Alessandra Ambrosio Shares the Most Remarkable Things In Her Home | Architectural Digest


  1. Tim Shenk

    Tim Shenk20 hari yang lalu

    I don't care how angular you look in a photograph, when you in video form makes me want to vomit out of my eyes and ears.

  2. Tim Shenk

    Tim Shenk20 hari yang lalu

    She's like a wet fart from an eel.

  3. Ez Tomatito

    Ez TomatitoBulan Yang lalu

    Dice puras tonterías, por un momento pensé que iba a tocar el piano...pero es mucho pedirle

  4. SirLangsalot

    SirLangsalotBulan Yang lalu

    Alessandra is a Roman Goddess.

  5. Alyssa Hyden

    Alyssa HydenBulan Yang lalu

    I’m seeing a lot of similarities in celebrity styles. Let’s get some people like Kat Von D or Elton John on here and see a stray away from modernist bohemian styles and the like!!

  6. diane9247

    diane92473 bulan yang lalu

    Did she say goose pants?

  7. shpluk

    shpluk5 bulan yang lalu

    This is not a book, its a photo album in a book cover

  8. Gilbert Rocha

    Gilbert Rocha5 bulan yang lalu

    Like i enjoyed her most than the interiors. God, she is just sooo predddy

  9. Greg Thiess

    Greg Thiess5 bulan yang lalu

    🥀 Absolutely gorgeous... love the dress...

  10. Victoria Lemardel

    Victoria Lemardel6 bulan yang lalu

    You are an amazing Woman!

  11. MrMethadrine

    MrMethadrine6 bulan yang lalu

    She must be very boring person to be with.

  12. Lena Maria

    Lena Maria7 bulan yang lalu

    sooooo beautiful women and house

  13. Dolcevita USA

    Dolcevita USA7 bulan yang lalu


  14. Akif AKDEMİR

    Akif AKDEMİR10 bulan yang lalu

    Most bad home :)

  15. whatever04

    whatever0410 bulan yang lalu

    Her daughter painted that coconut? It's a work of art.. It is just beautiful.

  16. Bor Nodnoc

    Bor Nodnoc11 bulan yang lalu

    Vacuous springs to mind. Since when do some photos on a wall make for architectural commentary.

  17. Beth Mckinney

    Beth Mckinney11 bulan yang lalu

    she seems so genuine and grounded and appreciative... it's very nice to see

  18. R San Juan

    R San JuanTahun Yang lalu


  19. MultiTools CCRS

    MultiTools CCRSTahun Yang lalu

    she talks a lot ....Come On I wanna Check out the house..! shut th *** up

  20. K Lu

    K LuTahun Yang lalu

    At first I thought she was wearing a bathrobe.

  21. Mrs. Cinnamon Buns

    Mrs. Cinnamon Buns6 bulan yang lalu

    You mean she’s not?

  22. nsesma

    nsesma8 bulan yang lalu

    Lmaoooo if you hadn’t commented that i wouldn’t have noticed it isn’t

  23. donglabong

    donglabongTahun Yang lalu

    “Working so hard for that moment”...yes because wearing a bikini is right up there was Nurse, Teacher or Firefighter

  24. L Bo

    L BoTahun Yang lalu

    "Kids are playing and laughing, everything is so perfect" 😑 my life is never like that lol. When we go to the beach, it's insanely hot, my kids are either fighting, crying or I'm yelling at them bc I don't want them to drown. Never just a relaxing time 😅😒

  25. Alisa Prieto

    Alisa PrietoTahun Yang lalu

    I know. I feel you. She is probably get massages and drinking dairy free non fat protein gluten free almond infused garbage while nannies watching the kids and trying not to get them drown.


    BANG & BOUNCETahun Yang lalu

    Wow!! If you like sexy indonesian come to my channel

  27. Stefan Diestefan

    Stefan DiestefanTahun Yang lalu

    Great girl

  28. Brenda B

    Brenda BTahun Yang lalu

    Beautiful home and beautiful mom

  29. Rah -

    Rah -Tahun Yang lalu

    in love with her house

  30. M M

    M MTahun Yang lalu

    "For that vomit" ???is there something wrong with my ears?

  31. thar modifications Punjab jagdev

    thar modifications Punjab jagdevTahun Yang lalu

    Alesandra you r the most beautiful angle love you from bhupinder Singh Punjab india.

  32. Juliana Rodrigues

    Juliana RodriguesTahun Yang lalu

    She is so special!!

  33. L2925

    L2925Tahun Yang lalu

    House is beautiful but too much black & White mixed with tropical style is not very appealing, looks like a salad to me.

  34. L Bo

    L BoTahun Yang lalu

    Shams Aqel yep. That's what she said 😑 nothing wrong with people having different tastes

  35. Miyuki Yamashita

    Miyuki YamashitaTahun Yang lalu

    I think because she’s a Brazilian , so it’s understandable of having a tropical theme

  36. L2925

    L2925Tahun Yang lalu

    @Shams Aqel sure, That's my opinion and my taste, very personal.Ciao

  37. Shams Aqel

    Shams AqelTahun Yang lalu

    Lore2925 only not appealing for you

  38. Zachary Bell

    Zachary BellTahun Yang lalu

    Did she said Kawaii??

  39. Jenn Paulo

    Jenn PauloTahun Yang lalu

    Zachary Bell Kauai- it’s another island in Hawaii

  40. angelica

    angelicaTahun Yang lalu

    More from her. She is fabulous!

  41. won ho

    won hoTahun Yang lalu

  42. vsboy 25

    vsboy 25Tahun Yang lalu

    Why do rich people have such well decorated houses

  43. Jane O'Leary

    Jane O'LearyTahun Yang lalu

    @conexos2007 are you on drugs. You sound like a racist and an idiot. She DO it herself? ???? You need some grammar lessons

  44. conexos2007

    conexos2007Tahun Yang lalu

    @Jane O'Leary she do it herself she have good taste it shows she is from Brazil not America, they mostly have bland taste. Remember that Americans are all poor from uk italy Poland mexico africa china. But Brazil was founded by rich Portuguese people and they set the style and after that they bring poor people but has always been really interested in style and design. They literally start wearing marie antoinette style of wigs and clothing ' big cup dresses' with 80° of heat and now they still have good architecture.

  45. Jane O'Leary

    Jane O'LearyTahun Yang lalu

    Money and interior designers. Hello!!!!

  46. Greg Mitchells

    Greg MitchellsTahun Yang lalu

    Elle n’a rien dans la tête. Du bla-bla-bla. Et sa maison n’est pas belle du tout. She doesn’t have anything in her head, what a blablabla. And her house isn’t beautiful at all. 👎🏻👎🏻

  47. Jane O'Leary

    Jane O'LearyTahun Yang lalu

    I wouldn't go that far

  48. Marcus LeeP

    Marcus LeePTahun Yang lalu

    Looking very nice....Thank you...

  49. becomingellis

    becomingellisTahun Yang lalu

    I've been considering doing a black and white photo wall so this was good to see.

  50. Palatine of facts

    Palatine of factsTahun Yang lalu

    my house is smaller than her living room

  51. conexos2007

    conexos2007Tahun Yang lalu

    New York houses are smaller than your house and at 3.000 dollars a month

  52. Kim McKibbin

    Kim McKibbinTahun Yang lalu

    Nice to she her cluttered she's human

  53. Bi Polli

    Bi PolliTahun Yang lalu

    Tchaaau kdjdbdbd. Ale amo VC 💟💟💟