9 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Used Magic in Juventus



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    Ronaldo is back

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    Для меня он самый лучший за всю историю футбола братан!

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    Never say never bruh

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    King of the football

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    Sorry, at what minute is "magic" exactly? I missed it.

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    CR7 forever💜💜💜💜💜💜

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    This Italian teams look like English league one team.

  14. Eric Leyva

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    It’s funny when he said 2 beautiful goals and the first one is a tap in

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    Mandzukic jumping in the arms of CR7 ahahahaha is magic !!!!!!!



    Love you cr7

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    Ronaldo+juve kit= so hot😁

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    owe amazing

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    Its cr7👌👌👌👌

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    Football nowadays isn't about dribbling but the impact you make in your team while in the pitch love ronaldo

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    This is the rono

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    Ngô bá khá chính thức đc gia nhập juventus

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    In my opinion, Messi is better, but I will respect your opinion as long as you respect mine. Fair?

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    I love Ronaldo but Real Madrid the Best

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    Next season new will b on fire

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    As always, overrated

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    Fino alla fine forza juve

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    Yah u r right he will never stop doing magic because he did not do magic it's just a luck

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    The king CR7

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    Ronaldo Best always

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    Messi is better Ronaldo the king of tap ins

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    Love u ronaldo

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    You like messi are ronaldo

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    if you don't mind me asking how is the first goal against sassulo beautiful?

  37. jaco

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    Ronaldo is good but this video is a shit😂 The Genoa defender's is Piatek, a forward ( the one is beating him in number of goals, although this season he played for two of the worst teams of Serie A if we consider the goalscoring). And except Manchester United all the teams were the less strongers in Italy

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    1:01 where is the magic here ? pure luck :)

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    We Love Cristiano, Messi lovers Cristiano haters just get lost from here.Go away and comment under messi's videos, we dont bother who you are..Our Cr7 is GOAT.


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    +Beant Singh that is a really good question. That was kinda my point

  42. Beant Singh

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    +EIN SACK ZWIEBELN we like messi as a player, he is outstanding and a master piece, but why messi lovers hate Ronaldo..Thats the question


    EIN SACK ZWIEBELN11 hari yang lalu

    I dont get it. Why cant I like Messi and Ronaldo equally

  44. Roman Vittucci Vilà

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    Si si... magia...

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    Where his performance against athletico madrid ?

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    Barcelona fans of Messi go away this olny Juventus fasn hit likes olny.

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    Ridiculous video. Nothing magic man ahahahah

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    Why you love ronaldo

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    3:05 is magic

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    Messi is better

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    Wherever he goes he makes some new record.Thats the true goat

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    Ronald is best of the world

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    Love you ronaldo

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    Its not magic, its skill

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    This is small magic when he is in real madrid he is player who give magic to world which is very famous all over world

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    RONALDO is best

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    King of the kings

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    Ronaldo's magic is Messi's warm up

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    Its sad this video. After watching him play like a machine for Real, to that he has lost a little bit of touch

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    Leo better

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    stop saying magic or alien to both its stupid

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    That's why him and messi only play together on fifa once you draft them it would be 10000000% win rate

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    a just stupid all you a best do you hafee

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    Do you believe in magic? Because you just saw it

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    And 9 times I told you, *magic DOESN'T exist*

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    #2 those weren’t beautiful goals..

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    King of football cr7 ❤❤

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    Cr7 is best

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    C.Ronaldo is better than messi


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    Worst football video I've ever seen.

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    hye..please support this channel 👉 idreporter.net/v/video-CVFtOjVxmaM.html

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    Cristiano Ronaldo for life!!♥️

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    With Messi love you can't hate this guy he is awesome

  82. Tas Benhabiles

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    I don’t understand y on the first one ronaldi wasn’t there at the beginning and had to be substituted in. I understand that other players need a go but substituting basically the best player in the world😂😂🤦‍♀️ no hate tho to the coach😂❤️

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    Ronaldo is d GOAT

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    Piliis subcstibe

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    I don't see any magic here. So overrated

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    Real Madrid's mistake... *selling the more over powered player*

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    Cr7 is my hero

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    "Scored two beautiful goals." Shows a one yard tap in.

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    Messi is better

  91. Richie lopez

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    El número 6 es un golazo ,técnica perfecta,tiempo,velocidad Todo lo demás es una mierda que cualquiera hace. 😒

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    its so weird to see ronaldo playing in such ugly italian stadiums..

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    He is a machine

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    Manchester United's Greatest Teenage Player > Real Madrid's Greatest Player > Juventus CR7 Greatest Legacy is still unfolding. This person is a breathing walking legend, no equals.

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    m searching the HAHA button

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    Hmm bro the legend

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    Where is the magic you are talking of here?

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    And Real Madrid thought they will find a replacement.

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    CR7 is the best

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    Here comes the Ronaldo

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    Clip number eight humiliating gk nutmeg to a striker piantek and Ronaldo also humiliated piantek

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    Not clear, pls try posting a clear video next time

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    How is this magic

  108. maxime martinez

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    This has to be a Joke right? How in the world can you say that the first goal at the second point was “beautifull”? It is a tap-in not a beautifull goal

  109. choky sitarru

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    Back yha..

  110. Movie Master

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    CR7 is super cool he is the king make part2