Ant Colony Time Lapse


  1. 5fo4st5er7

    5fo4st5er74 hari yang lalu

    Ants' masterpiece

  2. Timm Savage

    Timm Savage10 hari yang lalu

    Absolutely incredible!

  3. The killer tony is ninja Tonyisninja

    The killer tony is ninja Tonyisninja11 hari yang lalu

    hey you 76k people who liked this subscribe to him too

  4. Nicholas FH

    Nicholas FH11 hari yang lalu

    My dumbass friend tought that the ants on thumbnail are in the water

  5. Dat Guy Rumble

    Dat Guy Rumble12 hari yang lalu

    Tip : if you want a ant farm for your colony, never get a gel farm since it goes to provide the nutrients the ants need and will eventually die

  6. Xx Moonlight Studios xX

    Xx Moonlight Studios xX12 hari yang lalu

    The progress of a new ant farm with tons of ants in it, when they dig tunnels. The process is so slow, but it turns out beautifully.

  7. Mazlum Polat

    Mazlum Polat13 hari yang lalu

    İs this a game? Even i cannot understand why people keeping animals like prisoner in their home; Kind this animals ants and bee's why do you doing this to them?

  8. ramesh gaddala

    ramesh gaddala13 hari yang lalu

    nice video

  9. nick featherston

    nick featherston15 hari yang lalu

    When Christopher Columbus thought he was going to the West Indies 😭

  10. Shan

    Shan18 hari yang lalu

    I thought the ants are making a colony underwater when I saw the thumbnail

  11. I am ant

    I am ant19 hari yang lalu

    This was a very fun project to do

  12. Spaceman Savvy

    Spaceman Savvy19 hari yang lalu

    put the playback speed on 2

  13. Goblinho Safado

    Goblinho Safado19 hari yang lalu

    who also thought the ants was doing a dive

  14. death star 11

    death star 1119 hari yang lalu

    those ants are paid actors

  15. Gacha Lion

    Gacha Lion20 hari yang lalu

    I paused randomly and I saw a floating ant

  16. Veovanh Paliphasouk

    Veovanh Paliphasouk20 hari yang lalu


  17. Chris Mason

    Chris Mason21 hari yang lalu

    Release the RAID attack and drench those tunnels.

  18. SSc_Hamma

    SSc_Hamma21 hari yang lalu

    Did anyone else think for a sec this was underwater?

  19. S&C Gaming

    S&C Gaming21 hari yang lalu

    If i was in there, i would scream, I have claustrophobia

  20. NinjaViking1

    NinjaViking122 hari yang lalu

    I don't give a Fuck about the Dyson Hair Dryer

  21. yungod

    yungod24 hari yang lalu

    Only 90s kids remember this song...😏😏😏

  22. Mos Kito

    Mos Kito27 hari yang lalu

    ALL VIEWS together is equal to 556 years what people have watched this video... doesnt humans really have more important things to do???

  23. TECHNO- ES

    TECHNO- ES27 hari yang lalu

    This is called hardworking.

  24. Mathiashje

    Mathiashje28 hari yang lalu

    What am I doing with my life¿

  25. Ghost Clipping

    Ghost Clipping29 hari yang lalu

    I had one of these same things

  26. Hugo Bngvn

    Hugo Bngvn29 hari yang lalu

    The tunnel under the see "La Manche" between Uk and France at 1.00

  27. crocodile production

    crocodile productionBulan Yang lalu

    Did you know that ant colony will die inside that gel farm

  28. Marilyn Kawaii

    Marilyn KawaiiBulan Yang lalu

    *ants are so cool*

  29. 101 Studio

    101 StudioBulan Yang lalu

    Mojang : never dig straight down! Ants:

  30. RandomPoop

    RandomPoopBulan Yang lalu

    Im the only one that thought the dramatic music mix with this scene 1:08 is funny

  31. WULAN 27

    WULAN 27Bulan Yang lalu

    Aku mau ngumpulin org” yg nonton kesini gara” YtCrash?

  32. Zamya Chapman

    Zamya ChapmanBulan Yang lalu


  33. Cons piracies

    Cons piraciesBulan Yang lalu

    How can the ants dig? They have no fingers though...

  34. Bia Rose BR

    Bia Rose BRBulan Yang lalu

    I should be studying, I have an exam tomorrow 😐

  35. Ivan RDLT

    Ivan RDLTBulan Yang lalu

    Even in 0.25 of velocity it instó fast

  36. 周亞全

    周亞全Bulan Yang lalu

    Guy: I ate 50kg of auger without getting diabetes Ant: hold my friend’s body

  37. Jimmy Neutron

    Jimmy NeutronBulan Yang lalu

    That get is bad for the ants

  38. milo barter

    milo barterBulan Yang lalu

    Poor bastards

  39. spotlight material - spectator

    spotlight material - spectatorBulan Yang lalu

    I hate ants

  40. burnt tree

    burnt treeBulan Yang lalu

    Ok cool but why do u keep ants?😕

  41. Harry Uy

    Harry UyBulan Yang lalu

    When the ants get dig anymore Ant:LET ME OUT

  42. souljasweat

    souljasweatBulan Yang lalu


  43. kathryn Ford

    kathryn FordBulan Yang lalu

    Aren't thay so clever. Xxoo

  44. SunnyGaming22

    SunnyGaming22Bulan Yang lalu

    Did they get any food?

  45. Light SmokE

    Light SmokEBulan Yang lalu

    Poor colony...

  46. Gacha 4 life

    Gacha 4 lifeBulan Yang lalu

    Me: **scared of ants** Also me: **watches anyway** Also me: *AhHhHhHhHhH*

  47. Birat Bastola

    Birat BastolaBulan Yang lalu


  48. random kid 206

    random kid 206Bulan Yang lalu


  49. Iamspania

    IamspaniaBulan Yang lalu

    This actually cool tbh

  50. jestemstunterem

    jestemstunteremBulan Yang lalu

    Where is mother ?

  51. Snejana Liapi

    Snejana LiapiBulan Yang lalu

    Alcatraz for ants.

  52. Peter Gambier

    Peter GambierBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks for posting this Ali, ants are just so cool. What was the blue substance you filmed them in? I was in Tasmania is the early 90's and there I saw 'Inchman' ants that were slow moving and an inch long but the worst for a stinging bite were ants called 'Jack Jumpers' they were much smaller and faster, they jumped and they had a powerful bite which stung like heck. In ancient history the worlds biggest ant was the Titanomyrma, the queen was about 2 inch long. I'll bet that there must have been even bigger ones somewhere.

  53. Kenny Pop

    Kenny PopBulan Yang lalu

    Do you need to queen ant for that??

  54. Haley . Evelyn

    Haley . EvelynBulan Yang lalu

    Are they eating that jelly looking stuff?

  55. LuciLaife 123

    LuciLaife 123Bulan Yang lalu

    The building of Antato Potato Town.

  56. ItzŁövey MëøwMïx

    ItzŁövey MëøwMïxBulan Yang lalu


  57. Thomas Gray R. Ramos

    Thomas Gray R. RamosBulan Yang lalu

    What is that light blue thing?

  58. Linda Ratoncita

    Linda RatoncitaBulan Yang lalu

    Da merkt man mal wie unnatürlich dieser Müll ist.

  59. Tommy Lennon

    Tommy LennonBulan Yang lalu

    put it 2x speed your welcome

  60. chill in

    chill inBulan Yang lalu

    This wasn’t in my recommended i searched it up