A Day in the Life: Columbia University Economics and Visual Arts Student


  1. Rocky_Tx

    Rocky_Tx4 hari yang lalu

    Columbia and Harvard dream schools hands down.

  2. 트래블 메이트Travel Mate

    트래블 메이트Travel Mate25 hari yang lalu

    Do day in the Ucdavis vet school student!! Plz

  3. nepal_gamer99

    nepal_gamer99Bulan Yang lalu

    That disgrace university is protecting sexual predator Robert Hadden.

  4. Abdullah Bin Ali

    Abdullah Bin AliBulan Yang lalu

    I have two econ finals in like 2hrs and i'm here watching Alma studying economics :')

  5. Abdullah Bin Ali

    Abdullah Bin AliBulan Yang lalu

    @Daniel Roque most of the colleges have finals before Christmas but here in Pakistan we celebrate Christmas with so much academic pressure 😂

  6. Daniel Roque

    Daniel RoqueBulan Yang lalu

    Abdullah Bin Ali finals in Jan?? Is that a college thing, I’m a senior in high school.

  7. arhanv

    arhanvBulan Yang lalu

    lmaoooo did y'all really make a girl called alma stand in front of a statue that reads "alma mater"

  8. Anna

    AnnaBulan Yang lalu

    Do day in the life BARNARD!

  9. Benjamin Solliday

    Benjamin SollidayBulan Yang lalu

    Do more visual arts students!!!