Ajax vs Tottenham | Pochettino, Blind, Davids | No Filter UCL


  1. Moby Whale

    Moby Whale23 hari yang lalu

    What a boring final of the CL that was

  2. Jaime Tapia

    Jaime TapiaBulan Yang lalu


  3. Mohamad Abo Goddeh Sabbagh

    Mohamad Abo Goddeh SabbaghBulan Yang lalu

    Just 1 min For All Goals idreporter.net/v/video-JFFHv6RY5Pk.html

  4. Laura Peckham

    Laura PeckhamBulan Yang lalu

    totham will win

  5. Mister M

    Mister MBulan Yang lalu


  6. Kieran McCoy

    Kieran McCoyBulan Yang lalu

    I hope Poch ain't serious about leaving⚪🔵⚪🔵

  7. Crypto Rocko

    Crypto RockoBulan Yang lalu

    I hope tottenham don't win the Champions League final so Pochettino don't leave us lol

  8. Bowler Raul

    Bowler RaulBulan Yang lalu

    And he's about to do it. Who's here after second leg?

  9. Fluf Dude

    Fluf DudeBulan Yang lalu

    Please win englands last ever ucl

  10. Nacho Grillo

    Nacho GrilloBulan Yang lalu

    Aguante Blind

  11. Oltiislami King

    Oltiislami KingBulan Yang lalu

    Good tootenham

  12. Pirate Dog

    Pirate DogBulan Yang lalu

    They only went and did it!

  13. Salman Razak

    Salman RazakBulan Yang lalu

    What a win 3-2. All English final

  14. OttoVonSkidmark

    OttoVonSkidmarkBulan Yang lalu


  15. Ivan Parfait Ndam

    Ivan Parfait NdamBulan Yang lalu

    All English final

  16. i dont play

    i dont playBulan Yang lalu

    Liverpool vs Tottenham for the champions league final, beautiful.

  17. ITsLavishh24s 00

    ITsLavishh24s 00Bulan Yang lalu


  18. Saleh Ahmed

    Saleh AhmedBulan Yang lalu

    Who watching after Tottenham clutched it

  19. ITsLavishh24s 00

    ITsLavishh24s 00Bulan Yang lalu


  20. Holland Alpinist

    Holland AlpinistBulan Yang lalu

    Finito la comedi!))

  21. Костя Ипатов

    Костя ИпатовBulan Yang lalu


  22. i dont play

    i dont playBulan Yang lalu

    Bye tottenham

  23. McSuperfly

    McSuperflyBulan Yang lalu

    You’d think by now people would learn to not celebrate too early 😂

  24. Adam Mietelski

    Adam MietelskiBulan Yang lalu

    Lamo u spoke to soon

  25. i dont play

    i dont playBulan Yang lalu

    Hahaha nah that's great

  26. Jon

    JonBulan Yang lalu

    What mate?

  27. Rosa dos Ventos

    Rosa dos VentosBulan Yang lalu

    Estou ligado jogão

  28. kalil

    kalilBulan Yang lalu

    Pleaseeeee Ajax beat Tottenham

  29. Joe Foster

    Joe FosterBulan Yang lalu

    Ahhhhhh shame

  30. Pedro Sanchez

    Pedro SanchezBulan Yang lalu

    Daley Blind speaks english better than Pochettino, but that's not the most important thing, Ajax Amsterdam is a special team, Everybody speaks about the Cruyff Style as soul of Ajax but Ten Hag has done a good job with the guys and also the old generation has been playing very well, players like Donny, Nouri, Dolberg, Cerny, Kaj Sierhuis, Dekker, De ligt, Carel, etc. That's the main point to consider why Ajax is where they are?

