Advanced "EJ Dash" tutorial


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    this is next gen stuff that shits on what everyone else is doing atm. EJ's going places...

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    Flea ur dog shit 1V1 BOT

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    Flea i thought i would see you here

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    I’m here from jt 🤳🏼

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    WoW this guys good

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    Who’s here from JT

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    I'm happy that Ej is getting a little popular because xaloty stole from him

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    Thanks a lot

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    Damn this was only in June

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    Wait is this made by you??

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    Rai yes it id by him but people stoke it from him

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    Holy shit your good btw ty for the technique

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    This is what myth died to in the tournament

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    I used it in sesoon 1

  19. Akhil Kancharla

    Akhil Kancharla2 hari yang lalu

    When he does it , it looks so easy Me: when i try , this is impossible

  20. Joaquin Jimenez

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    Akhil Kancharla just start slowly

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    I'm gifting season 11 battle pass at 150 subs

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    Beaks stold this from you

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    Girl You did me wrong

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    You just missed the one I came here for, the one at the start where it's a continuous dash

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    You act like you created this

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    I love how I saw a post about this back in like season 3 but no one wanted to use it

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    Howl always doing this

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    So happy JT shouted you out, we got this to 800k veiws

  29. Miguel Ferreira

    Miguel Ferreira5 hari yang lalu

    Every day we stray further away from god... RIP the days where you were considered a Pro for doing a double ramp rush

  30. Azorn

    Azorn5 hari yang lalu

    Yea you missed the one where u edit the ramp as much as possible u run up to the little wall before turning jump and reset the edit it works but it’s pretty hard since timing

  31. Stephen Riggle

    Stephen Riggle5 hari yang lalu

    I've been doing this trick since season 5 because of a bcc video showing a quick tutorial of this

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    Mans Listening To Luh Kel 🤣

  33. Darien Lobo

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    People that still try to lear high ground retakes are the people I shit on in real matches

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    Can someone tell me this song's name?

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    Good video really helpt me out

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    JT sent me to support you p/s : this technique is revolutionary

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    This cone one if your running at it it has t be yours otherwise you can't edit and ain't no 1 going to run up and check them all

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    Thank you 🙏 so much I can do it now :)

  39. Avery

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    Never knew that u had to that horizontal wood thing. Thanks!

  40. ツShine

    ツShine6 hari yang lalu

    Hey ej I found a new method of the Dash you can place a bounce pad and instantly a ramp and then you push your self much more farther then the normal dash here is the video that shows this


    TOP SONG NL6 hari yang lalu

    Last one insane and very hard

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    Your R3 movement makes it look like ur on keyboard and mouse

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    Thank god this guy is blasting the music

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    what song?

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    Lol I've been doing the cone dash it's amazing

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    I am here from JT.

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    J T sent me here :)

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    I accidentally ej dash me a lot

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    Nice video

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    I come from JT

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    I came from JT

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    Dude woow you got 164k wooow I think you have 24k woo

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    JT sent me and I’m so happy that he did

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    Nice dude sooo sorry your vid got stolen from xaloty but it’s fine now so keep up the good work

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    0:12 is there any tutorial about this dash i really wanna learn it

  56. AFK Clan

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    @chto blyat im on console bro i cant do it😭😭😭 thats my fav ramp dash

  57. chto blyat

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    Press w+d going right Press w+a going left Place floor immediatly After rampdash Ur Welcome

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    Love how technical these builds are

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    Song is ass

  60. 20 subs with 1 video before 2020

    20 subs with 1 video before 20208 hari yang lalu

    Cone dashes are used heavily in s3 for jump shots Dunno what happened, but it slowly stopped in pubs

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    How r u this creative

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    Dude you awesome IDreporterr

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    I actually hate fortnite. But I’m here because you discovered something and had it stolen. So have my support. And thanks JT

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    I have been sent by JT goodluck man with your channel :)

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    So your the one who invented it

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    Ej *posts new meta* Xeloty: Its free real estate

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    U stole this

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    U stole thid

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    This was very helpful thank u

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    What's the song in background at the start