1. Liam Johnson

    Liam Johnson2 hari yang lalu

    Fuck u ryland

  2. Lilly Samuel

    Lilly Samuel3 hari yang lalu

    what the hell is a mookbang

  3. Lily Whitehead

    Lily Whitehead6 hari yang lalu

    Who’s watching this in 2020!!!!!!!!!!🥳

  4. Ava Darche

    Ava Darche7 hari yang lalu

    Legend says thegabbieshowfan is still waiting for the next chapter

  5. Mariana Lopez-Pineda

    Mariana Lopez-Pineda9 hari yang lalu

    Can we just take a moment and appreciate how hot Shane looks in this video

  6. LilyZeNooblet

    LilyZeNooblet16 hari yang lalu

    alright heres some dirty stuff.... shane and gabbie got some taco bell, they drove back too gabbie's apartment and talked. they got there and started to eat the taco bell. "Gabbie, I already finished half my taco" shane said "It's ok," Gabbie started "I did too" they laughed and finished the sloppy tacos. they finished, they stood up and the remains of the taco that had fell into their lap had spilled all over the ground "What a mess!" Gabbie exclaimed "Bitch we're fucking pigs" Shane snickered. the ground was now so dirty, the taco juice seeped through the carpet and stained it a nasty orange. Meat chunks started to cram into the fabric as they tried to walk around it but failed "Shit!" Gabbie yelled "I ruined the carpet!". "Hehe, by the way I ruined the couch" Shane said as gabbie looked over to see her couch covered from head to toe in greasy finger prints. They tried to clean it up but failed. Gabbie was pissed. Knowing taco bell, the two started feeling sick, and then discovered they now had diarrhea. they were both now so sad, they spent the rest of the night watching grey's anatomy and eating ice cream. Hours later they fell asleep and when they awoke in the morning, the place was trashed and the floor was covered in melted popsicles and wine. It was gross so gabbie moved out. The end that's some dirty shit

  7. Wxlfie_Gacha XOX

    Wxlfie_Gacha XOX18 hari yang lalu

    the amount of times i had to pause the video to cringe....

  8. Alyssa Lewis

    Alyssa Lewis18 hari yang lalu

    Who’s here in 2020 | | | \/

  9. Eva Doucette

    Eva Doucette19 hari yang lalu

    After she smacked his ass her face was soo suprized

  10. iiStrawberryii Gaming

    iiStrawberryii Gaming19 hari yang lalu

    I didn't just see the thumbnail...

  11. Cady Lady

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    And now I have left the chat bcuz of Shane he is a horrible person

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    Cady Lady da fuq

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    Have sex for 5 minutes

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    I ship them hard

  15. Grounded Forever

    Grounded Forever22 hari yang lalu

    (Gabby) *texts Shane* "hey you here I've been waiting (Shane) *texts Gabby" yeah baby I'm here, now (Gabby) *texts Shane" hurry up but be quiet shhhhh (Shane) *nocks on Gabby's door* (Gabby) *pulls Shane into in her apartment* (Shane) oh Gabby won't you let me stay here for 10 hours (Gabby) oh yes you can stay about 10 seconds later Shane pull down your pants NOW!! (SHANE) *PULLS GABBY to her room turns off lights and starts pulling his pants down* 10 minutes later Her friend walks in and hears skeeking in the bedroom and slowly walks down to her room and said "what the fuck Gabby" your best friend won't like this (Gabby) no please don't tell him (Friend) why (Gabby) because I'm fucking him (Friend) what is his name (Gabby) Shane Dawson

  16. Raul Torres

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    They just wanted to be sexual

  17. Idk help

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  18. fire dragons

    fire dragonsBulan Yang lalu

    Fingers down my spine

  19. Cheyenne Hunt

    Cheyenne HuntBulan Yang lalu

    Why in the thumbnail does it kinda look like Shane has no pants lol 😂 😆 🤣

  20. Cambrea Solze

    Cambrea SolzeBulan Yang lalu

    Wait was Shane actually looking at her butt???

  21. Cratives Den

    Cratives DenBulan Yang lalu

    Well it ain’t so SHABBIE after all 😉

  22. Ginga.

    Ginga.Bulan Yang lalu

    shane kind of reminds me of Rumplestilskin from shrek forever after...

  23. pawan kumar

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    Randi wala burbaak bna rha h re

  24. Hannah Chaffin

    Hannah ChaffinBulan Yang lalu

    Shane pulls down his pants and Gabbie says damn Shane grabs Gabbie throws her on the bed and and grabs her pussy and Gabbie gets turned on 200. Likes and I will do a part 2

  25. Hannah Chaffin

    Hannah ChaffinBulan Yang lalu

    Tell me who has #@$ with shoes on?????

  26. SkinCareLuver

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    This is so disgusting Shane. Thank you goodness you are who you are

  27. ANYA Burrell Richards

    ANYA Burrell RichardsBulan Yang lalu

    Cute couple

  28. Natalie Harris

    Natalie HarrisBulan Yang lalu

    When they nearly kissed and gabby said “you have a boyfriend now”, Shane’s lips actually went forward for a split second. And I’m not talking about the click noise he made. Ryland who?

  29. Airfoxy

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    Yabbie is a lying mean hoe

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    Have sex

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    Was he already dating ryland when this happened???

  35. Amber Nicole

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    Eden wait really??? I remember Ryland feeling kinda weird about them kissing but I didn’t know they almost broke up. How do you know???

  36. Eden

    EdenBulan Yang lalu

    They almost broke up because of her. Basically she almost ruined they’re relationship.

  37. Amber Nicole

    Amber Nicole2 bulan yang lalu

    Rosario Jason yep🥴

  38. Abigail Akers

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    Anyone else here from the Trisha “scandal”

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    why is this in my recommended?

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    I hated this 🤣🤣🤣

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    so this is why my best friend named her dog shabbie....

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    Ew poor dog

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    My sanity has left the chat

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    4:00 shane's laugh sounds like a deflating ballon, ngl xD

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    This is so funny 😂😂😂

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    ah shit shane got the herps now

  48. ASMR EH?

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    Your mouth is filthy gabbie. Better hope you never have kids who see this

  49. thottie bug

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    ASMR EH? shut up, like for real.

  50. kyleigh royster

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    I can’t believe how much they’ve both changed

  51. Estel Getty

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    Anyone else watching in 2065

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    Who else watches Rachel vlogs

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    And this is the video that Ryland said Shane can't hang out with Gabbie anymore lol

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  55. Hailee Rose

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    Shane is mood at 2:26

  56. Anna Fletcher

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    the most triggering thing about this video is how shane has his shoes on the couch in the thumbnail

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    I wish they would collab again

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    yieeeeeee #shabie

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    When Shane isn’t speaking he’s just full on VIBING

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    Shane: do little girls jerk off now? Gabbie: probably Shane: oh thank god Me: BOI YOU BETTER-

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    0:01 Shane! 😉 👄

  62. Paige Marya'

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    These gabs videos were always so awkward to me. Like, i felt like they had mad sexual tension. They def had a desire for one another. ❤😳😜

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    Did anyone else laugh the whole time 😂😂🤣😅🤣🤣😂🤣😅😅🤣😂🤣

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    The thumbnail on this kills me because this man is getting married haha

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    I want an emotional one.