  31. Dusan van Erp

    Dusan van ErpBulan Yang lalu


  32. Ad.Sajjad Hosen

    Ad.Sajjad HosenBulan Yang lalu

    Tottenham vs Ajax live streaming HERE skysport8.com/tottenham-vs-ajax-live-streaming/

  33. Mr. Celsius

    Mr. CelsiusBulan Yang lalu

    I hope it’s an English final And Spurs will win it they deserve it #COYS

  34. Hazardous Hosts

    Hazardous HostsBulan Yang lalu

    Still tryna work out what Poch was saying at the end

  35. Zoey Lowlands

    Zoey LowlandsBulan Yang lalu

    It is better for Liverpool fans to stay at home. Stop bleeding in foreign stadiums, it leaves a bad smell for everybody. English hooligans should stay home.

  36. mang kuruak

    mang kuruakBulan Yang lalu

    I'm about a good match regardless who'll win.

  37. Zoey Lowlands

    Zoey LowlandsBulan Yang lalu

    The day an English side acrually respects and wants the Champions league, they might have a change. Keep shouting and screaming threw the anthem, apes. Ajax is the only proud European team that deserves another trophy in Europe. The Arabs and Americans who bought the UK can stay away with their rude English hooligan friends. Europe is for decent people, the Champions League is for Europeans.

  38. Zoey Lowlands

    Zoey LowlandsBulan Yang lalu

    @McSuperfly Fenway Sports Group, American. Vs Enic Group, the Bahamas.. What English side?

  39. McSuperfly

    McSuperflyBulan Yang lalu

    Gonna be a bit hard for a non-English team to win it now though won’t it?

  40. Cameron Watson

    Cameron WatsonBulan Yang lalu

    I would like to see an Ajax vs Liverpool final, two teams running on passion

  41. A Guy

    A GuyBulan Yang lalu

    Ajax's fans are plastics, when they reached the semis all of a sudden the entire netherlands act as if they're a fan of ajax

  42. Cameron Watson

    Cameron WatsonBulan Yang lalu

    Neymar Jr Guess I was wrong anyway gonna be an all English final, can’t wait

  43. Cameron Watson

    Cameron WatsonBulan Yang lalu

    Neymar Jr bs mate😂

  44. Sonaldo is King

    Sonaldo is KingBulan Yang lalu

    Nope. Spurs clearly have more passion than any team they've faced

  45. Sen 7

    Sen 7Bulan Yang lalu

    2.0 Ajax yess

  46. Notorious Nerd

    Notorious NerdBulan Yang lalu

    Spurs should get inspired from their fellow Premier League rivals.

  47. Squawka Football

    Squawka FootballBulan Yang lalu

    Can't wait!!! Especially after the first semi!

  48. Mikael Bajen

    Mikael BajenBulan Yang lalu

    I really hope ajax will make it to the final, we have witnessed all english, german, italian and spanish finals before, and i hope that will never happen again. 🙏🙏🙏

  49. Legend of Nibbaheem

    Legend of NibbaheemBulan Yang lalu

    Ajax ❌

  50. BENMJR -

    BENMJR -Bulan Yang lalu

    had to come here after the Liverpool game had to calm down

  51. Nathaniel GE | See You In 5

    Nathaniel GE | See You In 5Bulan Yang lalu

    Spurs v Arsenal super cup. Scenes!

  52. Marcus Fletcher

    Marcus FletcherBulan Yang lalu

    Good luck spurs. U can do it 2night. If u can score freely at the etihad then y not there? Come on Son! LFC

  53. bobby charlton

    bobby charltonBulan Yang lalu

    Almost forgot this was happening tonight after last night

  54. king toppy

    king toppyBulan Yang lalu

    Ajax going and win by 2-1

  55. Sonaldo is King

    Sonaldo is KingBulan Yang lalu


  56. Faizaan Ahmed

    Faizaan AhmedBulan Yang lalu


  57. Dog's Opinion

    Dog's OpinionBulan Yang lalu

    Poch is getting the Barca job.

  58. Rootin' Shootin' Tootin' Putin

    Rootin' Shootin' Tootin' PutinBulan Yang lalu

    Obviously not. He's an espanyol man. Stop talking out your backside

  59. Blackninja _huya

    Blackninja _huyaBulan Yang lalu

    I don't think the UEFA is gonna want spurs to go through to an all English final remember Chelsea Barca 2009👀

  60. Sudin Sam

    Sudin SamBulan Yang lalu


  61. Bo Oa

    Bo OaBulan Yang lalu

    اياكس فريق لايقهر

  62. Joseph Maxwell

    Joseph MaxwellBulan Yang lalu

    If Spurs turn up, then they will win! Need a quick goal to build from or if it goes the other way Adios just as quickly!

