1. lois boateng

    lois boateng7 jam yang lalu

    This is really serious He has some serious issues

  2. Hardwork1994 !

    Hardwork1994 !12 jam yang lalu

    00:04 Me when my manager tells me I can leave early for the day after I was just bitching about not getting more hours for the week

  3. Trevor C

    Trevor CHari Yang lalu

    CTE is scary

  4. Morgan Moore

    Morgan Moore3 hari yang lalu

    He has awful skin!!!!!!!!! All that money and he still looks DUSTY

  5. Chris duke Fields

    Chris duke Fields4 hari yang lalu

    He's so fake. Will never play in nfl again. This was scripted. 'They free me gama' :45. With raiders stuff all over wAll. A fool enjoying his money they lost. Hence 30 mill from gruden an myock

  6. Chris duke Fields

    Chris duke Fields4 hari yang lalu

    I know

  7. Mr.Sarcastic

    Mr.Sarcastic4 hari yang lalu

    CTE is no joke

  8. Korychnevvy D

    Korychnevvy D5 hari yang lalu

    *These comments didn't age well* 😂

  9. Edward Cook

    Edward Cook5 hari yang lalu

    And to think what he did now in front of his kids and the cops. He's pure insanity!

  10. B B

    B B6 hari yang lalu

    You are the biggest joke and bipolar person who has ever stepped into the league

  11. Primetime7

    Primetime77 hari yang lalu


  12. Light skin Antics

    Light skin Antics11 hari yang lalu

    Lmfao 😂😂

  13. Corn

    Corn11 hari yang lalu

    Drake took an L putting this chump in his music vid smh

  14. Thomas Schaffer

    Thomas Schaffer11 hari yang lalu

    Free from you ever playing in the NFL again. Thank you.

  15. Braden Roark

    Braden Roark12 hari yang lalu

    You work your whole life to achieve something no one does and you just throw it away your a waist of time

  16. Poopy But

    Poopy But14 hari yang lalu

    1 Like=1 tear from raiders fans

  17. Bigboywins

    Bigboywins14 hari yang lalu

    When school suspension is over thats how i be

  18. 88discostu

    88discostu16 hari yang lalu

    Lol how did that work out for you

  19. Travon Rumph

    Travon Rumph17 hari yang lalu

    Yo ab why you wanted to be free from the raiders?

  20. Andres Loera

    Andres Loera17 hari yang lalu

    Anyone notice there a raiders poster in the background

  21. J.Elliott Ness

    J.Elliott Ness18 hari yang lalu

    What a waste of talent

  22. Jared Zambito

    Jared Zambito19 hari yang lalu

    why is he happy that he just got kicked off a professional sports team

  23. laitis vi

    laitis vi19 hari yang lalu

    Is this the same dude who said that the league needs him more than he needs the league?


    RUSWIMAN19 hari yang lalu


  25. BIGWORM 510

    BIGWORM 51012 hari yang lalu


  26. Giovany Gonçalves

    Giovany Gonçalves21 hari yang lalu

    I like the house very much

  27. SonicsJoe2013

    SonicsJoe201324 hari yang lalu

    Me after dropping out of a masters in teaching program avoiding more debt LOL

  28. AM Mercurio

    AM Mercurio24 hari yang lalu

    The raiders stuff still in the back

  29. Uncle Blue

    Uncle Blue25 hari yang lalu

    Turns out he didnt wanna be free🤔

  30. Nick Scardigno

    Nick ScardignoBulan Yang lalu

    Antonio Clown

  31. Kyle Griffin

    Kyle GriffinBulan Yang lalu

    Bet he wishes he could rewind that moment, lol.

  32. tongasmoa89 gaming

    tongasmoa89 gamingBulan Yang lalu

    Now he’s crying on his instagram because teams not calling him back 😂😂

  33. DWinsChannel

    DWinsChannelBulan Yang lalu

    This has aged well

  34. Logan 232

    Logan 232Bulan Yang lalu

    Antonio... the Raiders wanted you on the team but you’re taking it to far. You don’t need to surround yourself with winners like the patriots, you could’ve helped the Raiders become winners and you could’ve been the best wide receiver they ever had but you decided to do something else instead and that’s why you are not in the NFL anymore. Get it straight man

  35. BIGWORM 510

    BIGWORM 51012 hari yang lalu

    🖕 him.

