Anaconda Hunting!!! What Happens? Paul Cuffaro and Jacob Feder


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    Tell Paul I love his videos and yours of course

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  3. Amanda Perry

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    Monster Mac I'm so sorry I'm so sorry he's killing the fish he's calling the animals

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    Yeah me to

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    @TotoGamer 07 u sucker

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    Paul and Jacob cute

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    You are a chicken

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    You are so funny baby mike

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    Mike is is is 100 foot tall

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    I’m 8 and I’m 4 foot

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    Jacob feder pocafaro Hands Catfish

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    Glad you finally made it in the millionaires club on IDreporter. Great channel Mike!

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    Sour patch

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    Paul and Jacob

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    Every time Mike says “anaconda” in Florida,I take a bullet

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    I’m taller,8 foot 5 inches for your information

  25. Aiden Music

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    Love how he call every snake an anaconda like all the time😂😂😂

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    Sour patch

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    Cotton mouths are very poisonous

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    That thumbnail is epic 😂😂

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    Jacob and paul Natha nothing Analbino Idont know what the second one is so i guessed

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    I think he is 1cm

  31. Jet Kavanagh

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    A Cotten mouth is venomous

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    Ma dudes getting energy drinks ❤

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    Jacob Paul

  34. Mia Seng

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    1.Paul cuffaro and Jacob feder 2.nothing 3.albino catfish you almost died

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    Sup dude

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    Paul and Jacob Nothing Albino catfish

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    Pleas pick me I have never been shouted out I can find you a girl friend pleas pick me

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    Paul is bigger

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    Paul, Jacob he didn’t catch any thing albino catfish


    KAYLA AMIAHBulan Yang lalu


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    1.Jacob and Paul 2.brown water snake 3.albino

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    Ur voice is annoying

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    My 2 idols in the 1 vidoes

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    Lol not gonna trynat home but no snake at my house XD

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    paul jacob a catfish albino catfish

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    Subscribing right now ! 🤣🤣🤣

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    monster mike is 4.23

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    My dude how do you not know what a cotton mouth is

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    Shneckz r du beests shnecks

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    1: Paul Cuffaro and Jacob Feder 2: nothing 3: albino catfish

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    you must be drunk or high on crack

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    Catfish albino catfish

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    I think Paul is 5’11

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    In Australia some of us call our best mates cunts. And cuuuuunnnnntttttttttt! Did you legit know what a cotton mouth is before ya went to grab its tail??? Coulda literally been a Deadset pinch

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    Paul is 5.6

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    This channel is the coolest i really really love it

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    My name is Jacob lol

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    Paul 6foot 2 you are 5 foot

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    Albino catfish

  61. Nicholas Simon

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    Jacob: smell it mike Mike: I don’t want to smell it A few moments later Mike: I want to smellit

  62. Owen Playz and vlogs

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    Mike: can you guess how tall I am Paul: 4:11 Mike: ohhhhhhhh

  63. arbie jay altayo

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    I discovered your friends is a fish youtuber like raww fishing and monster mike poul cuffaro i learned different kind of fish because all of you i like your aquarium designing hope all pf you vlog more and i like to share im a pet lover in my home i got cat dog mollies fighting fish chicken our house maid give it to me hope you make give aways

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    It was a white catfish

  65. King Forbes

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    He did not catch any fish

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    Paul cuffaro and Jacob feder