  63. paan memboii

    paan memboiiBulan Yang lalu


  64. Hassan Radwan

    Hassan RadwanBulan Yang lalu

    Any one else worried that winning CL means losing Poch?

  65. Kino San

    Kino SanBulan Yang lalu

    Omg imagine if they actually won

  66. 송은호

    송은호Bulan Yang lalu

    Son will distroy them

  67. Rahul

    RahulBulan Yang lalu

    Daley Blind had a massive upgrade by leaving United and joining Ajax

  68. Jim Dv

    Jim DvBulan Yang lalu

    @wjeo in your words he still got a upgrade then? Also since man u is already knocked out of the CL, including next year?

  69. wjeo

    wjeoBulan Yang lalu

    No he didn’t he yustgot the ligt cleaning up his mess. At man u the whole back 4 were/are trash thats the difference!

  70. Jim Dv

    Jim DvBulan Yang lalu

    Judging by Uniteds latest game they are the worst team in the prem

  71. Reza Majarally

    Reza MajarallyBulan Yang lalu

    All or nothing tonight!!!...🚥 COYS 🐓 N15 🇲🇺🚥

  72. bommali prabhakar

    bommali prabhakarBulan Yang lalu

    If ajax move to final. Surly they bring back to cup.. dont talk abt ajax. Its small team. They cant do anythng.. did u forgt old matches. They r beat top teams in season.. young talent blood.. 😍

  73. Oreo

    OreoBulan Yang lalu

    We need Potch to get to the final and find a master class technical performance to beat this Liverpool team. I swear City winning the league and Liverpool winning the Champions League is too much for my heart!

  74. wjeo

    wjeoBulan Yang lalu

    Oreo 😂😂😂😂 exactly bro😭😭😭

  75. HMQ

    HMQBulan Yang lalu

    Sonny is going to chin someone.

  76. Dian Surya Pertiwi

    Dian Surya PertiwiBulan Yang lalu

    Go All England Final

  77. ffs reff

    ffs reffBulan Yang lalu

    No chance under Levy and Lewis and poch is starting to really realize that fact.

  78. Just some goy

    Just some goyBulan Yang lalu

    Annoying smug face Poch after getting to semis with handball goal. Final should have been City Liverpool. Go Ajax. United fan

  79. William Olsen

    William OlsenBulan Yang lalu

    Lol cry more.

  80. WillKnows

    WillKnowsBulan Yang lalu

    Cus city never get bullshit decisions go there way do they mate

  81. Rasengan

    RasenganBulan Yang lalu

    Cone on Ajax, I’d rather die than lose to Tottenham 😂


    FUT MONKEY EXTREMEBulan Yang lalu

    Tottenham fans hoping they don’t win now😂😂😂

  83. Fenilee Stan

    Fenilee StanBulan Yang lalu

    I hate to say this.if ajax go to final, liverpool will win it.liverpool would love to play the style play of ajax which is more open than tottenham.yes ajax more dangerous but trust me when they play more open, liverpool will take advantage that.

  84. Marcus Fletcher

    Marcus FletcherBulan Yang lalu

    Disagree. I'd rather play spurs. Ajax frighten me cos that team is fearless

  85. Fenilee Stan

    Fenilee StanBulan Yang lalu

    T Hendrix im barca fan.just look at 2nd half when spurs pressing ajax.they dominate the gameplay.ajax got owned by spurs that time.liverpool as we know they loved to press.thats my opinion...hope liverpool win it.go liverpool

  86. T Hendrix

    T HendrixBulan Yang lalu

    Suarez Barcelona People still saying stuff like this after Liverpool won 4-0?? U never know what’s gonna happen in football, it’s a 50/50.

