Another haul... but everything's from hawaii :))


  1. ella’s life

    ella’s life15 hari yang lalu

    you remind me so much of annie long. love you both💓

  2. Naomi Chun

    Naomi ChunBulan Yang lalu

    I have the same shirt she’s wearing but with short sleeves😂

  3. Mila S.

    Mila S.Bulan Yang lalu

    the amount of times Melanie said “lil” or “little” 😂💞

  4. the tea is spilt

    the tea is spiltBulan Yang lalu

    6:32 THAT IS NOT 80S ITS 70S

  5. Nicole Rendler

    Nicole RendlerBulan Yang lalu

    you're honestly one of the only youtubers I can stand to watch or listen to hahaha love your videos!

  6. Gabriela Nevarez

    Gabriela NevarezBulan Yang lalu

    I used to like watching her but now she literally uses the same words every video and it's kinda annoying lmao bye

  7. Isabella Pineda

    Isabella PinedaBulan Yang lalu

    I was in Hawaii too ! Went there in the beginning of September

  8. evelynn N

    evelynn NBulan Yang lalu

    Please do a hairstyles video

  9. Sophie Hart

    Sophie HartBulan Yang lalu

    i love this video so much omg! also it really cheered me up haha i love your personality 💗

  10. maddie goplin

    maddie goplinBulan Yang lalu

    I NEED a mirror like that!! Where did you get it??

  11. Army Blink

    Army BlinkBulan Yang lalu

    Is there somebody to talk about how cute she was in the beginning of the video?😳😐Ok🙁

  12. cry baebxy

    cry baebxyBulan Yang lalu

    hey mel, can you do a "trying on everything in my closet" video? ;))

  13. leslie mateo

    leslie mateoBulan Yang lalu

    Get this to top comment

  14. Amerie`s diy

    Amerie`s diyBulan Yang lalu

    She talks about how she's proud of herself then 5 seconds after how she's disappointed in herself lol😂😂 love u Melanie

  15. Marleny Lara

    Marleny LaraBulan Yang lalu

    Where is the shirt from that your using in then video?

  16. Estella 334

    Estella 334Bulan Yang lalu

    You are actually so funny👑❤️

  17. Bella Bella

    Bella BellaBulan Yang lalu

    There’s nothing more annoying than her hauls because all she does is justify why she bought it. Girl we don’t care why you bought it just show the damn item.

  18. Nora Hutchinson

    Nora HutchinsonBulan Yang lalu

    “VSCO girls are dying everywhere” I GASPED

  19. Lilian Dobson.

    Lilian Dobson.Bulan Yang lalu

    MEL you have so many clothes lol

  20. altfaith

    altfaithBulan Yang lalu

    so we’re not going to talk about the fact that there is a brandy melville in hawai’i, but not one is tennessee?

  21. Stella and Rachel

    Stella and RachelBulan Yang lalu

    Is it ironic that I’m going to Hawaii in 4 months?😂

  22. Jess Lloyd

    Jess LloydBulan Yang lalu

    can some one please explain how heki stands for he is greater than i

  23. Hope Gould

    Hope GouldBulan Yang lalu

    Finally a youtuber who lives in Washington!

  24. LittleMissHailey

    LittleMissHaileyBulan Yang lalu

    Literally love your hauls

  25. xoxoxo kay

    xoxoxo kayBulan Yang lalu

    When she said it was 60° I couldn't realate, cus I live in Texas and it's always 100000000000° !!

  26. vicsic vlogs

    vicsic vlogsBulan Yang lalu

    uR sUch a gOoD siNgeR

  27. Kaitlyn Chartrand

    Kaitlyn ChartrandBulan Yang lalu

    I love all the clothes you got! I really like the he>i shirts and the yellow sweater is a gorgeous colour! Ps small IDreporterr here! Anyone wanna sub?

  28. Gem Chan

    Gem ChanBulan Yang lalu

    can u make a video on school supplies

  29. Piper Knapp

    Piper KnappBulan Yang lalu

    when she says there are no stores in the states but hawaii IS a state i died a little bit

  30. it's LULU

    it's LULUBulan Yang lalu

    U should hang out with Caroline Manning :D

  31. Marie-Delphine Sturny

    Marie-Delphine SturnyBulan Yang lalu

    why don’t i get any stickers when i’m anywhere😕❤️

  32. alyssa renae

    alyssa renaeBulan Yang lalu

    God I swear if she says “fUnNy St0rY” on more time I’m gonna die .....................

