Adriano Leite Skills Are out of this world || The Emperor ||


  1. Max Wassen

    Max WassenBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks for using my music man! You're a legend ❤

  2. Divyendu Kashyap

    Divyendu KashyapBulan Yang lalu

    It's really good!

  3. MatigolVidz

    MatigolVidzBulan Yang lalu


  4. indrohari 1908

    indrohari 1908Hari Yang lalu

    Moratti, zanetti, cordoba fail to motivate him after his father death is one of biggest failure in inter era Even mourinho can do nothing Adriano - zlatan duo is decent at best at that time

  5. Майкъл Стоянов

    Майкъл Стоянов21 hari yang lalu

    Perfect stiker stong fast dribble big and what a finish

  6. The MonkeyZ

    The MonkeyZ22 hari yang lalu

    Tecnico.. veloce.. potente.. sinistro magico .. Un animale!!!! Grande video Mati come sempre

  7. Essengo Makassi

    Essengo Makassi27 hari yang lalu

    MERCI pour TOUT Adri. On ne t'oubliera pas. À jamais dans nos coeurs 💙

  8. SaChENkO 9

    SaChENkO 929 hari yang lalu

    Remember my childhood, THX FOR the video

  9. RG Soosaa

    RG SoosaaBulan Yang lalu

    This make me sad... he was my idol i always want to play and be like him. Now im 26 on drugs and watching only in tv football.. so weird

  10. igor skikov

    igor skikovBulan Yang lalu

    Don't remove this video please , its the best video of Adriano on IDreporter

  11. Kevin Gens

    Kevin GensBulan Yang lalu

    He was just too powerful to play more years at the same level. Legend.

  12. TheHappyManatee

    TheHappyManateeBulan Yang lalu

    Adriano had everything you could possibly want in a striker. So strong and powerful, yet fast, elegant and technically sublime! I have no doubts this man could have been one the greatest footballers of all time if it wasn’t for his fathers passing. He may not have lived up to his potential, but in my heart Adriano will always be one of the greats!

  13. ali charo

    ali charoBulan Yang lalu

    Myke tyson of football incredible conbination of powerfull and speed

  14. -*

    -*Bulan Yang lalu

    I love that you also have footage of training and stuff like that. I mean not only game footage. That makes you better than many others. THANK YOU Matigolvidz 👏👍

  15. 1agent0

    1agent0Bulan Yang lalu

    Once Upon a Time Inter had those free kick specialists... Adriano Recoba figo and Mihajlovic on the pitch at the same time... Keepers said their prayers...

  16. Psycoskills Football

    Psycoskills FootballBulan Yang lalu

    maior desperdício de talento da historia do futebol

  17. Lionel Messi

    Lionel MessiBulan Yang lalu

    Ma quant' era forte ?!

  18. Alhambra Media

    Alhambra MediaBulan Yang lalu

    finally, L’imperatore 🔵⚫️

  19. Enrico Carlo Campani

    Enrico Carlo CampaniBulan Yang lalu

    Mr. 99 shot power on PES 06. Felice di averlo potuto vedere giocare

  20. Pedro Maradona

    Pedro MaradonaBulan Yang lalu

    Después tenés que aguantar a los nenitos bobos peliandose por Cristiano y Messi... Este tipo y muchos más les pasan el trapo

  21. Adrian Quiroz

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  22. -*

    -*Bulan Yang lalu

    Oh yeah that would be awesome

  23. FB BEAM

    FB BEAMBulan Yang lalu

    I miss his Parma days

  24. FB BEAM

    FB BEAMBulan Yang lalu

    Lukaku's idol

  25. Antonio Mazzella

    Antonio MazzellaBulan Yang lalu

    When a soccer player joins such a physical strength the technique of a Brazilian champion, it becomes almost impossible to stop him

  26. Marco

    MarcoBulan Yang lalu

    Great Adriano! There were no barriers !!

  27. guilherme mello

    guilherme melloBulan Yang lalu

    Que potência jogada no lixo.