  87. Kopite TV

    Kopite TVBulan Yang lalu

    Impossible to predict this one

  88. Citizen Dildo

    Citizen DildoBulan Yang lalu

    Try anyway.

  89. Hammy

    HammyBulan Yang lalu

    come on boys #coys ⚪⚪⚪

  90. NGLApexIx

    NGLApexIxBulan Yang lalu

    Going to be an interest match tonight! Gotta go with Ajax tho, always root for the underdog!

  91. William Olsen

    William OlsenBulan Yang lalu

    @Jonny Monte Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  92. Luke Humphries

    Luke HumphriesBulan Yang lalu

    Both underdogs tbh lol, nobody expected Ajax to be here and nobody expected Spurs to be here.

  93. Jonny Monte

    Jonny MonteBulan Yang lalu

    Same here bro, Ajax win 2-0 !

  94. T Hendrix

    T HendrixBulan Yang lalu

    Nando Ajax has been the underdog all season long fucktard

  95. Nando

    NandoBulan Yang lalu

    NGLApexIx 0-1 mate, how are we the underdog.

  96. Badman Gang gang

    Badman Gang gangBulan Yang lalu

    No one cares

  97. Reza Majarally

    Reza MajarallyBulan Yang lalu

    Where's my hub caps and car stereo?

  98. beyond72

    beyond72Bulan Yang lalu

    Typical Liverpool fan.

  99. Dany Hermawan

    Dany HermawanBulan Yang lalu

    1:22 is it sonny wanted to take pic with Van der sar or VDS wanted to take pic with sonny? But VDS was the one who holds the mobile phone

  100. Isaagain Plop

    Isaagain PlopBulan Yang lalu

    Dany Hermawan vds wanted to take a pic with him

  101. Steve Austin

    Steve AustinBulan Yang lalu

    Lfc fan rather have spurs in the final all day long

  102. Wally Wild

    Wally WildBulan Yang lalu

    Steve Austin tough to call idk

  103. jordan harvey

    jordan harveyBulan Yang lalu

    as a Liverpool fan spurs should do it tonight but they shouldn't lose there head like they did the weekend

  104. roziman omar

    roziman omarBulan Yang lalu

    Ziyech and the gangs will make it to final..

  105. The Vitruvian Man

    The Vitruvian ManBulan Yang lalu


  106. Gaidi Frans

    Gaidi FransBulan Yang lalu


  107. Sonaldo is King

    Sonaldo is KingBulan Yang lalu


  108. Faizaan Ahmed

    Faizaan AhmedBulan Yang lalu


  109. Deeq z

    Deeq zBulan Yang lalu

    He means go to Manchester United. What annoys me is solkjear will be sacked for sure but before that we have to struggle for a half season.

  110. Deeq z

    Deeq zBulan Yang lalu

    @Luke Casey Shaw i know that but he is not the solution.

  111. Luke Casey Shaw

    Luke Casey ShawBulan Yang lalu

    Deeq z the manager isn’t the problem at that club mate 😂

  112. Cobbster

    CobbsterBulan Yang lalu

    1-0 is such a slender lead. I would say neither of them are favorites

  113. harez 1997

    harez 1997Bulan Yang lalu

    In relation with last nights game it appears like this, however i think it will be really close 1-0 spurs win on pens.

  114. Beadelf 81

    Beadelf 81Bulan Yang lalu


  115. English Nibba

    English NibbaBulan Yang lalu

    Scenes if its a Spurs vs Liverpool Champions League Final and a Chelsea vs Arsenal Europa League Final Edit: It’s happening lads

  116. Aine O Leary

    Aine O LearyBulan Yang lalu

    Super cup final is all english too

  117. English Nibba

    English NibbaBulan Yang lalu

    @Uncle that hurts Now to see if Chelsea and Arsenal can do it aswell

  118. Uncle that hurts

    Uncle that hurtsBulan Yang lalu

    It happened

  119. Jake Fabian

    Jake FabianBulan Yang lalu

    About time!

