Acrylic Nails Tutorial | Rainbow Ombré Nails | Summer Nails


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    Am I the only on that puts this on 2× and autoplay to sleep😗......yes ok✋😔

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    Can I please know what you put on your paper towel to make it easier to wipe your brush off as you go?

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    We’re is your shop ?

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    I love you vedos

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    literally my new favorite nail youtuber.

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    can you do mines you did that girl

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    $75 in less than 2 or 3 hours.

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    JEJEJE yo no hablo NADITA de Inglés, 🤣😂💪🏽 pero aquí estoy viendo este maravilloso Canal ❤😍

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    Song that’s playing ?

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    Hello Guys I’m Starting My IDreporter Channel Posting My Fiirst Video Tomorrow Please Suscribe I Would Really Appreciate It Thank You!

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    This ain't even you tho?

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    Hi < I was wondering what is the tool callled that you guys use for adding rinestones ? #NAILARTISTINTHEMAKING

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    It’s a wax pencil

  20. Donna Enfinger

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    Did it bother anyone else that she only used blue on one nail? Other than that, loved the colors!

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    Love U!!!

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    John n Siri let's ask the IDreporterr car keep her nails please thank you love you love you because you're the best you

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    Hi, put Portuguese subtitles ,, I'm from Brazil

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    Yes colors looks great

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    Absolutely love how you explain everything step by step. Great artist. Stay shining sis 💕🤞🏼

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    If anyone would love to donate to my great cause I do single mothers nails for free that can’t afford to get them done in a salon if anyone could donate nail supplies I would appreciate it to keep me going with my cause I think everyone deserves to feel and look amazing for a day I also do haircuts and color so anything would help just message me if you want to donate god bless you all 😘 thanks

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    Where do you stay ......... Kc or la

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    the nail thing starts at 9:26

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    Do a video on people who have color acrylic like do u soak off or file thin what would be the best thing to do. I hate filing down so thin I think it be better soak off but then it mean its s new set an I'm just idk

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    Too long for my taste, but VERY cute design. 💗🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

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    What state do you live????

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    Donde consigo ese Top en Gel..

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    These exact nail tips 😩 please give me a link these are not the same from your website

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    question, how much is it usually for a color change, for acrylics?

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    Omg 😍 pretty nails but too many mistakes and product dislikes

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    these look so bomb i just would’ve liked them with more blue i thought the one nail with blue popped a lot more

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    Your link to your drill isn’t working can you send me which one you have

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    you just said fuck the blue huh ? 😂 but cuteee 🤩

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    love these

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    U did not do the primmer