  28. Matheus Rocha

    Matheus RochaBulan Yang lalu

    Simply a beast

  29. O. B.

    O. B.Bulan Yang lalu

    Great video, what a beast he was

  30. Dibakar Nag

    Dibakar NagBulan Yang lalu

    Your videos are awesome bt please try to make your videos shorter

  31. Alex McAbee

    Alex McAbeeBulan Yang lalu


  32. badsolja1

    badsolja1Bulan Yang lalu

    When he shoot a foul most of goal keepers can’t even jump before finding the ball in the net Crazy how powerful his left foot and his physical strength was

  33. Matteo Ieia

    Matteo IeiaBulan Yang lalu

    Amazing video as always❤️

  34. Aji Syifak Burhanudin

    Aji Syifak BurhanudinBulan Yang lalu

    Ronaldo + Vieri = Adriano

  35. The Woxy03

    The Woxy03Bulan Yang lalu

    I love this man he was phenomenal 😍♥️⚽

  36. TheLooke

    TheLookeBulan Yang lalu

    Most wasted talent ever. Poor guy

  37. Paulo Henrique

    Paulo HenriqueBulan Yang lalu

    Ronaldo fenômeno r9 please

  38. Mohammed U. AL-Anie

    Mohammed U. AL-AnieBulan Yang lalu

    human tank

  39. eliezer rambu

    eliezer rambuBulan Yang lalu

    he was considered as the successor of R9 for Inter & Brazil but as we know, shit happens and so does his career

  40. Hector Farto Jr

    Hector Farto JrBulan Yang lalu

    OMG... Legend ♥

  41. Tapeplixio

    TapeplixioBulan Yang lalu

    He was very fast inspite of being so physically huge

  42. Linh Nguyen

    Linh NguyenBulan Yang lalu


  43. Tapeplixio

    TapeplixioBulan Yang lalu

    He was the true successor to Ronaldo fenomeno ,too bad he could not achieve his full potential because of his father's death

  44. njldst2007

    njldst2007Bulan Yang lalu

    @Kevin Gens You can't directly compare them exactly, because they're different players, but in terms of class and pure ability, peak Adriano is very much on the same level as peak Ronaldinho. The sad thing is, as short as R10's peak was, Adriano's was even shorter, and some even would say he never really hit his true peak either. For pure ball control and how many tricks he had in his bag, Ronaldinho would edge it, and as he was a no.10, his playmaking skills were better. But Adriano was a striker, his shooting was unbelievable (99 shot power in PES for a reason), his technique were not that far off from Ronaldinho and he was a physical phenomenon. You could NOT get the ball off the man, foul him or not, he was that strong, and was freakish fast too. Inter legend Zanetti said it best, at his best Adriano was like an amalgamation of Ronaldo fenomeno and Ibrahimovich. Huge, tall, imposing, fast, strong, shot like a cannon and dribbling skills to put most others to shame. So yea, at his peak, he was very much the same level as Ronaldinho

  45. Kevin Gens

    Kevin GensBulan Yang lalu

    @Muhammad Hasham No way close to R10. Are you out of your mind?

  46. Alex McAbee

    Alex McAbeeBulan Yang lalu

    @Muhammad Hasham cr7*

  47. David G

    David GBulan Yang lalu

    Because of him. Blame the destiny is for losers.

  48. ㄚ҈ ㄖ҈ 凵҈ 几҈ Ꮆ҈ ҈

    ㄚ҈ ㄖ҈ 凵҈ 几҈ Ꮆ҈ ҈Bulan Yang lalu

    @Muhammad Hasham 😂😂😂😂

  49. CR7 do Vascão

    CR7 do VascãoBulan Yang lalu

    My favorite team Oliver. K Sérgio ramos Pepe Skrtel Arbeloa Gatusso Felipe Melo Adriano Ibra Diego costa Cantona

  50. No Name

    No Name17 hari yang lalu

    Materazzi> Skrtel

  51. Robert Langdon

    Robert LangdonBulan Yang lalu

    @villath21 andoni goikoetxea

  52. villath21

    villath21Bulan Yang lalu

    @Robert Langdon Who is the butcher of Bilbao?

  53. Cristiano Feltri

    Cristiano FeltriBulan Yang lalu

    I would add Keane and Stam

  54. Robert Langdon

    Robert LangdonBulan Yang lalu

    Don't forget Vinnie Jones and the butcher of bilbao

  55. DanSti BerZap

    DanSti BerZapBulan Yang lalu

    Todo un animal, que fuerza, que potencia. Ya entiendo porqué el shot power 99.

  56. profi 33

    profi 33Bulan Yang lalu

    Next Diego milito plzzzz

  57. Ricardo

    RicardoBulan Yang lalu


  58. Shawn Nilsson

    Shawn NilssonBulan Yang lalu

    So sad that his father death affected him so hard and made him depressed, he was a tank at his peak, i mean remember pes 06, 98 balance and 99 shot power