Alicia Keys Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant In 2020 GRAMMY Awards Opening


  1. CandyAppleRed13

    CandyAppleRed13Jam Yang lalu

    I didn’t even bother watching the Grammys. I wasn’t in the mood after Kobe.

  2. Abel Rodriguez

    Abel RodriguezJam Yang lalu

    Alicia keys need to put make up back on the natural look is looking like project babymomma baby hairs everywhere looking like a storm passing by Florida

  3. No Trust Flow

    No Trust FlowJam Yang lalu

  4. Suzanne Robbins

    Suzanne RobbinsJam Yang lalu

    I am sorry for the passing of Kobe and his daughter...let us not forget their were other souls lost, and their families are grieving love to all!

  5. anna heath

    anna heathJam Yang lalu

    Beautiful tribute. I am confused by her saying the house that Kobe built. What does she mean by that?

  6. kr7437a

    kr7437aJam Yang lalu

    grammy's was held at staples center

  7. C R

    C RJam Yang lalu

    For what I could see it's nothing but a bunch of trump hating liberal idiots self-aggrandizing and thinking their opinion matters to the rest of the world sorry about Kobe but the rest of them can go to hell

  8. Chrissy Stewart

    Chrissy StewartJam Yang lalu

    I enjoy the grammys to be honest from the bottom of my ❀ Kobe Bryant is a NBA Legend He touch so many people & I'm πŸ’” for Vanessa Bryant since She lost her Husband & daughter. Vanessa Bryant my ❀ goes out to you God is with you . God Bless Kobe Bryant & God Bless Nipsey Hussle πŸ‘ΌπŸ™

  9. Michael Westen

    Michael WestenJam Yang lalu

    Fuck. It's still so unreal. πŸ˜”

  10. Saint X

    Saint XJam Yang lalu


  11. Breanna Albiero

    Breanna AlbieroJam Yang lalu

    I am curious as to how many of the elites at the Grammys new what was going to happen to Kobe?πŸ€” check out @the_real_hollyweird_is_evil then go to Lebrons IG. I’ve read more heartfelt messages from people who didn’t even know Kobe. Lebron just posted a simple pic with emojis. Smh. Kobe isn’t the only famous person who has died in a crash or some sort. People who wake up either die in some sort of crash or od. I myself was heartbroken & even more so when I heard his sweet baby girl was with him. Rest In Peace πŸ™πŸΌ they may have taken you both out of the 3D but your souls will still live to speak the truth πŸ’š

  12. T 120

    T 120Jam Yang lalu

    Prayers for ALL the families of the people that dies in the crash because they ALL matter.

  13. Foster chance

    Foster chanceJam Yang lalu

    we love you kobe.. flashes 666 these poor satanic people

  14. Cristian Bonilla

    Cristian BonillaJam Yang lalu

    It's a beautiful tear-jerking event if I ever seen one. Alicia created a tribute for one of the greatest basketball stars of all time, proving that legends will never die. May Kobe Bryant, his 13 year old daughter, and all the victims of the soul-gripping copter crash rest in piece

  15. servando ramos

    servando ramosJam Yang lalu


  16. Tony Droid

    Tony DroidJam Yang lalu

    Rapist! #neverforget

  17. J. C.

    J. C.Jam Yang lalu

    Boyz to Men 20 years later still have a voice that can soothe your soul. Thank you Alica and boyz to men for this beautiful moment. RIP GOAT and may GOD bless and watch over his family during this difficult time.

  18. M A

    M AJam Yang lalu

    Wish I had my family

  19. Cory Goodman

    Cory GoodmanJam Yang lalu

    Last words of the pilot," Hey Kobe, hold my beer and watch this!"

  20. jayman jaymum

    jayman jaymumJam Yang lalu

    Goosebumps 😒😭

  21. Jasmine Nicole

    Jasmine NicoleJam Yang lalu

    How is no one crying. This is the saddest thing ever. You’d think people who actually met him would be crying. lol I don’t even know the man or follow sports. And I’m balling my eyes out about the situation. My heart breaks for those who died and their families. I pray for their strength and that they find healthy ways to cope and to go on about their daily lives, with their loved ones in their heart.

  22. Floyd Thomas

    Floyd ThomasJam Yang lalu

    This brought me in tears

  23. Melanin Jonesy

    Melanin JonesyJam Yang lalu

    I immediately started crying when Boyz 2 Men started singing..omgπŸ˜”

  24. Rohan Shukla

    Rohan ShuklaJam Yang lalu

    Rest In Power, Mamba.

  25. Gloria LinFamily

    Gloria LinFamilyJam Yang lalu

    This was beautiful πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

  26. Jessica πŸŸπŸ πŸ‘πŸ¦€

    Jessica πŸŸπŸ πŸ‘πŸ¦€Jam Yang lalu

    Kobe Bryant really was a hero 😭😭😭😭😭

  27. Andrew Villarreal

    Andrew VillarrealJam Yang lalu

    The house that AJ STYLES BUILT!!!

  28. Secret Agent

    Secret AgentJam Yang lalu

    She ruined the tribute with her shitty singing

  29. Thomas Humphrey

    Thomas HumphreyJam Yang lalu

    No body lives to be a million years old,dumb saying for people who don't think before they speak!!

