid of that?

  36. Joshua DeBiase

    Joshua DeBiase8 bulan yang lalu

    His voice is so mellow and calming

  37. ElijahTommy 777

    ElijahTommy 77710 bulan yang lalu

    Hey. How does the water tower work? Does it flow into the concete that the nest is made of to keep it humid?

  38. ElijahTommy 777

    ElijahTommy 7777 bulan yang lalu

    @TarheelAnts yeh i knew that bit but i meant does it just go through the conrete or have you cute a hole out for it or what?

  39. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAnts7 bulan yang lalu

    No, it is just for evaporation into the air within the nest. This keeps the humidity at comfortable levels for the colony.

  40. Ren Kondo

    Ren Kondo10 bulan yang lalu

    There is a mite on the queen

  41. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAnts10 bulan yang lalu

    Ren Kondo That happens sometimes.

  42. Ryan Clarito

    Ryan ClaritoTahun Yang lalu

    Nice ant colony

  43. Foskcie

    FoskcieTahun Yang lalu

    Very nice video! Small colony go on to be bigger))

  44. Cristhian

    CristhianTahun Yang lalu

    friend a question that is what you put where the queen put his eggs that round thing like metal. thanks for your response and attention

  45. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAnts7 bulan yang lalu

    Water Tower.

  46. Kael Alexander

    Kael AlexanderTahun Yang lalu

    also in michigan we dont have C. americanus. in michigan C. novaeboracensis seems to be the most common.

  47. Kael Alexander

    Kael AlexanderTahun Yang lalu

    is the atom b still for sale?

  48. Kael Alexander

    Kael AlexanderTahun Yang lalu

    ok thanks. I have a Crematogastor species queen that hasn't yet laid brood and it has been a few days. do you recommend the atom nest over a test tube set up?

  49. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu

    Kael Alexander Yes, only by custom order though. Drop us an email at

  50. A -101

    A -101Tahun Yang lalu


  51. Octavain Davis

    Octavain DavisTahun Yang lalu

    Whats the id of that queen in the video at exactly 8:57

  52. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAnts7 bulan yang lalu

    Aphaenogaster lamellidens.

  53. Ethan Wright

    Ethan WrightTahun Yang lalu

    I have no idea what species my queen is

  54. FuzzySquirrel25

    FuzzySquirrel25Tahun Yang lalu

    Just ordered your summer mini hearth pack! Super excited.

  55. F34nd Luka

    F34nd LukaTahun Yang lalu

    Such a long wait

  56. Ant Galaxy

    Ant GalaxyTahun Yang lalu

    Beautiful nests simplistic but I have a question where do you get thoose magnets from because I would like ot make a DIY video of making a ytong or plaster nest ((I would mention you))

  57. P L U T O

    P L U T OTahun Yang lalu

    Ant Galaxy you could probably find them in a hardware store or online

  58. Ethan Adams

    Ethan AdamsTahun Yang lalu

    where u live? (country)

  59. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu


  60. myrmecofourmis

    myrmecofourmisTahun Yang lalu

    Is this species local where you live?

  61. Repty Lyfe

    Repty Lyfe2 bulan yang lalu

    TarheelAnts what kind are they?

  62. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu

    myrmecofourmis Yes

  63. De'Chalon barron

    De'Chalon barronTahun Yang lalu

    I found a queen so small it's these size of my androids power button it's as small. As a penny smaller wanna see a vid?

  64. suicidism

    suicidismTahun Yang lalu

    Which camera and lens are you using to record? Great video btw :)

  65. melrexmelrex

    melrexmelrexTahun Yang lalu

    Hi Mack, nice video. At 2:29 of the video it look like your queen has a mite on her left rear leg. At 2:42 too

  66. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu

    She sure does! I don't think its harmful, but I will remove it anyways.

  67. seyashi

    seyashiTahun Yang lalu

    Where do you get these habitat kits?

  68. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu


  69. I Love Animals

    I Love AnimalsTahun Yang lalu

    What are those containers called I think my queens would like them

  70. I Love Animals

    I Love AnimalsTahun Yang lalu

    ok thx

  71. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu

    i love animals Mini Hearths?

  72. Randall W

    Randall WTahun Yang lalu

    Hey tarheel ants, I found a queen with small and large eggs in a log after I ripped some bark off. I placed the bark back and left her alone. I'm wandering, is it safe to take her and her brood out of her home and into a test tube setup, if I can get the brood our safely?

