Adorable Babies Playing With Dogs and Cats - Funny Babies Compilation 2018


  1. It's the fox!

    It's the fox!3 hari yang lalu

    5:28 Theobromine in chocolate is very toxic to dogs and cats. Please dont kill them w ignorance and stupidity. Also please dont let your kids get licked in the mouth, and hit your pets.

  2. Alex Reid

    Alex Reid4 hari yang lalu

    9:20 "No, that's a bad cat!" Seems like a pretty reasonable cat to me, responding that way to receiving a sudden pterodactyl screech in its face. At least it didn't hit the kid!

  3. مربي الكلاب

    مربي الكلاب4 hari yang lalu

    Your brother considered me and subscribed to the channel for the sake of living only


    TANU SINGH4 hari yang lalu

    9:26 is the best lol. The dog sat n the baby


    TANU SINGH4 hari yang lalu

    3:40 he is sooo sweett

  6. Swamp Sagacity

    Swamp Sagacity5 hari yang lalu

    BEST clip ever starts around 8:20. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  7. Meggy Peggy

    Meggy Peggy5 hari yang lalu

    compilation of dogs shows a cat.

  8. chizuka kawabata

    chizuka kawabata6 hari yang lalu

    I pray just as these dogs protect babies that the owners will protect their dogs when they need them .... not bring them to the pound or abandon them.

  9. Hilarious Fails

    Hilarious Fails6 hari yang lalu

    2:15 Love you so much baby ;)

  10. Abrar Hf

    Abrar Hf7 hari yang lalu


  11. مهند الاسدي

    مهند الاسدي8 hari yang lalu


  12. Mandi Arena

    Mandi Arena10 hari yang lalu

    10:16 reminds me of that sun tan lotion label

  13. Gokuist

    Gokuist10 hari yang lalu

    I love watching these videos but I hate listening to babies crying

  14. Nikki Carlo

    Nikki Carlo11 hari yang lalu

    I mean i LOVE dogs but I'm not sure if i would be laughing if my dog does that to my baby. One hit to the back of the baby's head and that could cause serious trauma or even death. I know babies are like rubber but still not sure if I would laugh

  15. احمد سالم

    احمد سالم11 hari yang lalu

    القطط تخاف من الخيار مضحكة

  16. 社長まめ太

    社長まめ太13 hari yang lalu

    so cute.

  17. shushin samad

    shushin samad14 hari yang lalu


  18. Tariq francois

    Tariq francois14 hari yang lalu

    4:50 spider cat

  19. Josefdhw Josefdhw

    Josefdhw Josefdhw15 hari yang lalu

    1 QĶtjij

  20. شنو حمد فرشبي زيكا ريا

    شنو حمد فرشبي زيكا ريا16 hari yang lalu


  21. شنو حمد فرشبي زيكا ريا

    شنو حمد فرشبي زيكا ريا16 hari yang lalu

    وانا أضخم من 999

  22. شنو حمد فرشبي زيكا ريا

    شنو حمد فرشبي زيكا ريا16 hari yang lalu


  23. Rachyeta Sangini

    Rachyeta Sangini19 hari yang lalu

    Cute 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  24. Laura Antic

    Laura Antic24 hari yang lalu

    I adopted a dog and he loved to play with my birds

  25. Pomeranian dog Macana

    Pomeranian dog Macana22 hari yang lalu

    Cool. I have Lil Macana . She loves playing with Toys .I share videos of her

  26. Arnel Lozic

    Arnel Lozic25 hari yang lalu

    Dumb infants can't even articulate language properly!

  27. haji ismail safi

    haji ismail safi25 hari yang lalu

    Wow good time

  28. Wraith Reaper

    Wraith Reaper26 hari yang lalu

    I love cats and dogs ,they taste great!!!! It's all in the sauce. LOL 😃

  29. Lê Nguyễn

    Lê Nguyễn26 hari yang lalu

    Con vật...như cho, meo hình của giờ chưa có gia đình, bay ba...₫anh phải, thăm chí có ích bị người bằng da bằng thịt đánh...có bị điện thật ko...hay ho...

