9 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Used Magic in Juventus



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    book of fun hello

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  5. lisam correia

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    He doesnt use magic. Only skill. Get it right

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    ചങ്ക് അല്ല ചങ്കിടിപ്പാണ് CR7

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    Cr7 the best

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    1:01 Man was going to celebrate, but the ball just bounce back. Hahahahahaha

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    Who love both cr7 n Messi 👇👇

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    His poaching instinct for goal scoring is simply impeccable.

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    I like that NUTMAG goal ... Pretty awesome that was😍😍⚽⚽

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    He is really surreptitious goal scorer.

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    Love u cr7 From India

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    Ronaldo , não só o melhor jogador do mundo atual, como de todos os tempos desde que existe futebol!

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    THIS GUY is so much better than Messi. Messi is just 1 team. THIS GUY is bloody any team he plays for.

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    The Legend is always Legend Like A boss mr.ronaldo😎😎😎😎😎

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    Ronaldo you're💙💪

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    ThE LivinG LegenD,,,the god of football

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    You would rather keep Athletico math than the first clips..

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    Ronaldo has done it in England, Spain and now he is just as dominant in Italy. We might never see Messi play for another club other than Barcelona but for Ronaldo to be scoring goals consistently in 3 different leagues is just crazy with the exception of Zlatan of course.

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    Love u cr7 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯

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    Ciao, faccio video sul calcio e sulla Juventus in generale, se ti va, iscriviti, non te ne pentirai ! idreporter.net/block-UCKLzkLYsek0uqRWa9hr358w

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    Football emperor..... cr7

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    Best of the best player of the universe.... CR7... Love u😘

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    who agrees none respected ronaldo more than juventus

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    This is my world best player!

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    Love ronaldo

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    Ronaldo you are hero

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    Cr7 is the best ever

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    Its hard to imagine the end of Cr7 football Career ...I will say goodbye for being a lover of Football......Forever Cr7....GOAT

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    Such AWESOME video 😍❣️❣️❣️

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    CR,messi and neymar should be in one team before end his career

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    I like cr7 and you

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    2 but de ronado

  40. abdoolsaumtally

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    He's legend !

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    All time cr7 Dios use magic❤️🐐🐐

  43. Marco Ristagno

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    Noone of that thing can be called "magic", are a normal action and goal that everyone can do and so much player did. He is a greatfull player but he can do better for us in Juventus, we don't see the best of him in this year. And for last Dybala did 10 golas in the first 5 match in the 2017/18 season.

  44. Irfan Daniel

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    5:53 the video is in slowmo but the ball doesn't

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    ronaldo target is baloon dor and juve target is champion league

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    the world best cristino Ronaldo

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    C'mon this is all easy for him

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    He put his blood sweat everything for win and score......what a player is magnificent.......Thanx for VIDEO

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    Where Ronaldo that club will be my favourite

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    Messi is way better than Ronaldo at dribbling and shooting

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    Ronaldo is the best in the world

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    King cr7

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    He is a noob

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    Ronaldo is the king 😎

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    Arkadius milik

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    One thing I noticed about CR7 is he focuses and delivers despite obstacles.. That's deep and a lot to learn from

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    This man is something else

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    The real magic what he did against ataltico madrid Cr7 is a legend

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    dale like si te gusta ronaldo

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    King will remain king only the kingdom has changed

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    Powerful man....genius..god

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    CR e muito bem,,,,force ,,,