  120. Aine O Leary

    Aine O LearyBulan Yang lalu


  121. rustianur zaky

    rustianur zakyBulan Yang lalu

    I believe that tottenham can do it! #COYS

  122. Ahmed Barre

    Ahmed BarreBulan Yang lalu

    It did and congratulation

  123. abdi rashid

    abdi rashidBulan Yang lalu

    Another epic CL night? Or routine win for Ijax? Can’t wait to find out.

  124. Webe-Liverpool -

    Webe-Liverpool -Bulan Yang lalu

    Come on Spurs u can do it. Best of luck!

  125. TheMartyScotty

    TheMartyScottyBulan Yang lalu

    Lebron awkward

  126. _Kaan23_

    _Kaan23_Bulan Yang lalu

    Lebron kappa

  127. Lv. 4999 Soldier

    Lv. 4999 SoldierBulan Yang lalu

    we wanna see de ligt vs van dijk

  128. Lebron

    LebronBulan Yang lalu

    Ajax win sorry

  129. NIQ HSA

    NIQ HSABulan Yang lalu

    Congrats on the win! Was so happy to see liverpool go through!

  130. FootballVFX

    FootballVFXBulan Yang lalu

    Come on ajax

  131. Youngjin Lee

    Youngjin LeeBulan Yang lalu

    1:22 yeah u are important player sonny

  132. Conor Reeve

    Conor ReeveBulan Yang lalu


  133. Jot Grewal

    Jot GrewalBulan Yang lalu

    Poep on de stoep... love that song .... from a spurs fan

  134. shaunbir klair

    shaunbir klairBulan Yang lalu

    Barca fan, good luck to the last 3 teams left in the competition 👍🏾

  135. cousin leigh

    cousin leighBulan Yang lalu

    Barca be better next year after they empty Ajax out

  136. Itz Omar

    Itz OmarBulan Yang lalu

    shaunbir klair hahagagag

  137. Noshad Islam

    Noshad IslamBulan Yang lalu

    All Tottenham have to do is not let Alli shot the ball. The guy kicks the ball like he’s in some rugby game!!!

  138. Have a nice day

    Have a nice dayBulan Yang lalu

    After the match: He was one of the best on the field and got 2 assists😂

  139. Dime Drawer

    Dime DrawerBulan Yang lalu

    Both Ajax and Tottenham are Zionist supporters


    TS METALLICBulan Yang lalu

    I want it to be liverpool vs Ajax cause it will be more better

  141. AUAPC

    AUAPCBulan Yang lalu


  142. Lithuaniaball

    LithuaniaballBulan Yang lalu


  143. John Congues

    John ConguesBulan Yang lalu

    I don't care, I just want the cup to return back to England

  144. heygeorgia

    heygeorgiaBulan Yang lalu

    Nando Tottenham have no money🤣🤣🤣🤣 we have academy graduates and young players all over the pitch! COYS

  145. Jshon Smith

    Jshon SmithBulan Yang lalu

    @Lebron hahahah

  146. Lebron

    LebronBulan Yang lalu

    @Jonsey 7 3-3 sorry LIVERPOOL GO ❤🏆

  147. Jonsey 7

    Jonsey 7Bulan Yang lalu

    @Lebron 3-2, who's laughing now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  148. Lebron

    LebronBulan Yang lalu

    @Jonsey 7 2:0 (3:0) HMMM ?🤣🏆

  149. Tall Man

    Tall ManBulan Yang lalu

    PAK ZE AJAX ❌❌❌

  150. TY7 TY7

    TY7 TY7Bulan Yang lalu

    Spurs don't deserve anything. They don't play with passion. They just play for money. Ajax played with their heart . They play for pride. If Spurs go through Ajax will win the fans heart

  151. Meer Said

    Meer SaidBulan Yang lalu

    What a moron! We haven't spent a penny in 2 windows loool and wage bill is less than most clubs in the world LOL

  152. MRMG 1007

    MRMG 1007Bulan Yang lalu

    Unbelievable comment.