  36. Papa Smurf

    Papa SmurfBulan Yang lalu

    Man I remember when he was in the nfl

  37. Leo Wiemelt

    Leo WiemeltBulan Yang lalu

    Oh you free alright

  38. Freddy Vallecillo

    Freddy VallecilloBulan Yang lalu

    Doing all this with a raiders poster in The back 😂😂😂

  39. Rayle King

    Rayle KingBulan Yang lalu


  40. Rich Miller

    Rich MillerBulan Yang lalu

    AB is FREE! Just like when I "Free" something into the trash when I'm done with it, or more like when something is more trouble than it's worth 😂.

  41. Marigold Sanchez

    Marigold SanchezBulan Yang lalu

    But today he's real deal begging and fake apologizing. What granny gotta say about that?

  42. Chris Catucci

    Chris CatucciBulan Yang lalu

    well that backfired

  43. Whiskey Khaos

    Whiskey KhaosBulan Yang lalu

    What a bum, pissed his career away. Some people deserve fame other ppl misuse it.

  44. Mistah J 2

    Mistah J 2Bulan Yang lalu

    Odd behavior

  45. Blake Stewart

    Blake StewartBulan Yang lalu

    Mood 💯💯 just outta a relationship

  46. Doinkers

    DoinkersBulan Yang lalu

    How about AB get put in jaul

  47. pilot3729

    pilot3729Bulan Yang lalu

    Where's the video when you were free from the Patriots? Pretty soon you will be playing for free...

  48. Melanin Armour

    Melanin ArmourBulan Yang lalu

    As soon as a blackman(slave) wants to leave the plantation white folks(Massa) gets mad. Sports is nothing but a distraction. Humans living there lives vicariously through another human beings life experiences.

  49. Carlos V

    Carlos V2 bulan yang lalu

    Goat 🐐

  50. BIGWORM 510

    BIGWORM 51012 hari yang lalu

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 LMAO!

  51. That Guy

    That Guy2 bulan yang lalu

    I'm freeeeeee! No 30 million dollar contract! I get to be a IDreporter influencer instead! Yeeeeeeeeee!

  52. JL Lore

    JL Lore2 bulan yang lalu

    ....and now having been cut by the Patriots and leaving over $40M in the coffers of the Pats and Raiders, are you still this happy?! Excellent PR ahead of grievance time.👎

  53. W N C

    W N C2 bulan yang lalu

    My name is A B

  54. Carter Schuh

    Carter Schuh2 bulan yang lalu

    Now I hope things get good for you

  55. david bond

    david bond2 bulan yang lalu

    Who's watching this after getting off work at the end of the week?

  56. Caleb Kent

    Caleb Kent2 bulan yang lalu


  57. markiman74

    markiman742 bulan yang lalu

    I wonder if he regrets his actions.

  58. Cameron Campbell

    Cameron Campbell2 bulan yang lalu

    Beware what you wish for

  59. Roger Valladares

    Roger Valladares2 bulan yang lalu

    What case is that ?

  60. Jordan Janvier

    Jordan Janvier2 bulan yang lalu

    The Grandma is what makes this whole video so good. Lol

  61. SK With The SK

    SK With The SK2 bulan yang lalu

    Imagine being this stoked to get fired on your day off. Dudes a mental case. "ThEy FrEeD Me GrAnDmA" lmao, from your million dollar chains.

  62. JD 23

    JD 232 bulan yang lalu


  63. no username

    no username2 bulan yang lalu

    raiders are 5-4 without you. clown.

  64. Daniel Spinosa

    Daniel Spinosa2 bulan yang lalu

    Freedom bell still ringing cause your still free (until you go to jail for rape🤞🏼). See if your grandma is right this time 🖕🏼