Adriano ● The Fallen Emperor ● Best Goals Ever


  1. HeilRJ Football Channel

    HeilRJ Football ChannelTahun Yang lalu

    The robustness of a tank with the elegance of a Ferrari!

  2. raden syafiq

    raden syafiq3 bulan yang lalu

    @The Riot Game 3 klwlelelelldlrl

  3. ciaran mcdonnell

    ciaran mcdonnell5 bulan yang lalu

    It says song in the description with the song not following

  4. The Indie Diary

    The Indie DiaryTahun Yang lalu

    His career means nothing now. Not since he joined the biggest gang in Rio and has a pastime of killing women.


    DEE DUBZTahun Yang lalu

    Brutal Elegance

  6. Alex Gheller

    Alex GhellerTahun Yang lalu

    A tank of beer

  7. Mohammed Elsheikh

    Mohammed Elsheikh22 jam yang lalu

    video quality ruined it

  8. VCS CDS

    VCS CDSHari Yang lalu

    Edmundo >>>>>> Adriano

  9. mr fantastic

    mr fantastic4 hari yang lalu

    Name of song please

  10. Diego

    Diego5 hari yang lalu

    If the emperor wouldn’t have fallen, Kaká wouldn’t have been the last Brazilian to win ballon d’or. I’m thinking a possible 2009 since that’s the year inter won the serie A and supercoppa and Brazil won the confederations that summer. Had he not fallen he would’ve taken the prize for that season and 2010 too because if he hadn’t declined he would’ve still been at inter and won the treble with mourinho. We’re looking at possible back to back ballon d’ors. He would’ve been around 26-27 for those 2 seasons so it wouldve definitely been possible.

  11. sainur uncu

    sainur uncu8 hari yang lalu


  12. Abdullahi Abdiqadir Isse

    Abdullahi Abdiqadir Isse9 hari yang lalu

    What a legend!! Adriano

  13. Box Mad

    Box Mad10 hari yang lalu

    This guy had the potential to have been the greatest footballer of all time, such a wasted talent.

  14. Welner Zuleta

    Welner Zuleta14 hari yang lalu

    He made it look effortless. What a boss!

  15. Luca 96

    Luca 9615 hari yang lalu

    Giocatore mostruoso

  16. RAP Mar

    RAP Mar15 hari yang lalu

    Brazil lacks strong and powerful strikers now.

  17. Maicol Scumaci

    Maicol Scumaci17 hari yang lalu

    He was better than Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. He was an absolute beast!

  18. Death Life144

    Death Life14417 hari yang lalu

    Song ?

  19. rodolfo gomes

    rodolfo gomes18 hari yang lalu

    Tá com raiva morde as costas Habibs és

  20. rodolfo gomes

    rodolfo gomes18 hari yang lalu


  21. Taariq Khan

    Taariq Khan20 hari yang lalu

    I can easily see him bulldozing Messi and Ronaldo both, together.

  22. KabzHD

    KabzHD20 hari yang lalu

    Adriano could’ve easily been better than Ronaldo and Messi

  23. Ken Fujimoto

    Ken Fujimoto21 hari yang lalu

    Looking Adriano play was like Gozilla vs humans back then in Inter 😂

  24. markmotarker

    markmotarker21 hari yang lalu

    Omg this guy is crazy good. The music is perfect. Nothing inspirational. Just savagery

  25. weverton gamer

    weverton gamer22 hari yang lalu

    Adriano era o melhor

  26. Patricio Aldunate

    Patricio Aldunate22 hari yang lalu

    ✌🏻✌🏻🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱 saludos emperador!!!

  27. Samuel Tso

    Samuel Tso24 hari yang lalu

    another version of RONALDO el fenomeno

  28. Marco Rei

    Marco Rei28 hari yang lalu

    Zlatan è diventato italiano anche nelle espressioni e nelle smorfie .... che grande

  29. Gaming life Boss* Nerko

    Gaming life Boss* NerkoBulan Yang lalu

    This man is like Tyson in ring. Adriano is Godzilla for football. Time when exists real players. Not like today times. You know what I mean.

  30. Adriano Pascual Muñoz

    Adriano Pascual MuñozBulan Yang lalu

    The play very good favourite for all

  31. Θέμης Δερβέντζας

    Θέμης ΔερβέντζαςBulan Yang lalu

    I watch this and I am proud as a Brazilian fan!

  32. Josiah St.

    Josiah St.Bulan Yang lalu

    Did you see that?! He must have a foot like a traction engine!

  33. Daniel Silecchia

    Daniel SilecchiaBulan Yang lalu

    4:11 WHAT WAS THAT?!???!

