A video mostly about our Ryukyu morning glory


  1. Rachel & Jun's Adventures!

    Rachel & Jun's Adventures!27 hari yang lalu

    Hello, amazing people! As always thank you so much for your advice and watching out for our cats' best interests! Please always let us know when there's something you think we should know. In this case, do not worry, we always look up plants before buying them to make sure they're not dangerous for our cats. While morning glories are marked as toxic, this isn't actually a big deal because: A) This is an outdoor plant and our cats do not have access to it. Our cats are never allowed outside except when in harnesses and under our direct supervision. B) It is the seeds that are toxic, when ingested in LARGE quantities. Our cats have never eaten plant seeds before. C) Even if our cats somehow managed to escape outside without us knowing and decided against their normal behavior to ingest a large number of leaves, the worst effect seems to be vomiting and diarrhea, but that's it. In general we keep a few plants that are not good for cats, but they're always kept in places our cats have no access to! And we're very aware of those places and always do head counts after we open the door to make sure no cats snuck in/out past us. :)

  2. Paulalvor

    Paulalvor19 hari yang lalu

    Please Rachel let Jun speak more, speacilly if he knows more about geography or plants, he's super interesting, please let him talk more!

  3. Kate Santiago

    Kate Santiago25 hari yang lalu

    Hi guys, I aaw J7n's vid on making tofu. Where in Japan can we buy nigari like what Jun used? Been to several supermarkets/groceries in japan and couldn't find nigari. Thank you.

  4. Xsleepy DaysX

    Xsleepy DaysX27 hari yang lalu

    Rachel & Jun's Adventures! *my cats will do anything to get a bug off the wall and into there mouth*

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    music download27 hari yang lalu

    I started watxh your videos when i was young

  6. Parawheeler058

    Parawheeler05827 hari yang lalu

    My balcony has a moonflower tentacle monster and a morning glory tentacle monster and the bottoms of which are very easily accessible to my cat. He has no interest in them. He'll eat the cat grass, my spider plants, and these little leaves that sprout from my birdseed, but he's absolutely not interested in the poisonous plants. He has, however, stepped all over the moonflowers and morning glories as seedlings and killed so many I don't know if I'll see blooms this year. Also, Poki remembers just enough of his feral life to know that you just go for it when it comes to eating bugs. No pawing, no nosing. Just eat it. Lol...

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    Cat2 hari yang lalu

    Poki is literally my cat but my cat looks like haku lol

  8. Kristen Branca

    Kristen Branca5 hari yang lalu

    Also I'm soooo happy to hear you both are happier moving to Fukoka (if that's how it's spelled). And I LOVED this video! Could you make a video talking about all the live plants in your apartment, specifically cat safe plants? AND JUN'S FUTURE DREAMS!!!!

  9. Kristen Branca

    Kristen Branca5 hari yang lalu

    Rachel you are legit the most loved woman on IDreporter. I'm sure of it.

  10. Pagan Taylor

    Pagan Taylor7 hari yang lalu

    The Australian shrub looks like part of the Chamelaucium Uncinatum family. It's hard to tell as the flowers aren't very clear. But they have small waxy flowers ranging from white through to a almost magenta pink. Maybe try starting there with research and if it isn't the right one, it may take you closer.

  11. Scarfy Junior

    Scarfy Junior7 hari yang lalu

    Starting to think Poki is the real life Kirby. There is nothing he won't eat.

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    Sahra H9 hari yang lalu

    I love you guys

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    7:44 is that her belly?

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    ImNevaehMichell9 hari yang lalu

    Rachell needs another hair straightening

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    Brendon Goodwin10 hari yang lalu

    Rachel:it's so hot here it's mid 90 with 60% humidity Laughs in Texan

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    I love morning glorys so much😭✊

  17. Iris Eckelboom

    Iris Eckelboom12 hari yang lalu

    if you're interested, look up these two on youtube! i've been getting very interested in houseplants and veg gardens as well :) -"Living Soil Film" -"PHC Film: Soil is a living organism"

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    NIGHTMARE 999 415 hari yang lalu

    It looks like haku's Targeting sensors have been activated thanks to Jun

  19. NIGHTMARE 999 4

    NIGHTMARE 999 415 hari yang lalu

    Nagi:oh a new play toy it can be my friend Poki:oh boy food I'm starving even though I ate five minutes ago Nagi: poki you monster that was my new friend I was going to love him and play with him and call him George but you are him don't you have any feelings Poki:yes i do and it's called hungry Nani:don't you have any other feelings? Poki:why would I need any other feelings hunger is all I need it's the only needed feeling

  20. Some artist kiddie who wishes to animate

    Some artist kiddie who wishes to animate16 hari yang lalu

    How can rachel have a bond with almlost every living thing "He's trying to climb up the pole he's so cute" like rachel it's a plant plants do that- Such a loving person lmao

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    what about jun's morning glory

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    Ur face look so tired

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    So lovely in the appartment, I want to come sleep in the living room with the cats 😺

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    Almost a minute into the video and Poki’s already eating something

  25. Ceirah Westwood

    Ceirah Westwood17 hari yang lalu

    He threw at me a pinecone

  26. MB K

    MB K17 hari yang lalu

    I would love to see you guys a cat house 😊 Please please please

  27. Paulalvor

    Paulalvor19 hari yang lalu

    Please Rachel let Jun speak more, speacilly if he knows more about geography or plants, he's super interesting, please let him talk more!

