Addicted to Honey Boo Boo Child


  1. SwagaliciousGGT

    SwagaliciousGGT2 hari yang lalu

    lulul so funny

  2. Daniel Shandley

    Daniel Shandley3 hari yang lalu

    anthony is gay

  3. mr.e

    mr.e3 hari yang lalu

    anthony looks cute

  4. Rafan alesto

    Rafan alesto3 hari yang lalu

    The narrator says 99% of Americans believe what they say ha I’m not American Lol

  5. Jared 19

    Jared 195 hari yang lalu

    Anyone here in 2020 for nostalgia?

  6. Rose Mlikota

    Rose Mlikota7 hari yang lalu

    2020 anyone?

  7. ken zo vlog

    ken zo vlog9 hari yang lalu

    lan gay

  8. RougeBro8 though

    RougeBro8 though12 hari yang lalu

    Who's watching it 2020... no one... Ok

  9. The Burnt Toast

    The Burnt Toast12 hari yang lalu

    My senior quote 2:40

  10. roblox Nub

    roblox Nub12 hari yang lalu

    gogo juice is a fertilizer

  11. Kristy Kristy

    Kristy Kristy12 hari yang lalu

    When Smosh was revelant

  12. Michael Sørlie Tauselv

    Michael Sørlie Tauselv13 hari yang lalu


  13. Kady Lady

    Kady Lady14 hari yang lalu

    This may just be me but I personally think this is the best Smosh video ever 🤣

  14. Ox Plays

    Ox Plays14 hari yang lalu

    It’s 2020 and I’m still waiting for Anthony to say sike and come back

  15. Gravagna T

    Gravagna T14 hari yang lalu


  16. DeezNurz

    DeezNurz15 hari yang lalu

    Ian’s mom is just so good at this kind of stuff

  17. EarthWindFire82

    EarthWindFire8215 hari yang lalu

    Hey got any more of that honey boo boo juice

  18. Cutiee World

    Cutiee World15 hari yang lalu

    It’s concerning that Anthony’s spit is white and not clear.

  19. Dennon Thornton

    Dennon Thornton16 hari yang lalu

    Is this real????

  20. Greg Stynchula

    Greg Stynchula17 hari yang lalu


  21. Vycxh hbc Vncybcx

    Vycxh hbc Vncybcx18 hari yang lalu


  22. trasxhganxg

    trasxhganxg18 hari yang lalu

    The way he talks 😂 and dressed in the costume and the makeup

  23. Collete george

    Collete george19 hari yang lalu

    Ian is addicted

  24. Hala 126

    Hala 12619 hari yang lalu

    When he farted 😂😂😂😂

  25. Elias Efstathiou

    Elias Efstathiou21 hari yang lalu

    1:41 prrr

  26. D - Zack Lyle

    D - Zack Lyle22 hari yang lalu

    So awesome

  27. Elaborate

    Elaborate23 hari yang lalu

    I a n B o o B o o B e a r

  28. Da soccer Boi

    Da soccer Boi23 hari yang lalu

    Never mind I did some research and she is still alive and has an Instagram

  29. Da soccer Boi

    Da soccer Boi23 hari yang lalu

    I think honey boo boo is dead... I think

  30. Río Gamëre

    Río Gamëre24 hari yang lalu

    2:43 but she comes back a couple videos later and 🌚🌚🌚🌞🌞🌞🕴🕴🕴

  31. Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. Trump24 hari yang lalu


  32. Sp1ke

    Sp1ke26 hari yang lalu

    “Caffeine drink, soda, peanut butter, hot sauce, and a little bit of x flax! *farts” Me: ew! *drinks a sip of orange juice

  33. cindi Hendershot

    cindi Hendershot27 hari yang lalu

    Do every ihop every

  34. pcoz13

    pcoz1327 hari yang lalu


  35. Ashton Comedy

    Ashton ComedyBulan Yang lalu


  36. Gacha_genesis Hero

    Gacha_genesis HeroBulan Yang lalu

    Who’s here from today. 👇🏻

  37. Crikey Mate!

    Crikey Mate!Bulan Yang lalu

    0:38 but there’s only 8760 hours in a year

  38. Jacob Martin

    Jacob MartinBulan Yang lalu

    Ian's Mom is a whole mood

  39. keenan s

    keenan sBulan Yang lalu

    I can’t believe this was 7 years ago

  40. Logan Flores

    Logan FloresBulan Yang lalu

    Omg i didn't know 😂 my stange addiction was a real show because when i looked up the show

  41. Alejandro Rodriguez

    Alejandro RodriguezBulan Yang lalu

    2:20 I was laughing at that moment for a reason, that is a shopping kart is from target, but since they didn’t wanted to get sued by the company, they just covered up the name with tape 🤣

  42. Bri

    BriBulan Yang lalu

    Ian's mom is the best

  43. Taylee Fox

    Taylee FoxBulan Yang lalu


  44. Sam Guthrie

    Sam GuthrieBulan Yang lalu

    This was back when it was simple. Just Ian, Anthony, and Ian’s mom


    SHIONWAREBulan Yang lalu

    No one : Absolutely no one : Billie Eillish : 2:07 I miss the old Smosh. They had Anthony and Ian's mom.

  46. BTLxSnipes cuz

    BTLxSnipes cuzBulan Yang lalu


  47. Lexiunknone Gacha

    Lexiunknone GachaBulan Yang lalu

    Click read more ReadMore

  48. Andrew Saxon

    Andrew SaxonBulan Yang lalu

    Who’s watching in 1973?

  49. Ooh my GoD!

    Ooh my GoD!Bulan Yang lalu

    Chapalapachala ññññ..

  50. Sara Kane

    Sara KaneBulan Yang lalu

    These were the good days

  51. The Chuch Of The Century

    The Chuch Of The CenturyBulan Yang lalu

    :D :3 :) :(

  52. frut loops

    frut loopsBulan Yang lalu

    iM SiX aNd EyM eH byUti kWeEn

  53. John Jansen

    John JansenBulan Yang lalu

    Its actually 182,500 cheesballs a year .

  54. Porcupine thing

    Porcupine thingBulan Yang lalu

    This is my favourite Smosh video, I miss these days :/

  55. Porcupine thing

    Porcupine thingBulan Yang lalu

    This is my favourite Smosh video, I miss these days :/

  56. Jacob Testing

    Jacob TestingBulan Yang lalu

    5x365=1825 hours a year not 8, 000, 000 even 24 hours a day is 8760 hours a year 500 cheese balls a day 182500 a year NOT EVEN A F**KING MILLION LOGIC!!!

  57. VLE

    VLEBulan Yang lalu

    Jacob you're a nerd,btw NO ONE CARES!!!

  58. Daniel Sanchez

    Daniel SanchezBulan Yang lalu

    5x365 is not 8,000,000

  59. still chill

    still chillBulan Yang lalu

    I like how Ian farts after he says the ingredients of his go go juice.

  60. zergpooh Gamer

    zergpooh GamerBulan Yang lalu

    2:07 I’m the bad guy


    AWESOME MUDKIPBulan Yang lalu

    Me: *sees video has no mature content rating* Also me: *bursts into laughter*