  153. Isaagain Plop

    Isaagain PlopBulan Yang lalu

    TY7 TY7 If spurs go through they deserve it They didn’t spend a penny during the transfer window And if spurs go through Ajax can have all the hearts it’s not gonna change the outcome

  154. Michael The coffee drinker

    Michael The coffee drinkerBulan Yang lalu

    What a weak comment So Tottenham that knocked out city who spent billions to try to win the thing (glad that Tottenham did btw did football a favour) didn't show passion in both legs? Liverpool Ajax Tottenham 3 clubs showing passion in this composition that no one's seen before Comment something like that to City and stop making yourself look pathetic

  155. Benn Ransom

    Benn RansomBulan Yang lalu

    @Pro Instincts oh yesss

  156. Zaim Anjum

    Zaim AnjumBulan Yang lalu

    Imagine Liverpool vs Tottenham final Two clubs who haven’t won any trophy for sometime

  157. Ali  G

    Ali GBulan Yang lalu

    Alex Gandy not makes scene

  158. Uncle that hurts

    Uncle that hurtsBulan Yang lalu

    It happened

  159. Ronaldo H

    Ronaldo HBulan Yang lalu

    Liverpool 7 years ago and Spurs 11 years ago since both of them last won a trophy

  160. Mikael Bajen

    Mikael BajenBulan Yang lalu

    Its a cl final, how many times do they meet each other in the league and other competitions per year? 4 -5 times. No thanks

  161. alright

    alrightBulan Yang lalu

    Think Ajax will win tonight and they'll go on to win the final, they're a fantastic team and deserving of it. I hope Liverpool win, but I think last years final will be fresh in the memory.

  162. oozing sauce

    oozing sauceBulan Yang lalu

    as a liverpool fan i don’t know who id rather play both teams kinda play different to eachother but an all english final would be sick

  163. PikaPika

    PikaPikaBulan Yang lalu

    u got ur wish hahaha

  164. H Singh

    H SinghBulan Yang lalu


  165. Jughead251

    Jughead251Bulan Yang lalu

    would rather not play a premier league side. they know what to expect from us.

  166. beyond72

    beyond72Bulan Yang lalu

    @Jonsey 7 IF we get to the final, this is what I'm hoping, Liverpool thinking they've won it before a ball is even kicked.

  167. Jonsey 7

    Jonsey 7Bulan Yang lalu

    Spurs are just as dangerous as ajax, dont forget if they get through they could have kane playing in that final, this is where liverpool fans will lose because they underestimate spurs, spurs should of be liverpool in the prem this season

  168. Amitabh Bachan

    Amitabh BachanBulan Yang lalu

    Blind has really improved. Pochettino is a genius, with no investments he went further than most clubs this season like PSG, Juve and Man U + Man City.

  169. Ardian Farizaldi

    Ardian FarizaldiBulan Yang lalu

    @wjeo they cover each other, Blind covers the gap because de ligt often go up. But Blind is smart, he slow down opponent attack so other can go back in time.

  170. wjeo

    wjeoBulan Yang lalu

    Hamza Mohamed because blind can’t defend. Even with ajax de ligt makes up for a lot of his mistakes.

  171. Hamza Mohamed

    Hamza MohamedBulan Yang lalu

    Blind was always smart and very technical, just a shame mourinho preferred those other donkeys that United have over him.

  172. A M

    A MBulan Yang lalu


  173. A M

    A MBulan Yang lalu

    Come on boys show some fight just like how Liverpool did last night. An all English final would be something to remember #coys

  174. AMR

    AMRBulan Yang lalu

    @Ravinder Sian he did

  175. Hack Break

    Hack BreakBulan Yang lalu

    @TY7 TY7 your funny tho

  176. Harry Bamling

    Harry BamlingBulan Yang lalu

    TY7 TY7 dont play with heart btw

  177. Jshon Smith

    Jshon SmithBulan Yang lalu

    They won just like liverpool. 3 nil down and they came back

  178. Fluf Dude

    Fluf DudeBulan Yang lalu


  179. Meelayyb is a beast And a champion

    Meelayyb is a beast And a championBulan Yang lalu