  30. Rodrigo Pedraza Garcia

    Rodrigo Pedraza GarciaJam Yang lalu

    Alicia Keys should host the Grammy's every year she's such a well spoken woman

  31. Funny Moppy

    Funny MoppyJam Yang lalu

    Alicia you are right. Music is a powerful healing method and I second you on that one. You did a great job! I'd be nervous if I were you in that situation but you nailed it. You're a natural. You can sing so well, your voice is amazing and Boyz II Men are extremely talented as well and I love you both artists. True artists.

  32. Jamie Tobin

    Jamie TobinJam Yang lalu

    Im sorry but they shouldve canceled all nba games and sxrew the grammys, they shouldve rescheduled the..

  33. Lavares Green

    Lavares GreenJam Yang lalu

    Y celebrity’s keep dieing on Grammy weekend

  34. Alan Jones

    Alan JonesJam Yang lalu

    What kills me is that as a parent all you want to ever do is protect your child and make them feel safe. I can't begin to imagine how Kobe must have felt trying to protect his daughter... Rest in peace to all involved in this tragedy.

  35. Eschaton Zenith

    Eschaton ZenithJam Yang lalu

    He played with a ball. RIP

  36. Lorrissa Renee

    Lorrissa ReneeJam Yang lalu

    Rest in Heavenly Peace and Power to Kobe and GiannaπŸ’œπŸ’› As people said on his last game, β€œ there will NEVER be another Kobe Bryant.” And there never will be πŸ•ŠπŸ’”

  37. Aqib Rizvi

    Aqib RizviJam Yang lalu

    Rip man

  38. a arguellez

    a arguellezJam Yang lalu

    I didnt watch him play basketball personally but 1 thing ik is that he loved his family more than anything in this world i feel so sorry to his wife having to deal with the lost of 2 people in her life along with the other people who passed in this tragic event

  39. Hawkeye14k Wannabe

    Hawkeye14k Wannabe2 jam yang lalu

    He was one of the greatest he passed away to young, Rip Kobe #MAMBAOUT


    MAZINGER Z2 jam yang lalu

    Kobe is gonna be happy in heaven listening to this beautiful song.

  41. Jewel justjewel

    Jewel justjewel2 jam yang lalu

    This is crazy

  42. MoneyGod vG

    MoneyGod vG2 jam yang lalu

    The beginning of her singing was bad is she sick? It wasnt as strong as she usually sings

  43. Eric Garcia

    Eric Garcia2 jam yang lalu

    Music's biggest night πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ artist that do it bestπŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  44. Jenkins Monica

    Jenkins Monica2 jam yang lalu

    No he have to get up

  45. Nikki Castillo

    Nikki Castillo2 jam yang lalu

    I’m hurting β˜ΉοΈπŸ’”

  46. Jackattack5678

    Jackattack56782 jam yang lalu

    This is heartbreaking πŸ’” how difficulty to start this way for all these singers πŸ’”

  47. Efrain Beltran

    Efrain Beltran2 jam yang lalu

    I think this man was a great talented man in everything he did and its a beauty to watch people honoring his legacy, But what about the soldiers officers,peramedics, fire fighters, or even people that arent famous or that don't have a career in the things listed above. Why arent they given a moment of silence or somone to sing a beautiful song fir them when they die. I just wonder why thats all.


    GD74 SCAMLIKELYDRIQ2 jam yang lalu

    RIP KOBE😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  49. Lea Chulita

    Lea Chulita2 jam yang lalu

    Y’all are sooo blinded ... Kobe was a sacrifice ... he’s probably being cloned right now or that what his clone they killed ... the whole Grammys show is an Illuminati ritual

  50. Maxwell Lynch

    Maxwell Lynch2 jam yang lalu

    That was the worst Rendition of β€œhard to say goodbye” I mean WTF? Alicia of course has to ruin it. Just sing it as it is and stop with the falsettos.

  51. Javaughn Davis

    Javaughn Davis2 jam yang lalu

    Throwing up that triple 6 at 2:59

  52. Unkraut60

    Unkraut60Jam Yang lalu

    Yes it is enough to make you want to puke

  53. SGK Squad

    SGK Squad2 jam yang lalu


  54. Spectacular X-Plosive Steppaz Dance Organization

    Spectacular X-Plosive Steppaz Dance Organization2 jam yang lalu

    Rest in Paradise Everyone in the tragic accident πŸ’™πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’™

  55. DivideByZero

    DivideByZero2 jam yang lalu

    not only losing kobe breaks my heart but the fact that his daughter gigi was in the accident makes my heart break even more. she was only 13 years old. she had a whole life to live and could’ve possibly made it to the wnba to continue her father’s legacy. i cannot imagine the pain their family is going through rn. rest in peace kobe and gigi πŸ•Š.

  56. Jasmine Timmons

    Jasmine Timmons2 jam yang lalu

    I could not watch last night too hard. A little better today

  57. InDatParish

    InDatParish2 jam yang lalu

    Somehow, Meek thinks the police did this and is calling someone racist

  58. Noe Diaz

    Noe Diaz2 jam yang lalu

    They only focus on Kobe because he is the star, they should have honored all of the victims

  59. Tina W.

    Tina W.2 jam yang lalu

    Not with the illuminati sign throwing at the end Alicia 😢

  60. mystical pretty

    mystical pretty2 jam yang lalu

    people should come to terms with death and live in the moment as much as they can. life = death so enjoy it while you can

  61. I like to comment

    I like to comment2 jam yang lalu

    We love you Kobe then Alicia Keys illuminati hand sign. πŸ€”

  62. Funny Gang

    Funny Gang2 jam yang lalu

    How do people dislike this