Adriano: The Downfall Of The Best Striker In The World


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    His poor father

  3. Yonas Awees

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    I can t watch this video

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    Adriano is emperor👑

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    Adriano was not born on the same day as MJ

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    One of the strongest regret but also a dream

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    Why it happened to only brazilian talents

  8. Atharva Patil

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    When u have a goal you improve and keep playing like yourself, Adriano had his father only as his goal, when he lost him he lost his reason to be him and continue, sad ... He could have surpassed Ronaldo and probably would have been best now..

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    2:00 for one second I thought it's DROGBA dancing

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    Who as a Brazilian wears a germany shirt

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    I could accept if the news mentioned Adriano had violance, clubbing, drugs, alcohol but orgies? (1:56) isnt that over the line? someones personal sex life is something very private. could u imagine if theres a reporter who immediately ask about sex life on public?

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    Jordan also lost his father after 3 rings, after that he retired from basketball, went to achieve his father's dream and become a baseball player, did that for some time, and then came back to basketball to win a couple more rings. That is an extra thing about Jordan. They both were born the same day, both lost father in the middle of the career, they handled it the same in the fact that this had affected them, but it affected in a very, very different way.

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    He just killed himself. I understand that his father died but you have to let go and focus so that you'll live with honor even if you're father isn't there. Downward spiral to drugs, orgies, parties, drinks that's insane and the most stupidest thing he's ever done. He's feeble. Needs to grow up 👆

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    Everything in life is a decision

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    Convert to Islam and that will help you.

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    Islam is evil

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    He could have been the best player ever seen.

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    One year later and we still wonder what he couldve become

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    What the hell happened to Jose Mourinho? Make this video please..

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    Repost 😒 are u guys out of suggestion? 💔💔

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    Why did you copy this video from Raymar?

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    Raymar copied OMGoal

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    Adriano didn't handle the death of his dad, and he started to decrease. For him, only alcohol could cure him. Cristiano Ronaldo, though, his father was dead, we cried a lot, but unlike Adriano, his father made him what he was now, and for CR7, the hard work, the crazy training and the incredible goals and skills he did only could cure him from this tragedy.

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    Please this nigga was weak nothing compared to R9

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    I am watching this video cuz i have him in pes 2019 mobile

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    I feel sorry

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    I remember when Adriano was a beast of a striker in pes6 lol

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    That was not hes new life in brazil, he actually got a look if money and live in a nice lookin house with hes wife

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    In Pes mobile never let this guy even an inch of space close to the 18 yard box,or else it is a goal he is a monster of a man.

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    This kid could have been Neymar

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    Damn he must've really loved his father

  32. MMG 006

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    It wasn't just depression, but the ghetto mentality as well. The same thing that ruined players like Robinho and Ronaldinho. Partying, skipping training, unprofessional behavior, bad physical form, obesity etc. When you grow up in poverty it's really hard to escape from it in your mind.

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    Inter strikers back then: -In 1998-2000 they have Zamorano, Ronaldo, and Baggio -In 2001-2007 they have Recoba, Martins, Vieri, Ibrahimovic, Cruz, and obviously Adriano -And in 2008-2011 they have one of the best trio in the world in Sneijder, Milito, and Eto'o Seriously when i saw Icardi is already thinking he is bigger enough than the club and creating all those conflicts just makes me sad.. I remember back in 2005-2006 there is a special rule to never pick Inter since it's too unfair whenever i play Winning Eleven with my friends. Vieri with 92 shot accuracy and 96 balance Recoba with 94 shot and 97 swerve Ibrahimovic with 99 shot technique and 95 balance Adriano with 99 shot power Martins with 99 speed And Cruz the most balanced between them all which is still great

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    I was born in the same day as Robert Downey jr

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    the curse of Brazilian Football...Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Pato, Adriano, Robinho..who's next????

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    Simillar to Cristiano Ronaldo. But Ronaldo passed it

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    That will be me If I loose someone from my family.. I will not be able to control myself

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    Somebody could have told him, he could win a world cup for his dad.

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    I used to destroy my mates on pes with inter milan with that idiot. And I wondered all these years where the fuck he is???. Now I know. Damnnnnnnnnnn

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    “Orgys”... was that really necessary?? Lmao smh

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    Most of the the downfalls are Brazilians. Ex Adriano,robinho,Oscar etc

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    You forget ronaldinho

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    Adriano what would ur dad think. He will feel guilt because of your stupid actions.

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    Very sad story

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    That's really sad. I just hope he finds motivation to do something good again

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    If you're going to make a video about him then at least pronounce his name right fs

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    From a profesionak football player with good potential too a gangster..

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    1:15 how did he get the nickname "the crack"

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    "Crack" is a word used to describe great/magical players in Latin countries

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    It still hurts me that he and Pato didn't make it 😭😭

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    Shoot Power : 19

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    u forgot to say the most important thing about him his left foot cannons

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    Make a video about paco alcacer’s history

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    Is this Adriano Luiz Adriano? Plz someone clear me.

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    Oh My Goal. Get your facts right. Don't mislead your subscribers about his current life style and career paths. Check Adriano's Instagram for more information.

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    I just got him on my PES 2019 Mobile Team

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    He was a great footballer

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    Go inter

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    When negro earn much money, they still stupid like the others negro...

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    1:40 Vin Adriano Diesel

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    Pes 6 shot power = 19

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    For me Adriano is still a Legend.

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    Imagine Adriano itself watching this video... I feel so bad for that guy that it turned out like this , i really hope it all turns out right in the end for him !