  73. Randall W

    Randall WTahun Yang lalu

    TarheelAnts I went out today and got her and most of her brood and to a test tube set-up. Now I just hope she isn't too stressed out. Will your mini-hearths be suitable for this queen? I'm assuming she's campanotus since she was in a log

  74. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu

    Yes, this would be a good situation to move her into a new habitat. IF you leave her after disturbing her burrow she will possibly (probably) abandon her old home and leave some of her eggs behind.

  75. Citrus FPV

    Citrus FPVTahun Yang lalu

    I have three colonies of Prenolepis Imparis, two of them with one queen, and the third with two queens. None of them have workers, but they all have plenty of brood. When I first caught them, I placed them straight into the Mini Hearth so they could start their colonies. I saw your other Prenolepis Imparis videos so I thought it would be okay. Is it fine that they are in the mini hearth so early on, or should I move them into test tubes until the colonies can develope?

  76. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu

    Rain Wathooshkins The Mini Hearth is good for founding queens so there is nothing wrong I can think of versus a test tube. Some advantages would be not having to move them later, rolling of the test tube is no longer a problem, mold on the cotton , etc. Feeding your first workers that arrive will be easier in a Mini Hearth, also. Test tubes work and have been used for decades to raise Ants but having interviewed several people as to why they used them in lab settings the main answer is cost efficiency. When we want to raise Ants for pet ant colonies investing more in our supplies for raising Ants makes more sense than when you are on a budget for a research grant. I could go on....haha.

  77. misslanie23

    misslanie23Tahun Yang lalu

    What is that little clear plastic cap you are containing the the queen in?

  78. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu

    misslanie23 Just one of our feeding dishes.

  79. Jimothy j

    Jimothy jTahun Yang lalu

    I just found a black carpenter queen with wings, but she was doing the “searching” walk. I put her into a test tube setup; should I have?

  80. one wan

    one wanTahun Yang lalu

    Yes, I found a Tapinoma sessile queen with her wings and I placed her in my test tube and, days later she layed eggs and never removed her wings.

  81. C N123

    C N123Tahun Yang lalu

    insects galore You don't need too.

  82. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu

    Yes, now you are just watching for her eggs and maybe to see if she will remove her wings.

  83. Jake Fisher

    Jake FisherTahun Yang lalu

    I want one of those things to put my young colony in

  84. P L U T O

    P L U T OTahun Yang lalu

    Go to his website I think he sells them

  85. Vladimir Zzz

    Vladimir ZzzTahun Yang lalu

    Greetings! Thanks for great and very helpfull videos. Can i ask what is the size of those round magnets you use to hold the front screen of the formicariums?

  86. Vladimir Zzz

    Vladimir ZzzTahun Yang lalu

    Itz GeckoGamer hmm i dont really think so mate, 3cm is more than an inch, those magnets are more like 5x3 or 5x2 millimeters

  87. StinkFish

    StinkFishTahun Yang lalu

    Vladimir Zzz they are sbout 3 centermeter neodinyum magnets

  88. Ant Guide

    Ant GuideTahun Yang lalu

    Hey I'm from Kalamazoo my Facebook is Troy Herman message me

  89. Dusky

    DuskyTahun Yang lalu

    hey, Tarheel Ants I just ordered your summer Mini Hearth pack!

  90. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu

    Great, thank you for the support Jack!

  91. Lasius Lord

    Lasius LordTahun Yang lalu

    What is the Camponotus species at 8:00? I have one that looks exactly the same. (Please respond if you know).

  92. asleen alee

    asleen alee2 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you

  93. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu

    Camponotus chromaiodes.

  94. Ants In Texas

    Ants In TexasTahun Yang lalu

    I like you method of moving them I'll try that soon.

  95. Zbionix / Caleb H.

    Zbionix / Caleb H.Tahun Yang lalu

    I always try to normal move first; then if fails dump method

  96. oslobodjenik

    oslobodjenik6 bulan yang lalu

    Ya its bad to dump

  97. Michael Reamy

    Michael ReamyTahun Yang lalu

    Great video Mack! That Camponotus americanus colony is awesome looking.

  98. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu

    Thanks, Michael!

  99. raine

    raineTahun Yang lalu

    Really love the updated quality of your vid! I can’t wait to order my mini hearth 😍

  100. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you, Raine!