  30. Prabhakant pandey

    Prabhakant pandey27 hari yang lalu

    Mere babu ko dogi chahiye sita kund ayodhya my number 9167734510

  31. Monika Sihag

    Monika Sihag29 hari yang lalu


  32. j drayton

    j draytonBulan Yang lalu

    I would never leave my baby with a filthy animal

  33. Adrian D'Costa

    Adrian D'CostaBulan Yang lalu

    When I was a kid my grandma had a pet dog. I can't forget that dog. He would always follow us behind us walking for two miles from my grandma's home till we get in the car. A dog or a cat is sometimes more faithful than a human being. A human can betray you but a faithful dog or a cat will never do that. And somehow that dog was able to understand my pain and my joy. It was really hard to say goodbye forever to that dog. As I was a loner in elementary and high school and everybody bullied me, the only buddy I could remember at that time is my grandma's dog.

  34. John Gaylor

    John GaylorBulan Yang lalu

    who tf lets their child drink milk off their floor

  35. Victoria Pierre

    Victoria PierreBulan Yang lalu

    7:51 Soo funny

  36. Victoria Pierre

    Victoria PierreBulan Yang lalu

    7:41 7:42

  37. meshaal alsharrah

    meshaal alsharrahBulan Yang lalu


  38. meshaal alsharrah

    meshaal alsharrahBulan Yang lalu



    ANISHA CHOUDHARYBulan Yang lalu


  40. طاهر الكعبي

    طاهر الكعبيBulan Yang lalu

    حٌلَوِوِوِ هِهِهِهِ

  41. Gürkan Gür

    Gürkan GürBulan Yang lalu

    Cats are bastards with babies dogs are trustable :)

  42. Stefan Gjorgjievski

    Stefan GjorgjievskiBulan Yang lalu

    If you want you can use my funny video dog dressed as woman its on my channel

  43. William Brown

    William BrownBulan Yang lalu

    To all these innocent toddlers, welcome to the world.

  44. mona al hadad

    mona al hadadBulan Yang lalu

    William Brown كككحججىووًُُُ حًوًً

  45. Samia Zaman

    Samia ZamanBulan Yang lalu

    Over than 48k rats disliked it😅😅

  46. Rana Draz

    Rana DrazBulan Yang lalu

    العرب فييييييين 🤔🤔

  47. Srey Na

    Srey NaBulan Yang lalu


  48. Tru Comment

    Tru CommentBulan Yang lalu

    A baby getting knocked down by a dog isn't funny

  49. Aaron Feltham

    Aaron FelthamBulan Yang lalu

    Good job

  50. Lauren Richards

    Lauren RichardsBulan Yang lalu

    Most of these dogs are jerks.

  51. Pets PK Family

    Pets PK FamilyBulan Yang lalu

    So cute baby

  52. Morokot Play

    Morokot PlayBulan Yang lalu

    When they play together, how cute they are😍😀😍

  53. allan cruz

    allan cruzBulan Yang lalu


  54. Austin Truong

    Austin TruongBulan Yang lalu


  55. Karim Yusupov

    Karim YusupovBulan Yang lalu

    Родители тупые

  56. DrummerGirl423

    DrummerGirl423Bulan Yang lalu

    8:21 this is why dogs are better than cats

  57. SpringCat HV!

    SpringCat HV!Bulan Yang lalu

    I'd say they're generally both pretty good. It depends on the specific dog or cat.

  58. Max Drawing

    Max DrawingBulan Yang lalu

    The dog and child are very happy, it shows a lot of love in both. I have not seen such love in my life. I'll keep keep a puppy in my home too. Hope my parents allow me to keep dog in home.

  59. Mark Gormley

    Mark GormleyBulan Yang lalu

    Why are animals so protective over human babies?

  60. quick jessy

    quick jessyBulan Yang lalu

    They think them as their own babies

  61. 시골일상

    시골일상Bulan Yang lalu

    ㅎㅎㅎ 😅😅😅😅 😄😄😄😄😚😚😄

  62. Jacqui Vand

    Jacqui VandBulan Yang lalu

    though sometimes cute, i was horrified to see how parents allows dogs to lick their babies in the face. I love dogs and have dogs myself but this i will never allow.

  63. Jacqui Vand

    Jacqui Vand27 hari yang lalu

    Unsubscribe? To what? I’m not subscribed. I made a comment t.

  64. Shivu Reddy

    Shivu Reddy27 hari yang lalu


  65. Volztag Baluma

    Volztag BalumaBulan Yang lalu

    Is it healthy for the baby getting lick in the mouth by a,dog? No hate..just asking..

  66. Macy Lockhart

    Macy LockhartBulan Yang lalu

    Cute little baby in the cute little dogs so cute

  67. salim benamor

    salim benamorBulan Yang lalu


  68. salim benamor

    salim benamorBulan Yang lalu

    Macy Lockhart شحسةةححث