Amouranth is Banned on Twitch! & The Rise of the E-Girls


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    Ridge Loves me and supports the channel! Here’s the site if youwant to check them out! and use code “ITSAGUNDAM” to get 10% off (Still not fired!) 0:00 DarkLord of Social media 0:19 You wanna watch me die slowly inside 1:11 Pimp my ride killed xzibit 1:40 She is the Cell of Thots (Billy skit) 3:38 "She doesn't need your sub I do!" (Stone cold) 4:28 I am the boogie man of twitch (DSP shout out) 5:08 "What's a Follow to me You don't even give me MONEY!" 6:15 Billy Skit (Money for nothing) 7:33 You know she is a pain in the ass. (IDreporter is turning into Mr rogers neighborhood & I'm the drunk from around the corner) 8:20 this beautiful woman and her moving, moving goal 9:33 Bill skit 10:17 THot powers activate 11:47 The Perfect Cell of Thots 12:40 Horny dudes come to her stream to ask sex questions... 13:34 False Hope (Almost choked myself out) 14:14 The same questions (Cancel yourself) 15:15 She's built like a Sports car! 15:56 Billy Burned up bit allowance 16:56 Pandering to twitch viewers Clinton hot sauce... 17:38 The bad boy vortex when a woman says she wants out of it... (Sushi 18:38 The thirst is real children 19:07 Billy Goes beyond a Pay pig 20:00 Fast forward, Phil is always the butt of the joke 21:00 "Date a nice twitch viewer" (Yank yo crank) 21:59 Amouranth VS Alinity Who is the most powerful (Footage removed to keep from getting in trouble with IDreporter 23:01 She's got one crazy jawline she's got a chin line like Captian America 24:50 they actually suspended amaranth & she is still promoting her patreon on twitter like nothing happened. 27:20 BIlly Dreamer green screen outtakes

  2. Jaskinia Męstwa

    Jaskinia MęstwaBulan Yang lalu

    Aaaaand she's back streaming. Have a nice day all you poor fellas. :P

  3. Paul Davies

    Paul DaviesBulan Yang lalu

    You're really trying to get rid of those Shadows on the green screen all you have to do is put the lighting directly above the subject I weigh the Shadows get cast on the ground instead of the green screen behind it

  4. Trimbl

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    It'sAGundam That painting was of Te Fiti from Moana.

  5. Jason Figz

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    Bad 🍪

  6. Jaason Jones

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    Where's the 'I'm gonna kill you, I hate yo ass' clip from? I need it for... Reasons

  7. A.E. W.

    A.E. W.Hari Yang lalu

    "Look at her, she's built like a sports car! Don't fool yourself...." one of the best comments I have ever heard. Well done!

  8. Shawn Itube

    Shawn Itube7 hari yang lalu

    The Twitch Thot War "Give me your money, don't give it to her."

  9. Liam Martin

    Liam Martin9 hari yang lalu

    Gundam: "she has cheekbones and a jawline I wish I could have as a m a n" 😐

  10. Northern

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    "if you walk up to a bomb you don't go 'its about to blow' then pour gasoline on"

  11. Chris Wonderful

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    Thanks for the comedy

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    I love The Crimson Chin!. I would follow and donate any day.

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    Nothing sadder than men paying women who aren’t at least fucking them :D Have better standards, men. Demand more, because you deserve more.

  14. longshot K1

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    Fun Fact about KneeCole. About ten years or so ago. She used to stream for a site called cam with her also mfc. Anyways she would shake her money maker on camera naked an do other things. The women is a legend in those circles.. great body

  15. Old Luke

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    5:32 Dem sum tig ol' bitties right dar!


    SHIN YUSKE14 hari yang lalu

    Bro try to get a interview with done of these guys wht is their thot process lol

  17. White Page

    White Page18 hari yang lalu

    twitch: ok we got this half nude streamer again lets ban. half nude streamer: oh noes i just got banned on twitch, oh well ill just go on to this or that site and stream there for a while. twitch: damn we are losing money now that we banned the half nude streamer. half nude streamer: streaming live on twitch again, im so happy i gets to have all your moneys again. twitch: " Cash Rules Everything Around Me *.*.*.*.* get the money dollar dollar bill yall "

  18. Swamp Thing

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    Twitch is a fucking JOKE she got unbanned 2 days later xDD

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    She is a TRANNY, hence the jawline and manface

  20. áxel Rodríguez

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    Kneecole and Kacey are friends, allies, fyi. You clearly have no sense of humor, or sense of sarcasm, or sense of insult comedy.

  21. The Editor AMVs

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    Twitch obviously makes tons of money out of this kinda BS, that's why it exists.

  22. Math Simon

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    Lord Jobby is the Way to Salvation.

  23. StaggerjAGGER

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    Just Get A Doll.