  101. Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant

    Saphire Throated Carpenter AntTahun Yang lalu

    Very glad to see an upload. I had a terrible ant disaster today. =( I was moving my P. californicus colony from a formicarium into a naturalistic style 150 gallon vivarium set up ( a process that has been going for 3 days now as the colony is several thousand strong) and yesterday I noticed the queen go through the tubing and into the vivarium. Not long later when I went to check again her workers were not able to make up their minds where to lead her and so started pulling her in all different directions very roughly. I figured they would just work it out and that their instincts would lead them to the right choice but when I came back to check this morning the queen was laying on top of the newly moved garbage pile with no legs at all. The rest of the colony looks super pleased with their decision and is working away diligently as ever. =(

  102. Rorther

    RortherTahun Yang lalu

    Wow, thats crazy!

  103. Johnfuse

    JohnfuseTahun Yang lalu

    Todd Buckman That can unfortunately happen sometimes.

  104. Solenopsis

    SolenopsisTahun Yang lalu

    You might try catching another queen and placing her in the foraging area and see if they will accept her.

  105. Nathan Thomas

    Nathan ThomasTahun Yang lalu

    Woohooo an upload

  106. Southwest Ant Channel

    Southwest Ant ChannelTahun Yang lalu

    Super happy to see a new video just moved a colony from a fortress to a casita.can't wait for my 4by6 nucleus to move the other

  107. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu

    Southwest Ant Channel Thank you for the support, it has been a long time. Lots of videos planned, well get your 4x6 out soon.

  108. Kyle Rosenberg

    Kyle RosenbergTahun Yang lalu

    Dry eggs? Do you mean larvae and pupae?

  109. Kyle Rosenberg

    Kyle RosenbergTahun Yang lalu

    Don't get me wrong, I totally understand why it's important to best cater to your audience while slowly easing them into more complicated subject matter, but I don't think the terms larvae and pupae will fly over too many people's heads. Either way, the lifecycle of ants is something most will learn early on through both observation as well as pieces of media (like this video for example) that are expected to keep people well informed and educated on topics such as these. I guess what I'm trying to say that it might be best to be aware of your audience and expose them to more information over time while at the same time not underestimating their intelligence (most of the people watching these videos have probably done atleast a very minimal amount of research on antkeeping before jumping right in). That's just a nit-pick of mine. Other than that I thought it was a great video and expressed the information that it was trying to get across really well.

  110. TarheelAnts

    TarheelAntsTahun Yang lalu

    Kyle Rosenberg No I think that was the one word that fit the situation best when considering the audience and other possible words for that. From talking to so many newcomers the term eggs is more meaningful than brood, larvae, pupae etc when describing the entire brood pile. I am not teaching any science lessons, simply describing moving Ants around.

  111. Joe The Juggalo

    Joe The JuggaloTahun Yang lalu

    Yeah I was about to say dumping ants like that isn't very good. I was watching another Ant Channel where this guy did it and he did it very roughly. I commented saying it's not good to do that and the person got really upset and backlashed at me for it. so I told him that I'm going to unsubscribe to him because of how he treated his ants and how he treated his viewers for telling him that it's not good to dump it's like that.

  112. zejd zejd

    zejd zejd4 bulan yang lalu

    @Johnfuse If you just plug the new and better nest to the old one, the ants have right to choose what they like the most... but if you just take this peaceful little colony and DUMP them into a new nest that YOU think is better for them, YOU JUST TAKE AWAY ALL THEIR RIGHT TO CHOOSE!!!!!!!! And you say it is more stressfull to let the ants move out when they feel like it than TO TAKE THER HOME AND DUMP THEM IN TO A NEW ONE!!!!!!!!

  113. AntsUSA

    AntsUSATahun Yang lalu

    Dumping works great for me unless it's a sensitive ant species !

  114. Connor Anderson

    Connor AndersonTahun Yang lalu

    Joe The Juggalo I love ants, but they are ants, not people

  115. S.e.x.? [Blob]

    S.e.x.? [Blob]Tahun Yang lalu

    Johnfuse so u said that ants r less stressed when they get dumped into their new home n can't work for themselves?

  116. Joe The Juggalo

    Joe The JuggaloTahun Yang lalu

    Chris Presnell I don't even remember the name it's been Chevron month since I last saw any of his backlash on my comments. All I remember is that the guy is European and he made is formicarium out of I think some kind of plaster mix. He built it in a round cylinder container and built it in multiple section.