  34. Marco Bauchiero

    Marco BauchieroBulan Yang lalu

    Uno dei più grandi attaccanti mai apparsi sulla terra.

  35. Valdiezl Ltd.

    Valdiezl Ltd.Bulan Yang lalu

    Shot power 99. Instead of the ball going to the net, the ball goes outside the goal line fast.

  36. o o

    o oBulan Yang lalu

    same level as R9?

  37. swewunna

    swewunnaBulan Yang lalu

    Inter now got a striker of similar pedigree to Adriano in Lukaku although the Belgian cannot match Adriano's finesse and control. Lukaku however has abundance of raw power.

  38. FTV label

    FTV labelBulan Yang lalu

    2:44 a fucking hornet : too big to fly but however flying.

  39. rudy saavedra

    rudy saavedraBulan Yang lalu

    Best player to ever wear #9 in my opinion

  40. Diego

    DiegoBulan Yang lalu

    6:30 - Kkkkk o cara pensou que ia ganhar no corpo

  41. Arif Purwadi

    Arif PurwadiBulan Yang lalu

    Damn, I can't find his right foot's goal 😑

  42. Silly Penguin

    Silly PenguinBulan Yang lalu

    He shot better than R9.

  43. فيصل الالمعي

    فيصل الالمعيBulan Yang lalu

    فهد بلاي اواي

  44. Heisenberg

    HeisenbergBulan Yang lalu

    I shoot like this in my pes 2019 damn and this guy does it fr

  45. TheHeLL

    TheHeLLBulan Yang lalu

    اللي جاي من تماسح لايك

  46. Stud Talento Nato

    Stud Talento NatoBulan Yang lalu

    Porra velho que massa o melhor do mundo de 2006 Adriano Imperador o Cézar romano . Jogava fácil de mais apesar do tamanho.

  47. Ramon Bonilla-Reyes

    Ramon Bonilla-ReyesBulan Yang lalu

    Never underestimate lefties

  48. Jojo Dawide

    Jojo DawideBulan Yang lalu

    Dude is so powerful u could see the power he got in them feet

  49. Nick

    NickBulan Yang lalu


  50. SeleflaRN

    SeleflaRNBulan Yang lalu

    Adriano seria o 9 perfeito de Jorge Jesus hahahaha lenda!!

  51. SeleflaRN

    SeleflaRNBulan Yang lalu

    Adriano jóia da base e ídolo do Flamengo!!❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤😥

  52. Daniel Di Fonzo

    Daniel Di FonzoBulan Yang lalu

    Adriano was an elegant and a physical monster of a player. Very powerful, with a left foot... Pure dynamite. In his prime, the best and most complete forward.

  53. Diego Severo

    Diego SeveroBulan Yang lalu

    Adriano imperador jogava demais.

  54. Bokas 1

    Bokas 1Bulan Yang lalu

    Ok ça qui dit ça c'est que c'était vraiment incroyable, lui dire qu'un autre à plus de talent que lui

  55. Julian Eder

    Julian EderBulan Yang lalu

    i just love zlatans way of looking at things and how true they actually are for every situation in life. the mental part is the factor that seperates the legends from the average joe

  56. Muhammad Fadil

    Muhammad FadilBulan Yang lalu

    If tsubasa has eagle shot If sneijder has cannon shot Adriano has EMPEROR SHOT !!!

  57. saif football

    saif football2 bulan yang lalu

    his look like is hulk for the shooting

  58. Peyodt Sang Lintang

    Peyodt Sang Lintang2 bulan yang lalu

    Like Kagami and Aomine, he has an animal instinct plus the time to enter the zone even more savagely

  59. Junior Almeida

    Junior Almeida2 bulan yang lalu

    Rola que eu chuto porraa


    DIPESH BASNET2 bulan yang lalu


  61. Hakim Djelil

    Hakim Djelil2 bulan yang lalu

    اسم الموسيقى

  62. o o

    o o2 bulan yang lalu

    better than r9?

  63. Doug

    DougBulan Yang lalu

    Adriano in his prime was the most complete soccer player in history.

  64. Dxddy Sargento

    Dxddy Sargento2 bulan yang lalu


  65. Pedro Vazquez

    Pedro Vazquez2 bulan yang lalu

    Era un Ronaldo mas rapido,mas tecnico,mas potente, lo tenia todo lastima lo de su padre y la depresion que lo hundio...

  66. Cris5598

    Cris55982 bulan yang lalu

    Yo así era de cabron pero me chingue la rodilla :(