  24. Chris Long

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    I don’t use twitch anymore. It’s fucking awful. E-Girls have taken over twitch hardcore. It’s not about streaming game content anymore. There are some people who still use it for the platform it was designed as. Those numbers are quickly dwindling.

  25. Leopold Butters

    Leopold Butters27 hari yang lalu

    God weres the old man that told girl shes not that interesting when you need him

  26. B989X

    B989X28 hari yang lalu

    Honestly twitch thots are not the problem, the idiots who support and give them money are

  27. Red Balloon

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    The hoe's twitch is already unbanned by the way

  28. tyler long

    tyler long29 hari yang lalu

    And shes unbanned

  29. Dimi, The Greek Deity

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    Whos the 2nd chick?

  30. Danielle

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    Thot spot 😂😂

  31. DigiCube4

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    fluffy vs billy is the greatest thing

  32. Michael the Demolition Man Williams

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    This Website Is Thottery Central Hellhole They'll never get a fucking dime from me.

  33. Chuffled

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    DPS confirmed as itsagundams twitch thot

  34. Jake Skywalker

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    She' got unbanned before I could even see this

  35. jay fuentes

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    Damn bro you're as funny as hell. You say stuff we all think about..Love the show and don't stop

  36. Dave Carsley

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    Wait... Why did KneeCole or whatever jump under the table because Twitch staff came in? What was she doing wrong?

  37. war weeny

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    Where were you all my life? The perfect IDreporter doesn't exi---

  38. Cameron Phillips

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    jfc youre funny hahaha wtf FIGHT BACK KITTEH

  39. Cameron Phillips

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    im sure loving your fucking hilarious opinion on shit outs me as some sort of...idk what do the blue check marks call us? Sexist nazis or some shit? Words of lost all meaning. THE DOUBLE STANDARD IS WACK-A-DOO

  40. Shinsuke - sama

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    Doctor said that gundam video is in my prescription..god bless that doctor

  41. Beetlesiri

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    Looks like she was trying to paint that scene from Moana.

  42. Jorge Mendez

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    I Love this guy! and of course the videos... dont stop!

  43. Ookami Tadashi otaku

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    Why waste money on these thots my best advice going out for both men and women is go to pornhub or Xtube , redtube ,or something .instead of wasting two- three grand just buy a sex bot you don't have to worry about feeding them clothing them don't have to listen to them complaining or anything you could just build the dream girl or guy of your wildest fantasy and just enjoy it lol.

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    "Thot powers activate" 😂😂

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    Well, that didnt even last a week.

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  47. Observing Libertarian

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    Anything men create and build up which becomes successful - will be invaded by women - who will systematically ruin it. Not that every woman is a ruinous cancer who will poison everything she touches: but that any decent, reasonably rational woman who does join that which men have created: will be over shadowed by legions of other women who absolutely are ruinous cancers that will poison everything they touch.

  48. Shiggy Miyamo

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    I can't believe people give their money to people like this. It's sickening. If you want to give away money online, give it to your favorite IDreporterr, since they actually produce content, and work...

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    I always love these long vids of yours; especially, when they also feature Billy. Keep them coming :).

  51. JJ souls

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    Dude u should squirt some lotion on the computer screen when billy is fapping. Make it look like he came all over the computer. I would laugh so hard

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    I have to search your channel manually, I was subscribed with all notifications on and I come back and I'm unsubscribe with like 5 videos I got no notifications for......feckin IDreporter

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    EVERYONE THERE IS KNEECOLESLAW PORN TYPE IN NICOLE SLAW OR KNEECOLE SLAW THEN PORN, I THINK THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT. She has a huge forehead nice tits but since her things are out there now, theres no real point in paying her for anything when you can see what's under the hood for free.

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    The Billy schtick will never get old

  55. GOD SAMA

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    blowjobs will do your jawline like that dude

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    Chubby Vegan = French Fry vegan

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    Bruh....DbZ is the best XD

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    These girls really aren’t that good looking

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    when there's no food left rats will cannibalize and go after another.

  60. Simmy Sims

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    Amouranth is already back. Her ban lasted less than a week.

  61. Itz Swifty

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    Get over it have so much potential! Great voice and a good talker...but all you wanna do is just hate on a section on twitch..if you wanna make it big get outta wo man curves bad lala land and figure out another direction. Just trying to help you. You are like a walking petition to ban a part of twitch...i dont even watch twitch i dont have time for that shit between gaming and work. So no i dont watch this boobie streamer trash but i am all about freedom

  62. TyPhenirW0LF

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    Show us on the Billy where the therapist touched you, Gundam.

  63. danisthegreat

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    2.50 it-s a legue of legends promo skinn

  64. Brutal Noodle

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    lmao I wasnt prepared for that ssj3 reference, I almost died

  65. Lukas Schneemann

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    hehe i love the billy bits so much :D

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    I need to stop watching your videos, I keep losing more faith in humanity.