  28. Paulalvor

    Paulalvor19 hari yang lalu

    We need more Jun in the camera... pleeeasseeee!!!!

  29. LovingGirl

    LovingGirl21 hari yang lalu

    May i just say. Respect that you guys can keep that many plants alive. I mean i even kill a cactus... so respect to you guys for having happy plants

  30. Kamila Brozova

    Kamila Brozova21 hari yang lalu

    the bit about not having people to hang out with irl having a huge impact on mental health really spoke to me, i live away from home most of the year and whilst i do have friends, it's much harder to see them and everyone is really busy always, so it's always a bit miraculous when i come down for the summer and suddenly i have people to hang out with? like, most days? and it honestly makes such a big difference

  31. HRL Nikita

    HRL Nikita22 hari yang lalu

    The Australian tree you showed is also called Baeckea in Australia :)

  32. beritbunny

    beritbunny22 hari yang lalu

    the leaves really are cute and pretty~! I'd never seen a morning glory with such leaves before.

  33. Alexa Buhler

    Alexa Buhler22 hari yang lalu

    Make sure not to put your morning glory near other plants! My mom gets them in her garden and she hates them because they’re very competitive, they grow like crazy and will strangle other plants!

  34. saikogrrl

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    The minute Poki came in I'm like "he's definitely going to eat the bug". Nailed it! 😂

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    Poki: "It moves, I eats!"

  37. Julie Egan

    Julie Egan23 hari yang lalu

    It is called a Diosma and they can get big if you don’t trim them

  38. Thrice

    Thrice24 hari yang lalu

    Australian here with some plant advice :) Do NOT fertilise your aussie shrub with regular fertiliser. Lots of Australian plants grow in very poor soils and can have this thing call phosphorous toxicity if the fertiliser you give them is too high in phosphorous. You can tell this if the new leaves go yellow, and the old leaves get all brown at the edges. If the potting mix you transplant them into has high levels of phosphorus that could be a problem too. Some native aussie plants can handle regular fertiliser though so I'd suggest researching that if low-phosphorus fertiliser is something that is hard to get in Japan??

  39. Rachel & Jun's Adventures!

    Rachel & Jun's Adventures!23 hari yang lalu

    Thanks for the advice!! I'll check with Jun about it!

  40. Sherry Gorse

    Sherry Gorse24 hari yang lalu

    We see a scurrying bug. Poki sees fast food.

  41. Sherry Gorse

    Sherry Gorse24 hari yang lalu

    Bring on the cat videos!!!

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    Bug: *minding it's own buisness* Poki: BoY i suRE Am huNgRy!

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    You should take your broken pieces and put them in water so they can propagate and grow roots.

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    Heyo im from Hawaii😂❤❤

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    lmao Poki

  48. Jenna G.

    Jenna G.25 hari yang lalu

    lol that tiny flower was like a fairy! it was shy and wouldnt allow you to film it properly. lol your plants are beautiful. you guys could upload anything and we'll always be glad to watch. We love what you tow do! ♥

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    Poki in own repertoire :))))

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    Oggy, oups Poki and the cockroaches idreporter.net/v/video-2apJXX46ce0.html

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    I am asking myself which job Rachel and Jun are doing beside IDreporter?? Because they are really kinda giving up on vloging and IDreporter. :-( ;o

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    Be it anything u gunna post Imma still watch😂

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    As jun trying to focus....my eyes were trying to focus so bad as well😂

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    That Australian plant is called a geraldton wax in Australia, they're super hardy plants

  56. Annie1962

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    Yep that's an Aussie plant. It won't do well in the humidity as it likes dry hot conditions. Looks a little like Geraldton wax (same leaves ( which is very popular in Japan)

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    If you would grow out your hair, try the Curly Girl Method (CGM for short), I think you would have gorgeous curly/wavy hair

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    Im the 158451 viewer and yay you guys are back😀😁😃😄😆😉😊😍☺🙂🤗😶😌🙃😉👌

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    Suellen Parker25 hari yang lalu

    I dont know if anyone has let you know what the plants name is, but I'm from Western Australia and its called Geraldton Wax, once you Google it will tell you the details. I'm guessing it doesnt look like ours so much due to Japan's humidity, Western Australia is very dry. Morning Glory is considerered a weed here as it grows too well, smothers everything, but i love it too, reminds me of passionfruit vine. Hope a hundred other people haven't told you this, my computer is scrolling far too slowly for me to look too far *shakes fist*

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    Mimiauz25 hari yang lalu

    I enjoy all your videos and I subscribe to all your channels. I was wondering though, considering how very popular your cats are with your followers have you considered creating their YT own channel?

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    Pense que era marihuana jajaja

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    A video with plants and cats my two favorite things on this planet I’ve been blessed

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    😂 you Sound and Look a bit drunk - sorry

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    can't wait for your cat house, good luck guys ❤👍🏻👏🏻

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    It has been a while but every video is appreciated, I would love to see another Jun's Kitchen!

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    Jun, your English is sooo good! You sound like a regular Americaner.

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    Haku's eyes dilating when in the tube around 3:35 is me when I see a new upload from Rachel and Jun