  33. Gabriela Nevarez

    Gabriela NevarezBulan Yang lalu

    "rEaLlY gRoOvY"

  34. Arelli Mari

    Arelli MariBulan Yang lalu

    Do a vloooggggff pleaseeeee im tired of hauuuuuuuulllllsssss

  35. Valya Susin

    Valya SusinBulan Yang lalu

    U should do a, scrunchies pick my outfits for a week video

  36. XxAbriBuildsxX cool

    XxAbriBuildsxX coolBulan Yang lalu

    your bis are amazing and make me smile, but this vid looks like its in front of greenscreen lmao

  37. Sofia Zayka

    Sofia ZaykaBulan Yang lalu

    Omg you live in Seattle!?!??!?? SAMEEEE!!!!!

  38. Emily Johnston

    Emily JohnstonBulan Yang lalu

    i'm actually shook by how many clothes she buys

  39. Elizabeth Haley

    Elizabeth HaleyBulan Yang lalu

    OMG I died when she said definie cause it's like she combined her name with definitely and that's what Patagonia did with aloha and I thought it was funny

  40. mariana c.

    mariana c.Bulan Yang lalu

    keep the hauls comingggggg

  41. hannah leong

    hannah leongBulan Yang lalu

    i want to live like u omg

  42. martyna misztela

    martyna misztelaBulan Yang lalu

    ugh i wish I had all these clothes they are soo friggin prettyy oh my 💟💟💟💟😘

  43. Rachelrose

    RachelroseBulan Yang lalu

    Melanie: trying to justify her purchases Me: no

  44. Keira Kawachi

    Keira KawachiBulan Yang lalu

    Learn that term.. g o s h Melanie

  45. piippess

    piippessBulan Yang lalu

    she actually pronounced most of the places and hawaiian words decently correctly

  46. Nainoa Nakasone

    Nainoa NakasoneBulan Yang lalu

    Hawaiʻi no e ka ʻoi ;) Hawai’i is the best

  47. simply alysa

    simply alysaBulan Yang lalu

    Legit the prettiest girl i've ever seen!

  48. amusing

    amusingBulan Yang lalu

    omg you live in seattle so do i

  49. Emine Celebi

    Emine CelebiBulan Yang lalu

    I'm sick and you literally make my day you're so funny 😊😂

  50. Emine Celebi

    Emine CelebiBulan Yang lalu

    Sad for my I live in Belgium so we don't have a brandy Melville 😔😔✌

  51. Emine Celebi

    Emine CelebiBulan Yang lalu

    Why are you so freaking cute !🌸 and funny too 😂🌸

  52. Alyssa

    AlyssaBulan Yang lalu

    fun fact you don’t pronounce it heki its just he greater than i

  53. Hadassah Jamison

    Hadassah JamisonBulan Yang lalu

    Anyone notice that's it's fall and she kept saying winter lol

  54. Isaiah Jones

    Isaiah JonesBulan Yang lalu

    Im a small youtuber just uploaded a new youtube video show some love

  55. NO NAME

    NO NAMEBulan Yang lalu

    me realizing how poor i am and how i’ve literally nvr left my state 😂

  56. Hadassah Jamison

    Hadassah JamisonBulan Yang lalu

    Be encouraged!

  57. Jaymes Tokuda

    Jaymes TokudaBulan Yang lalu

    I'm from Hawaii and I went on a trip to Seattle and was hoping to run into melanie... and then i find out from her insta that she went to hawai. Smh. I was depressed :((((

  58. Jaymes Tokuda

    Jaymes TokudaBulan Yang lalu

    @Abi moon I hope sooo ♡♡♡

  59. Abi moon

    Abi moonBulan Yang lalu

    Jaymes Tokuda I cannot imagine 😫 don’t worry I’m definitely sure u will meet her ☺️

  60. Rikki Kalawaia

    Rikki KalawaiaBulan Yang lalu

    I love you but it is Ha-wa-eee

  61. K

    KBulan Yang lalu

    love the haul but the quality is ass

  62. Jahzell M.

    Jahzell M.Bulan Yang lalu

    i already commented on your ig about this and you responded but please please PLEASE come back soon so i can actually get to meet you!! 🥺🥺🥺

  63. katie

    katieBulan Yang lalu

    melanie said money

  64. Jaela Marie

    Jaela MarieBulan Yang lalu

    It’s brandy Melville.... but from hawaii🤣 love your vids💕

  65. Marianna Simonian

    Marianna SimonianBulan Yang lalu

    anyone from seattle too? 👇🏼